When Clowns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Be Clowns

[New York Observer, via Weigel]

Hunter Walker… name sounds kind of familiar. I just don’t know where I heard it before.

@ManchuCandidate: NY Observer’s not a bad place to land, I guess — last I noticed, I think he was at an AOL blog.

Megan’s also landed on her feet, at TPM. Haven’t noticed where Greg went.

Meh. I’m already involved in ironic process theory right now and trying to drag others down with me. I’d rather think about not thinking about white bears or about The Game. I just lost The Game.

@JNOV: Damn you. Now I just lost. Also, I lost just then too. And now. Oooh, particularly now.

At least The Game costs less than Bros Icing Bros. Oh, and I just lost.

Are Mr. O’Donnell’s whereabouts at the time known to authorities? Is this BozoGate 2.0?

@Tommmcatt: Sex God or AVATAR OF SEX?!?!?! You be the judge…: Funny thing is, people on FB are trying to game The Game and claim that they’ve opted out. Pfft. Losers.

Do you have a grace period after you lose? My /b/ source (not my kid) says that you have 30 minutes to forget about it.


There are no rules about making up new rules, are there?

Therefore, when I lose, I automatically win.

I win!


@Tommmcatt: Sex God or AVATAR OF SEX?!?!?! You be the judge…: Ha! No, only Chuck Norris, the British PM or the Queen of England can end The Game, or once everyone in the world is playing The Game, The Game will end.


If you don’t know what The Game is, don’t click on the link, or you’ll be playing The Game whether you want to or not.


I didn’t say it was over, I just said I won. Everyone can keep playing if they want to.

I just won again! Hehehe!

I’m just a tired guy in a tattersall shirt drinking a martini.

Met a pragmatic bureaucrat today. I did what I do best. Cut a deal to fix the problem and move on.

In other news, there’s some kind of clicking beetle or cockroach in my bedroom and it’s driving me up the wall. Grr.

I try to be nice to the kid, but then Hunter indulges in utter bullshit at the Observer.

Hunter, dear boy: When you quote a Gawker Media writer in a contentious story, you’re supposed to mention that Denton used to pay your rent.

@redmanlaw: Catching up on last night’s Daily Show — “You do realize all your metaphors for Republican victory killed thousands of people.”

@mellbell: Declan was on Colbert tonight. This was considered edgy at one time:


Elvis, Watching the Detectives (1977)

@redmanlaw: I’m still pissed that I can’t find a digital version of “Arms Race” by The Attractions.

@redmanlaw: What do you make of Gary Johnson for President?

@redmanlaw: Ima running, not walking over to the site right now…

ADD: I was in high school when El pulled his “Radio, Radio” switch on SNL, and was transfixed from the get go. Saw him in 77 at a local community college, second best show to Gang of Four in tiny Jersey border town bar, 83ish.

@mellbell: Gary Johnson is a fucking clown. In order to hold down spending, he deferred much-needed infrastructure work for two terms, which is how he got the budget surplus he’s associated with (that’s the one Richardson gave away to help his presidential prospects).

Johnson didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought or what the law said, so he signed Indian gaming compacts without legislative approval despite the requirements of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and got sued and lost so he had to go to the legislature. Johnson vetoed state Medicaid funding every year, privatized half the state’s prisons, and cut 1000 state jobs. He left his wife for a yoga instructor. Mrs Johnson died alone at their condo at Taos Ski Valley a couple of winters ago.

He and I got into a discussion one night at a party over whether politicians are wired differently from the rest of us (New Mexico is a very small place). We hit it off and I invited him to my parents’ house for a tribal feast day. I still would not support him for president.

@mellbell: Also, Johnson set up his long-term highway maintenance contracts so that they went to people who were funding his drug policy institute. The vendors get free state money forever and he gets to say “legalize it” with a big megaphone.

ADD: Your boyyyyyfriend is headed to New Hampshire . . .


@redmanlaw: Boyfriend? Sully is the one with a hard-on for him. I just figured you’d have the inside scoop on the dude.

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