The Glossy Watermark of Truth

Title: “Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure”

Authors: Glenn Beck and Kevin Balfe

Rank: 3

Blurb: “You’ll see how everything you thought you knew about the political parties is a lie, how Democrats and Republicans alike used to fight for minimum government and maximum freedom, and how both parties have been taken over by a cancer called ‘progressivism.'”

Review: “I havent had a chance to read it yet because I just got it but I did look though it. It looks great. The pages are water marked and glossy. It even feels good in the hand. Looking forward to reading it.”

Customers Also Bought: “Life After Death: The Evidence”, by Dinesh D’Souza

Footnote: We think that review is legit. But if not, it’s even better.

Broke [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


The cover shot brings to mind another famous Montgomery Burns quote:

Between him and Scrooge McDuck, all the best ankle is taken.

So instead of hearkening to the “good ol’ days” of the 1950s like most conservatives, Beck is now looking to the Gilded Age. (Makes sense – bring up the 50s nowadays and people might remember that that was a time of high unionization, lower income disparity and a 90% top tax bracket…)

I’m sure he doesn’t whitewash the “pay-to-play” politics or the brutal repression of labor in that period, amirite?

From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.

– Groucho Marx


Speaking of individuals in need of brrraainnssss, is anybody watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC. I watched it last week and LOVED it…it was so good that my horror-phobic mom had me add it to her Tivo because SHE liked it so much.

@Tommmcatt: Sex God or AVATAR OF SEX?!?!?! You be the judge…: Hope it’s on Hulu as I will SOON BE ABLE TO STREAM! I gotta lotta catching up to do. I love zombies. Fuck vampyres.

Oh, and back OT, I’m surprised they weren’t buying Dinesh D’Dumbass’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Fucking loonies.

I may have mentioned in passing (or I may have bitched ad nauseum about) H#2’s worship of D’Souza–he even chased him down in an airport once. Even though H#2 is an atheist, he’s lock step with the rest of that shit. I think the racism appeals to him. Mises, Hayek, Hillsdale College…UGH. I tell myself he hid this shit from me, or maybe I thought it was so dumb that I ignored it. Dumb fucking move on my part.

@JNOV: Oh, the other Dinesh is there. Amazon usually lists twenty also-boughts, so I look for the most offbeat choice. In this case, there wasn’t much room to stretch.

@nojo: Figures, although channeling the ghost of his father could more aptly apply to Bush’s wars rather than to Obama’s, uh, rage? Really? I never imagined that anoyone would make #’s41 and #37 look, er, moderatish?

Once I’m able to stream, I’m going to try to watch DD’D’s debate with Hitch.

@Nabisco: Speaking of Montgomery Burns, tonight is Treehouse of Horror XXII.

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