You Might Just Make It After— Well, Maybe Not

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Metrodome Roof Collapses [NFL Fanhouse]

Kind of cool in a creepy way. The sagging roof bears an uncanny resemblance to the creature at the end of “Evolution”. Maybe a fire engine and some Head and Shoulders would have fixed this.

So they will play the game in Detroit — a city that has collapsed?

@Dodgerblue: No admission charge for rescheduled game – I would so fly there if I didn’t have to work.

This is the kind of Sport I can get behind.

Mother Nature has been charged with delay of game. Five yards!

So Favre gains a few more hours to rest up.

AWESOME video, btw.

@blogenfreude: They did that a few years ago when the Chargers had to move their game to Sun Devil Stadium for some reason (fire?). The line for tickets was ridiculously long within hours of the announcement.

Just came back from YouPee stadium and noticed a bunch of patched up tears in the roof. Apparently, there was a windstorm earlier this year that tore up a good chunk of the west side of the retractable part of the roof. (I never noticed the storm; we don’t get much real weather downtown.) I wonder if the Metrodome was made of the same material or if our little nest is more flimsy.

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