Hang On, It’s Gonna Be Tight!

Oh, who are we kidding: This moment has been foretold for centuries eighteen months, and no amount of special-effects wizardry can disguise it. But hey, you’ve already bought your ticket, so why not stick around for our Election Night Open Thread/Disaster Porn Revue? You can’t have a Collapse of Civilization without popcorn!


Are you ready to kick down the weak in a mad scramble for the last chopper RUMMMMBLE!!!


*Rinse and repeat

Old dude to Christine

“You giving out hugs?” said an elderly man in a windbreaker, embracing Ms. O’Donnell. “I’m a hugger.”

@nojo: So we now have ELECTED an avowed racist to the Senate. Sure … we have a few there already, but this guy is the trend.

Oh – and as a country? We’re finished.

@blogenfreude: It’s not a big change. I’m from the South, and they elect unapologetic racists all the time.

@blogenfreude: I wouldn’t call Randy an Avowed Racist. More a Blind Libertarian. His views on the Civil Rights Act stem from dogma.

Wait. Isn’t he a fake doctor?

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the head of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, gave a statement: “After a spirited campaign, voters in the Bluegrass State rebuked the Democrats’ misleading attacks and reckless spending agenda and elected Dr. Rand Paul…

@nojo: Oh, he’s racist all right.

Check this out:

A campaign worker named Laurie was ecstatic. “Everywhere she goes she sucks the oxygen out of a room,” she said, watching Ms. O’Donnell shake hands and talk to voters. “She always remembers my name,” she said, admiringly.

She expects to be addressed ‘hey, fuckface’ I take it.

At what point shall we post a video for Skynerd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” and have singalong?

Andrew – we have bunch of anti-white racists out here. I bet a lot of them are voting for the Hispanic GOP candidate for gov today.

Flanked by five yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags signed by hundreds of Tea Partiers nationwide, she congratulated conservatives for two years of hard work. And, then, as if Ms. Martin could feel the outstretched Republican hand eager to rejoice in victories Tea Partiers helped secure, she offered a cool reminder: “This is not a Republican victory.”

Just wait until they try to get co-sponsorship for a bill.

I can’t click anywhere else for updates because I have to finish creating a fucking Powerpoint presentation.

And then gym.

And vodka.

And wine.

And then taking the Canadian and New Zealand “Can You Immigrate Here?” tests over and over again.

Big fucking night. Giants parade down Market Street tomorrow.

…oh, and I predict that our favorite Libertarian/advocate of divided government/March Madness bracket loser will drop by here no later than 8 pm PDT.

We may have a Canadian Election Observer at Stinque World Domination Headquarters in the next hour. Depending on traffic.

8 p.m. closings…

Rubio, Ayotte, Coons…

Cry for Bozo’s Daughter.

I should be there around 6:30pm. Traffic dependent. I’m off for a very painful walk/jog. Too much In’N Out.

NPR’s called CT for Blumenthal. Yes, I’m listening to NPR.

@rptrcub: Here it’s the MSNBC Blowhard Derby.

@nojo: I don’t have cable, and the soonest one of the networks starts their coverage is NBC at 9 Eastern War TIme, and I am not sure if I can stand David Gregory tonight.

@rptrcub: I don’t think I could either. Growing up, it was John Chancellor and a pre-senile Brinkley.

When I think Rubio, I think fish tacos.

Lester Holt is doing Vox Populi from the Death Star.

Looking now at the state referenda, in Georgia, voters are doing as I expected: rejecting a measly $10 tag fee in order to decrease their chances of dying after a car wreck from not being able to get to a trauma center in time.

Putative Demrat Blanche Lincoln loses to actual Repug.

NPR calls Georgia for Isakson (R), no big surprise.

Check it out: Rich Scott, the guy who looted Medicare for billions at HCA/Columbia Health Care is going to be Gov of Florida.
Now he can just open up the treasury and loot it directly!

Democratic representative from Mr. Cub’s home district in Brevard County, Fla., loses. No surprise: this is where the space center is and this is where a bazillion people are not only losing jobs due to the shut down of the shuttle, but also because of the spiking of Bush’s crazy moon plan.

Demrat Manchin in WV. Talking heads say this is big — no GOP Senate takeover.

My Demrat congressman is reelected, with a vote difference of 90 percent between him and the Republitard. May the FSM bless John Lewis.

