Mama Grizzly GOTV Fails with Daughter Grizzly

“Bristol Palin admitted Tuesday that she failed to vote in this year’s mid-term elections… Palin, currently competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ said this may disappoint her mother, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R). ‘I’m going to be in trouble. Sorry, mom!'” [The Hill]



its great. the spin is already out there. Palin had a great night! forget the fact that all the high profile candidates she touched lost and that she handed control of the senate to the democrats, “most” of her candidates won. you know, the ones no one ever heard of.

When I was in the States this summer, that commercial – the one you have the graphic of – bothered me immensely. I mean, she was CHECKING HIS POOPY BUTT FOR REMNANTS OF TOILET PAPER. The fact that they were animated bears did not fool me.

It seems to me one big ad scat joke played on the public.

Who’s got time to vote when you’re dancing with the Stars!!!

Palin’s minion won for New Mexico governor last night. Gov. Martinez will have to decide soon whether to go with Sarah, who was an early endorser, or Haley Barbour, who was here for a fundraiser about 4-6 weeks ago as head of the Republican governor’s group.

@ManchuCandidate: Right? The first couple times I saw it I wasn’t paying attention; then I actually watched-watched it, and I almost gagged.

@RomeGirl: Toilet paper and boner pills are two of the great advertising successes of America.

@redmanlaw: Ick. Does this mean it’s not much better in NM than in AZ or is there still reason to hope?

In case anyone hadn’t heard, Tater Tot won his congressional race against SC Johnson Wax-in-law in the battle of scions out here in Fuckeduptopia.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: New Mexico is still cool. I think a lot of conservative Hispanic Dems who were Obama supporters in 08 went with Martinez strictly on an ethnic vote basis, particularly in the rural northern part of the state (think Milagro Beanfield War). They voted for the Catholic Latina who shared their views on abortion, gays, regulation, and Richardson (no, ick, no, punish him).

One of my friends who has poured tens of thousands of dollars into the process for Dems since 2004 who is Mr. Access is now totally fried on politics. He came into my office and said “that’s it – not one more fucking dime for those people.” He is particularly upset with the Dem crossovers for Martinez, plus the spineless national Dems. All his giving is going to charity from now on, he says.

I knew Martinez was going to win. It was still less than 10 percent. She’s not going to be friendly at all to any of my tribal clients, so it will be interesting to see how she deals with them and who she appoints as Indian Affairs secretary. A lot of Richardson initiatives may be on the block – the Albuquerque to Santa Fe train, film subsidies, medical marijuana, and environmental regulation particularly of the oil industry which was at one time responsible for up to a third of her campaign funds.

@redmanlaw: Y’all have an Indian Affairs secretary? Is that a cabinet position or a gubernatorial adviser, like in AZ?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Cabinet position created by the Legislature as a Richardson initiative. I once applied for the deputy secretary’s job but withdrew my application. I could have been a cabinet secretary if I was there when the secretary took off to run for Congress. Remember that guy, the one who tried to out another candidate in a forum? My candidate? That guy.

Too bad, because he was the smartest, most educated and policy oriented of the three guys running in the Dem primary ( a wealthy Anglo developer, and the current member, a not-gay Hispanic pol with little non-hack experience but whose dad is the speaker of the house here).

@redmanlaw: Interesting. Here we have one person assigned to tribal affairs in the governor’s office. Current job holder seems bright but she hasn’t lived here all that long (from OK) so I don’t know how much she knows about all 22 nations. I suspect she’s pretty much asleep at the wheel and/or ignored, though, given the education I had to provide Her Majesty’s counsel on SB1070 effects on Indians. Dude’s a friend of mine so I was kinda shocked when he asked me about it a few months ago.


It’s amazing what gets out in some ads. For instance, the ad agency that I (obliquely) work for once pitched the slogan “Rock Out With Your Chicken Sandwich Out” to McDonalds.

The people responsible for that have *assured* me, however, that they were in no way responsible for this disturbing bit of almost-food-pr0n. :)

@al2o3cr: the ad agency that I (obliquely) work for.

Are you more Don Draper or one of the disaffected, we’re-ahead-of-the-zeitgeist art folks? And how much scotch can you drink during the day and still get work done?

Why would someone want to fuck Mayor McCheese?


I’ll have to ask the advertising crew that one. :)

I just make databases and websites go, many of which *happen* to involve advertising and/or company branding – thus the “oblique” part.

On the other hand, they *did* all dress as “Mad Men” for our all-day Halloween shindig last week – complete with a full bar on their conference table. Not much work got done between the martinins, tho.

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