Bristol Palin Wins Coveted William Hung Award

“Bristol Palin survived another elimination round on ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ as fans including Tea Party supporters mustered enough votes to overcome low scores from the talent show’s judges… During the taping of the Nov. 8 show, the 20-year-old Palin wore a Tea Party t-shirt while rehearsing.” [Bloomberg]


@ManchuCandidate: And Manchu wins the coveted How the Fuck Did I Overlook That Reference Award.

@ManchuCandidate: Rumor has it she is still banging. Something about her being the only contestant on that show that ever gained weight.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Word is she’s pulling a Mario Lopez and banging the “non-star” dance partner, verdad?

Kurt Warner, anti-stem cell research Jeeeebus Freak, lost to Bristol the Baby-Maker?


Now if it turns out that Bristol is knocked up with Kurt’s kid, and not just eating a lot of nachos and drinking a lot of margaritas with her dance partner, that would make my lefty head asplode. In a good way.

Meanwhile, nobody puts Baby in the corner. I plan on relying on Mommy 1.0 to tell me whether Jennifer Grey is robbed, as I’m sure she will be. If I were an ABC programming exec, hell to the fucking yes I’d have the season finale of DWTS be Bristol v. Baby for the championship.

I finally saw DWTS a few weeks ago and I was captivated by Maks’ leather pants and the package with which he filled them. He’s got a totally goofy face that just does something for me. And I like the way he stands up to the judges.


The secretaries at work watch that show and follow it really closely. They cannot believe that Bristol is still on the show. They are convinced that her still being on the show is political.

Are we really all that surprised? I mean, this is really just an extension of the Right-Wing welfare machine that keeps people like Bill “everything I said about the war turned out to be wrong” Kristol and James “Dow 36000” Glassman gainfully employed and churning out editorial bullshit.

@SanFranLefty: @PedonatorUSA: As with a classic Gary Larsen cartoon, most of this came across as yak yak yak yak yak bang yak yak yak yak. I’ve never watched a lick of any of these “reality shows” since that season of MTV Real World with Puck and the HIV pos dude.

Oh and Kurt Warner? Two words and a roman numeral: Super Bowl XVIII.

@Nabisco: Pedro in San Francisco. He died right as it went to air.

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