Everything You Need to Know About the New Social-Security Recommendations

1. “Index the retirement age to longevity — i.e., increase the retirement age to qualify for Social Security — to age 69 by 2075.”

2. “Increase the Social Security contribution ceiling: while people only pay Social Security taxes on the first $106,800 of their wages today, that’s only about 86% of the total potentially taxable wages. The co-chairs suggest raising the ceiling to capture 90% of wages.”

The Grand Compromise: For every point we increase taxable income, we increase the retirement age by a year. We’ll be happy to tax 100 percent of income, as long as you’re happy to wait until 79 to retire.

Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Simpson And Bowles Release Eye-Popping Recommendations [TPM]

Good luck with that.

As someone whose PM Fatty bought into the POS F-35, I’m inclined to agree. The F-35 is a waste of money. UCAVs are the future… Maverick and Iceman are gonna end up on the unemployment line.

On a lighter note…

Can you pick the author of the memoir excerpt: George W. Bush or Justin Beiber?

Also on the chopping block: tax deductions for mortgage interest. However, corporations won’t be taxed on income earned outside the U.S., so that’s nice.

@Mistress Cynica:

Heh – that would be hilarious if passed. Can you say, “mass strategic default”, boys and girls? The last line of reasoning keeping hundreds of thousands of fools in their wildly-underwater homes is “well, I still get a tax deduction”. Take that away, and they’re basically just paying rent to the banks…

@Mistress Cynica @al2o3cr: Especially after all US corporations move all of their operations overseas to take advantage of the zero taxes, with maybe a PO Box in North Dakota. Brilliant plan–if they’re trying to push unemployment up to 100%.

We need a new tag: America’s Best and Brightest Blow It Again

@¡Andrew!: Actually, seems the Best & Brightest have it all figured out.

@nojo: Well that’s the issue isn’t it? Even now in this bitterly angry and deeply cynical era, most sheeples still assume that our repulsive and despicable political and financial E-leets have conventional goals, like providing for the common good, when all available facts suggest the opposite. Their true goal is to change AmeriKKKan society from a healthy bell curve of wealth and income distribution into an arrow or a pyramid, with themselves at the top, of course, thus eradicating the former middle class in the process. Since the US public is apparently too stupid to achieve class consciousness, there’s no reason to imagine that they won’t totally succeed.

@¡Andrew!: there’s no reason to imagine that they won’t totally succeed.

Bulletin: They already have.

Now we’re in the phase the military calls “mopping up”.

@nojo: Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Fact.

Before I questioned the Demoncrat’s sincerity–now I question their sanity.


Ugh. Also at that link, welcome to Tea Party America, circa 2040. Warning: don’t read with sharp objects around.

I’m sure Detroit could turn that right around with some tax cuts on high earners, amirite?

@al2o3cr: I was sent that link earlier today for work-related reasons, and by the time I got to the part about the woman’s two sons being in urns on the mantle, I was crying.

Detroit sounds like tea-bagger paradise. Instead of telling them to try life in Somalia or Haiti, I’ll suggest Detroit. They wouldn’t have to get a passport to visit.

Of course, the racist teabaggers will blame it all on the dark folk, but I’d say the MoJo article makes it pretty clear the corruption and incompetency crosses all color barriers.

I’ve only been to the airport, never Detroit proper, so I’ve never made it across the border. I’m curious what our Canada City correspondent thinks of Windsor – if the residents of Windsor consider Detroit the same way folks in Sandy Eggo consider T.J.


I’ve been to Deetroit Rock City several times and it sucked every time I’ve been there. Windsor’s considered a bit of a dump by Canada City “standards” but it’s paradise on Earf compared to Deetroit.

discussing the cat food commission with my coffee barista this morning he related to me the allegory of the hunter and the bear. it goes like this.
a hunter is stalking the woods and he feels a tap on his shoulder. he turns and a 700 pound bear slaps the gun out of his hands and says, “ok, you have two choices. I can eat you or I can fuck you in the ass”.
the hunter considers this and says “well, I guess you better fuck me”. and he does. the hunter limps back to his car and as he is driving home he becomes more and more angry so instead of going home he goes to the gun store and gets a bigger gun and heads back to the woods. creeping through the woods Elmer Fudd style he again feels a tap on his shoulder and turns. again the bear slaps the gun from his hands and says “you know the drill.”
again the man limps to his car and this time races to the gun store for an even bigger gun.
this time he barely gets out of his car when he hears something behind him and wheels around and WHAP. the gun goes flying from his hands and the bear says, “you are not really in this for the hunting are you?”

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