@rptrcub: I’m assuming that my Demrat congresswoman will be reelected with a similar vote difference…with the second place Green Party candidate.

Oh, why, oh, why haven’t we been talking about Jim Rogers?

Lawrence O’Donnell sez lefties shouldn’t have blamed Blanche for not opposing Public Option, since Obama also didn’t support it.

Memo to Larry: Lefties not exactly thrilled about Barry at this point.

And there’s a senator in Idaho named Crapo? Seriously? Must be a Mormon thing.

Waiting in the West Burbs for my poll-watching precincts to report. Long damn day. Turnout was heavy for a midterm, per local pols. Take that for what you will.

5:58pm PT: eMeg’s still spending money.

9pm closings…

NBC calls the House for GOP, 237-198.

@nojo: The Great Pumpkin gains the gavel.

Noticed AP saying Rubio and Paul are part of the big GOPer wave.

Only one problem… Rubio and Paul represent GOPer held Senate seats.

Ahh AP, don’t ever change.

BTW, Canada City Election Observer will be on the way after a shower. That damn run/walk/jog/slog hurt.

@ManchuCandidate: Stinque World Domination Headquarters now two beers in, projected at six.

Aqua Beaker now addressing citizens of Kentucky.

@rptrcub: Nancy. The SF Chronic ran an article about whether or not she should resign from Congress if the Rethugs retake the House. Resign? Not fucking likely. She was the one giving Black Eagle spinal transplants for the past two years.

The race I’m bummed about is Rick Braucher in Virginia. Moderate Democrat who’s done a lot for the Appalachian district. Teabaggers of southwest Virginia can enjoy driving on rutted dirt roads back to the holler.

@nojo: Well, they poured a lot of money into it …

Rachel says “Mike Lee”! Drink!

The Cub Precinct has put NBC back on mute again. God, I really want David Gregory to DIAF.

@rptrcub: Only 90 minutes to live bicoastal Daily Show!

Oh, right. You’re fucked.

@nojo: It’s days like this that I wish that I could A) get satellite reception B) didn’t hate Comcast so much and had another option and C) AT&T’s U-verse ran through my neighborhood.

NewsHour interviewing PA and OH pundits…returns are in from Philly and Pittsburgh but not the Philly suburbs. Conflicting reports on turnout. Philly supposedly on pace to exceed 2008’s 41% turnout. Our unemployment rate has “blotted out the sun” w/r/t other issues.

OH: Gov too close to call.

Senator Diaper sent back to DC with fresh change.

Marco Rubio takes bold stance: U.S. is greater than Cuba.

Rubio wins, so Charlie Crist can be gay again ….

Debt limit won’t be raised? Gov’t shutdown? No, because John Boehner “is a grownup.” But even grownups can’t herd cats.

Celibabe’s Last Hurrah: “We have won.”

O’Donnell loses by 17 points, insists that winner adopt her policies.

@nojo: She lost, by 17 points, yet she is demanding things …. Dumber than a bag of hammers. And, so how will she pay her rent now?

Tweety: “The Republican campaign against Barack Obama has just begun.”

Actually, it started two years ago.

It appears the members of the Rogers Supreme Court are the big winners tonight. I hope they didn’t sell the federal legislative branch too cheaply.

Chris Matthews is exactly the kind of “journalist” who covers politics as sport and never makes any effort to look beneath the surface. Wouldn’t want to jeopardize that great access and miss a dinner party.

@Dave H: Some say Warshington needs a giant enema. I suggest that it be inserted into Georgetown to flush these fucks out first.

I’m actually at Stinque World HQ.

Strange to see the human behind the Avatar.

Why is it that every fucking Republican politician has to do the whole America Fuck Yeah crap in every goddamn victory speech? Is it part of their blood oath. Working on beer 3… some of you are probably far ahead of me.

Blue Dog Jim Marshall goes down in Georgia.

Oh, intercourse — Michelle Bachmann is just on autopilot with Tweety. Tweety asks whether Michelle would launch the investigations, and she goes off on tax cuts and energy and blah blah blah.

Oh, fuck Eric Cantor too. That shit-eating grin is going to burn a whole in my teevee.

@nojo: What policies are those? No beating off? Kids have their elbows fused straight when they reach 10 so they’ll never be able to touch their gonads?

