Crown Prince and Tart Shocked by Commoners!

Prince’s limo paintballed on way to Palladium! 20,000 students and activists lay siege to Westminster!

This was the terrifying moment that a mob of anarchists attacked Prince Charles and Camilla’s car outside the London Palladium tonight.

The couple were due to attend the Royal Variety Performance, which was taking place very close to the epicentre of a day of violent protest in Parliament Square, when it was swarmed by people supposedly protesting against the rise in student tuition fees.

Protesters had thrown paintbombs at police throughout a day of protests and the burgundy 1977 Rolls Royce Phantom VI was hit by an explosion of white paint on Prince Charles’s side of the car. A window was smashed, two rear panels were dented and the aerial was broken.

Seriously: A tuition increase? While we can’t condone mob violence or desecrating a Rolls, we have to acknowledge that the American public has become a bunch of pansies after decades of oppression by Our Nation’s Plutocrats.

Terrifying moment Charles and Camilla were surrounded by a baying mob and their car attacked in tuition fees riot [Daily Mail UK]

Looks like the students rattled their jewelery.

@homofascist: Not to mention Best.Alt-Text.Ever.

Nojo, I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a few months. Thank you.

ADD: Great photos in the Daily Mail article.

Royals. Yadda yadda. Prince Charles. Whatever.

Seriously. This is not working. Was watching The Wizard of Oz with the GF last night before retiring for all the hot sex and we’re watching If I Was King of the Forest, and she’s all like ‘Oh that is so cute’ and I’m like ‘Get a grip, woman. It stinks. It’s putrid. It’s a lousy song obviously stuck in to satisfy Bert Lahr’s contract demands. Its only moment of interest is when Judy trips on the rug.’ Then I found out that she didn’t know that Adrian had done the clothes! I mean, srsly. WTF? Not only that but she had no clue what other movies he’d designed or why those designs stank though the work he did for Wizard is pretty good. I mean, I’m as straight as the next Republican man but I have some standards.

So. Anything happening? I guess not.

@Benedick: Joe Lieberman needs votes coming up here pretty soon, so he’s acting like a liberal until 5, maybe 6pm.

@RML: +1
@Others: can’t see alt text or tweet on eyePhon. Assist?

Unsolicited cat rescue update: one taken in, the other one going to a lovely same secks couple who will shelter him until they find him a more permanent home or decide to keep him. Moms didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.

I can certainly forgive damage to a 1977 Rolls – they were pretty bad (unless this one was all tarted up). And you have to admire the Brits and the French – they go into the streets when they want something.

@SFL: heh
@Blog: but the tuition increase is by, like, hundreds of dollars, right? Although I do love the way the Franch periodically dump vegetables in the street.

@Benedick: Now that you’re straight, what’s your opinion here? I think Poland takes it …

@Nabisco: “In the Commons, the Coalition was plunged into crisis as MPs voted to approve a rise in the university tuition fees cap from £3,290 a year to £9,000.”

Not insignificant: $5184 to $14,182. But I imagine that’s still a bargain by American standards.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I’ve won your best pants. What the hell was that GIVE ME ALL YOUR BEST PANTS thing about, anyway?

@Blog: One vote for Insonesia here.

TJ/ Anyone running Linux on a Mac? Can I do a dual boot like for Windows?

@blogenfreude: Another vote for Chile here. Germany as runner up.

Girls can be sci-fi geeks, too!

/what’s this water coming out of my eyes as I read this?

@blogenfreude: Turkey’s packing the heat but Italy looks like she knows her way around a truncheon.

Why don’t US students attack AmeriKKKa’s emperor? Who is the current CEO of Walmart, anyway?

@JNOV: I use Parallels instead of dual-booting — mainly because I have umpteen Windows installations to match each version of Explorer — but you should be able to run Linux from its own partition. How you go about installing it, dunno.

@Benedick: And the GOP wants to paddle everyone … now I understand.

Members of the Stinque Gentlemen’s Club: Helen Mirren plays Prospero in a new movie version of The Tempest.

Obligatory warning: The movie’s directed by the genius behind Spider-Man: The Musical.

@nojo: Oh, but Helen Mirren as Prospero? My goodness yes. I suppose foul direction could mess it up, but that’s a pretty strong base to start with.

@nojo: Ugh. Fech! Blargh. Mirren should know better. A woman as Ariel is bad enough but as Prospero??? Bluggh! Let us be writing real parts for women not mucking up Tempest. Oh wait. It’s a concept. Well that explains it.

There is another bad film of the play but with Gielgud as Prospero. If anyone hankers to see an earlier, more romantic style of Shakespearean acting you won’t ever see it better done. It’s almost worth having to look at Caliban’s balls painted blue.

@blogenfreude: Indonesia. Katt may be with me on this one.

@Dodgerblue: I can’t make up my mind. Russia, Italy on the right, Norway/Germany . . . Officer Turkey and what may be a local variant of the H&K MP5, Manchupais and Indonesia are in the second tier. Probably Russia. Extra points for her winter camo. Italy, Turkey and Canada are probably the most bad ass.

@SanFranLefty: I loved the part about how Luke and Leia were adopted, too. She can add Superman to that list as well.

@MellBell: true. Fallback choice is Finland

@blogenfreude: I was teh Strayght, I would choose Turkey. I just like the idea of a bad ass mofo.

@JNOV: You need to get VMWare or Parallels or maybe even Virtual Box – which is free. One sec.

@JNOV: Install this:

This will give you a free VM mechanism to load up whatever OS you want from the universe of Linux distros. Latest MINT, Ubuntu and Red Hat desktops will all work. Just google their names and .iso in the same search string and it will bring up a downloadable image you can install with VirtualBox.

@nojo: @FlyingChainSaw: @FlyingChainSaw: I’ve installed Parallels before. It was a while ago, so I’m not sure if it was a beta, trial, shareware, freeware, whatever version, but I had a lot of trouble with it. I’ve been spoiled by iChat/Yahell, and I don’t have a good IRC client. I’ve tried Colloquy, Mibbit and ChatZilla, but I think it’s the host that’s having issues.

I liked Ubuntu, and I’m surprised that Matt Asay is leaving. Weird.

Anyway, I’ll give VirtualBox a try.

Gracias, y’all.

@JNOV: Yes, Sun developed it and placed it into the open source community. Then Oracle bought Sun.

@FlyingChainSaw: Ellison has his finger in too many pies for my comfort.

@JNOV: Ellison also now owns MySQL, so we’re all fucked.

@nojo: Lord. ETA: In his hands, Open Source is a fiction.

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