The Gift That Keeps On Living Dead

Title: “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead”

Author: Max Brooks

Rank: 59

Blurb: “100 line drawings.”

Review: “The information given might as well have been in bullet points.”

Customers Also Bought: “Dismember-Me 12″ Plush Zombie,” by ThinkGeek

Footnote: It’s our first Stinque Book Club rerun! Yes, it’s a slow week in the Amazon Top 100. But it was last holiday season when this showed up, and we’re fascinated by the idea of a zombie book as a Christmas perennial.

The Zombie Survival Guide [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


Actually, there’s an excellent Christmas book out there called the Stupides Angel, which features zombies prominently.

Behind the scenes of Bernie’s speech:

“I was a little bit nervous having never done this before,” Mr. Sanders, 69, said Saturday in a telephone interview from Burlington, Vt. “I was afraid that after two or three hours I’d have nothing more to say or I’d be tired or have to go to the bathroom. But I was pleased. It was very strange walking on there when the longest speech you’ve ever given in your life is an hour and a half.”

His legs were cramping during the speech, he said, so he jumped up and down for relief. His voice grew raspier by the hour. Toward the end, he was clutching the lectern with both hands, and it looked as if he might fall if he let go. His son Levi Sanders, watching from Boston and certain his father was hungry, considered having pizza delivered to the Senate floor.

Mr. Sanders was tired but has impressive stamina, his son said, something he developed as a high school cross-country runner in Brooklyn, where he competed in the 1,500-meter and mile races for James Madison High School.

ADD: Full 124 page transcript of his 9 hours of remarks here.

Best piece of advice: “You don’t have to reload a blade.”

Max Brooks also wrote World War Z.

Got a nice cheery fire going, a hot cup of dark coffee at hand, a brief to finalize, and the place to myself for a bit – and Slayer blasting in the next room.

Made it out to the range yesterday despite a bit of a hangover. Fifty rounds of 9mm doing double taps at 7 meters, about the same with the snubby. I was not displeased with the results.

@redmanlaw: At work. It’s 80 degrees in Santa Monica today.

@Benedick: My daughter emailed from Jaffa, Israel and said they have 100 kph winds and 3-story waves at the local beaches.

@Dodgerblue: I love going barefoot in December.

We didn’t have weather like this when Bush was in charge..

We’re having record-breaking rainfall in Orygun. Think about that statement.

@Mistress Cynica: My favorite part of this record-breaking rainfall (it’s hitting Washington too) is that it hasn’t yet flooded my basement like a couple record rainfalls ago did.

@Mistress Cynica: @IanJ: Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion — set in a masqueraded Florence — has an epic flood scene. It’s The Great Lane County Novel.

Mid-late ’60s — I forget the year — a major flood in SW Warshington took out I-5 at Kelso. We were traveling back from visiting the grandfolks in Seattle, and stuck on the freeway for hours — a raised roadbed, surrounded entirely by water.

Existentialism is a birthright in the Northwest. Just ask David Lynch.

Blizzard conditions here. Like a sensible Midwesterner, I’m hibernating at home with coffee and my computer. I did finally change out of my PJs though, which I’m viewing as a major accomplishment.

@Dodgerblue: 80 degrees? It was supposed to be in the high 60s and partly cloudy here in Ess Eff, but the weather dude lied. Try low 50s, rain, and neverending fog (the annual freakout about mold infestation has started), so we went and got our three-foot-tall Charlie Brown Hannukah bush.

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