Joe Sestack appears to have a fighting chance… a slight lead, even, with 79% reporting. That would be an unexpected, but very welcome result.

Oh Rachel trying to shit on Eric Cantor’s fake happy parade.

@blogenfreude: I was watching your “early returns” on the CNN feed (interwebs broken at home here), and saw Celebabe play the CaribouBarbie Victory card: When we lose, we really win. You don’t elect me, I still get to demand stuff.

She didn’t even congratulate her opponent (the real winner). Instead, she asked him to watch her campaign commercials. It’s gonna be a long two/four/fifty years. Sleestak was still up when I left the house, but mainly because the returns from Inner Pennsyltucky hadn’t arrived by telegraph yet.

Help me out — I just got in and missed Aqua Velva. WHAT did he say about the debt limit in his speech tonight?

BTW: Local flavor — Bill Kurtis is back on local teevee in Chicago. Baritone to end all baritones.

Say what you will about NPR, but I, for all of their many, many faults, am getting more out of listening to the radio than trying to listen in on the teevee.

Voted for Nadler, Gillibrand, and The Schume (who I did not know was up this time) … wanted to vote for the hooker, but decided on Cuomo last minute. As if he needed me ….

@rptrcub: Plus, it is harder to aim your shoe at the radio. Win/win!

Feingold falls in Wisconsin. And thus the comedy continues — the most mavericky Democrat on the board goes down to a multi-millionaire… supported by the Tea Party.

Seriously — losing Russ Feingold is a blow. Not unexpected, but serious.

One of my friends on the facebox says woefully “Hope everyone in Atlanta is having a Happy “Why Am I Still Living In Georgia” Day.” I think we could make that “Why Am I Still Living In America” Day.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I haven’t gotten the dosage figured out quite correctly. Paging baked to the white courtesy phone…

Let’s get serious: my stock investments. If Rand Paul forces the United States of America — BY HIMSELF — into default, that would blow up the economy. With that in mind, after the obvious post-election YAY from Wall Street, will it be time to SELL SELL SELL!?

@chicago bureau: And Sleestak-Toomey tied going into the 9th. PA hinterlands tend to be strong in relief. Game over.

Boy, the wave is massive. Tammy Baldwin (representing midnight-blue Madison) is not home yet — barely ahead of a teabagger.

The lone lesbian in the house, going down to a teabagger. The mind reels at the thought.

Mark Kirk has pulled ahead of Sexy Alexi, with most of the votes outstanding coming from downstate. That one might be cooked and ready for glazing

Which probably also means that the GOP will also seat Bill Brady as Illinois’s next governor. Chicagocentric Stinquers are waiting in absolute dread for this guy.

@chicago bureau: BOO!!!!! Not that Alexi is some prize (although I wouldn’t mind pinning him down on his positions, if you know what I mean). Although Kirk is a big ol’ closet case that should be good for some toe-tappin’ fun down the road. I honestly am more worried about Brady.

@chicago bureau: Tammy?!?!? Tammy Baldwin? Oh fucking A, this is WAR if they take her out. One of the most awesome-ist members of Congress.

All my news is courtesy of teh Tubez, or to be more specific, email updates from Politico and Stinque. Mr. SFL has decreed no teevee or radio, instead we’re listening to the Dead’s 11/2/77 show from Toronto. Jerry was on fire that night!

homofascist: Not that Chicago Dems (beyond the lakeshore would ever go for this), I hope Quinn shoots the moon and goes for civil unions in the veto session. Make Brady fight for a repeal. Call him out.

Nah. That’s crazy talk.

Keef comes with “eleventy billion” in re Carly. A Matthewsian HA! on that one.

What time do the polls close in Nevada?

Tapping foot for results on Moonbeam v. eMeg and Boxer v. Carly. And Props. 19 and 23, and Measures B, L, and G. (Direct democracy sucks – my SF ballot was TEN FUCKING PAGES long).

I have a hilarious mental image of Stinque World Headquarters of Nojo barking out orders to Manchu to check Politico and the LA Times’ websites while streaming two cable stations simultaneously.

FUCK YEAH! Exit polls show Moonbeam 10 points ahead of eMeg, more so with the ladiez and the brown folk.

Per Sac Bee:
Brown is topping Whitman among white college graduates, non-white college graduates and non-white non-college graduates. Whitman leads among white non-college graduates.


