Featured Attractions at Kentucky’s New Creationist Theme Park

  • Splash Mountain Baptism
  • Stone’s Throw Haunted Mansion of Sinners
  • Enchanted Glossolalia Room

  • “Honey, I Shrunk the Gospel!” 3-D movie
  • Missionaries of the Caribbean
  • Finding Demon submarine ride
  • Raiders of the Other Lost Ark
  • Four Horsemen Carousel
  • Experimental Prototype City of Gomorrah
  • It’s a Six Thousand Year Old World After All
Beshear to announce creationist theme park for Kentucky [nky.com, via Political Wire]

The Slippery Slope to Moral Relativism.

I think it’s wonderful that the Commonwealth of Kentucky which is so broke it has cut funding for every level of education will provide incentives to this theme park. I guess since the fictional Micky Mouse and Harry Potter were already taken, the fiction of fundamental Xtian creationism will have to serve as the centerpiece.

The dumb is strong in my Creationist Park
It’s science we want to deny
Like electricity that powers it
Which we enjoy all the day
The dumb folks buy this shit and deny it all
Denying, ignorant and dumb
Then reality come a-knocking at the door
And my Creationist Park flops

TJ – anybody else notice how this latest Wikileaks dump has prompted an awful lot of crypto-fascists to step out of the shadows and loudly proclaim their belief that THE STATE can kill anybody it wants? If Assange accomplishes nothing else, he’s certainly made some lines a little clearer…


I’m surprised at the rhetoric surrounding Wikileaks in general. The dude is just being a journalist- albeit a pretty non-sophisticated one. Maybe we’re just not used to anything that smacks of real journalism anymore.

Also, could this whole rape/molestation thing be any more obviously a CIA smear job? If this is really the best our secret police can do then I am concerned about what will happen when we get the FIMA camps up and running. Who will frame Bill O’Reilley? Not these clowns…

Of course these were the same idiots who freaked out about “ZOG” and black helos.

Teabaggers doth protest too much.

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