Actually, Comedy Central West Coast is screwing us so we’re stuck with MSNBC.

Promised Left Coast Daily Show live feed ain’t happening. We are very pissed.

We are also draining the fridge of beer.

I had to turn off the local teevee news. The anchor, who should know better and has been in the Atlanta TV market for 25 years, does not seem to know that there are two houses of Congress.

@nojo: Thank FSM that you and Manchu are in the Great Golden State of California, because you can send him out on a booze run and introduce him to the promised land of Cali liquor laws (soon to be pot laws?) where you can buy any type of alcohol from the vino to the cerveza to the hard stuff 24/7, and there are plenty of 24 hour Safeway stores (Vons in Sandy Eggo?) happy to oblige your 10:15 pm or 3:27 am jonesing.

I can only imagine how wackadoodle the Canadian liquor laws are.

@nojo: Oh, and did you get Manchu some lobster burritos from El Zarape? He’ll immigrate for those alone, hold aside the weather improvement.

@SanFranLefty: This is the joy of not having a TV. Although Illinois decided we wanted to be like California (since, you know, everything works out so well there) and we had a question about adding a governor recall to the state constitution.

@chicago bureau: I’m friends with Greg Harris. I’ll see if I can make that happen.

Although speaking of civil unions, your dear darling Homofascist has once again been totally PLAYED by some dude who I really liked but of course can’t see to actually return a message and then I found out this weekend he slept with some other guy (friend of friends) after we had had these really amazing, intense conversations about life and love and politics and some killer sex. I am soooooooo annoyed right now.

Sorry to just drop in and vent, but well it is sort of that kind of a night.

@SanFranLefty: False alarm. She’s stretched it to 58/42. That pop was probably Madison coming in, so it may tighten some, but TPM calls it for her. Whew.

Elsewhere, NY-23 is still not having any of Doug Hoffman. That’s mildly hilarious.

Newsweek tweeting that Boxer in a comfortable lead over Demon Sheep Fiorina, but that John Dingell(berry) in an “uncomfortably tight” race and Nikki Haley wins in South Crackolina.

@homofascist: Forcing Brady to come in with a move to repeal civil unions would expose him as a hard-headed asshole. If that could be pulled off, that would be SO BEST.

@homofascist: Oh baby, so sorry to hear that. Other fish in the sea, etc.

@chicago bureau: Thank Fucking FSM.

@rptrcub: These were the SF measures that tested how liberal or “conservative” San Franciscans really are. I voted Yes on all of them: B was to make some modest pension reforms for city employees (gasp! You have to contribute something to your pension and your health insurance instead of a free ride! What’s a pension, asks SFL?); G would require that Muni drivers have to negotiate with The City on the same terms as all other unions and not be exempt from concessions, as currently for some fucking reason enshrined in the City Charter; and L was identical to a Portland law that says you can’t sit/lie on the sidewalk and harass passers-by (Stop taking shits and shooting up smack on my stoop and go back to Walnut Creek and Oregon, Haight gutterpunks!). Also curious to see who becomes my Supe in a four-way race involving three gay men and one lesbian. Luckily we have ranked voting so there aren’t run-off elections.

UGGGGHHH. Closet Case Governor Good Hair Perry wins reelection in Texas.

Good news: Newsweek says Harry Reid up 54-42. Oh sweet FSM…I can’t believe I’m wishing for that spineless anti-choice anti-gay Mormon to be reelected.

@SanFranLefty: I’m unclear on this — after the Dems snivel their way out of standing up for strong, liberal policies, they get their asses handed to them… but West Virginia sends, and Nevada (possibly) sends back precisely the same sniveling weasels that got us into this mess?

@SanFranLefty: I had to turn it off when the triumphal music began and King Perry made his entrance. My stomach is turning. The incumbent Dallas “DNA Exoreration” D.A. just pulled up past the Republican Challenger who slashed his own tires and blamed it on the Watkins campaign people. It still isn’t over, but close.

Prop 19/”Legalize It” losing by 10 points, but results from Mendocino and Humboldt County aren’t in yet.

Private to homofascist: Jan Schakowsky won (but you knew that). But it looks like that Tony Periaca (right-wing scumbag on Cook County Board) might be down for the count? Bet you didn’t know that.

Demrat governor candidate here is 51-49 against the Republican millionaire who wants to lower the minimum wage and thinks $30K is an decent income for a family of 4. Did I mention he used to play in the NBA, and lived in WA instead of PDX then so he could avoid income tax?
I just took an apple tart out of the oven, which I plan to consume with the rest of the red wine in the house.

@chicago bureau: Apparently. Except there are a fair number of anti-choice Blue Dogs losing too. Or just a fair number of Dems.

Mr. SFL reminded me of the stealth proposition that could really fuck this state over more than we already are – Prop. 26, which would require a 2/3 vote for every fee imposed or considered by the state.

@texrednface: I spent countless hours/days/gallons of blood, sweat, and tears on Ann’s reelection campaign in 1994 and after Shrub won despite only being on his five talking points, that was when I realized I had to get the fuck out of Tejas. Like Steve Earle said when he recorded “Ellis Unit One” for a KGSR album ten years ago, “I sure wish y’all would do something about the death penalty, ’cause I sure miss Texas barbecue.” I’m not that extreme, but it comes close.

@SanFranLefty: I just checked and it appears my paternal ancestors have been here too long for me to claim Irish citizenship by descent. I’m gonna need another Guinness.

Oh man. Open another bottle of wine. 100% pro-choice Democrat Rep. Chet Edwards, who has managed in Good Time Charlie Wilson style (minus the hookers and blow) to stay reelected in a conservative (Wacko, Texas) district, lost tonight.

This one hurts.

John Boehner is going to be brief because there is work to do.

Oh, fuck him. It’s almost midnight on election night. He’s going to get off the stage and drink himself stupid. I would.

UH OH — Boxer only up three on Carly, early. I feel a tightening in my chest.

LA Times calls the Senate race for Boxer.

@chicago bureau: There are boys to ass-fuck in Columbus! Time’s a wasting!

“We [GOP House] is ready to work with him [Black Eagle].” Pull the other one, Agent Orange.

And Crazyeyes is still with us, as is expected.

@SanFranLefty: Those early numbers must have come from places where Carly was expected to clean up.


The Demrat running for Senate in OK should have called himself Kenny Rogers. He probably would have done better.

@chicago bureau: Agent Orange? Okay, I think you just coined a new nickname. Works better than the Great Pumpkin, as that nickname taints a Peanuts(R) special.

@SanFranLefty: It’s been circulating among dirty hippie websites, but I will claim it as my own.

Demrat Roy Barnes concedes; asshat former Rep. Nathan Deal to become my overlord. FUCK.

@SanFranLefty: Fuck, Prop. 26 is winning by a bigger margin than Boxer. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

@SanFranLefty: Perfect California. Let’s elect new people to office and totally SCREW THEM. The occasional worthy measure (Prop 19 for one) notwithstanding: the initiative process in California should be taken out back and shot.

@SanFranLefty: Local Democrats doing well in Dallas County. This seems odd to me.

And with Hawai’i coming in shortly, it looks like the Senate, oh-ficially, stays blue. But, then again, we have Joementum to consider.

Damn, medical marijuana dispensaries lost here. But hey, Oklahoma has successfully banned sharia law, established English as the official language, and voted not to comply with the health care reform law, in addition to electing repubs to practically every fucking office in the state, so at least I don’t live there anymore.

New Mexico Roundup

Navajo Nation elects indicted tribal vice-president for President instead of electing first woman president. A special prosecutor charged the winner and 40 tribal council delegates last week with various forms of theft of tribal funds and corruption. Shocking and very, very disappointing.

Susanna Martinez, anti-immigrant Hispanic Republican, pistol packing DA, corporate toady, is New Mexico’s first woman governor.

No senatorial races here. Both are Democrats.

Freshman Anglo Dem congressman hangs on against Hispanic GOP vendito lobbyist in CD 1 (Albuquerque).

Not gay Hispanic Dem freshman beats racist white Republican in CD 3, Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Dems lose southern congressional seat (CD 2).

Dems won almost all the down ballot races except secretary of state, a race which was blown by the stupid hack there now. The bad guys picked up a few seats in the state house of representatives, which will make life easier for the new governor.

Now that all of Georgia’s constitutional offices have been swept by the Rethuglicons, I will bid you all a good night as I pump up the dosage on my morphine.

@rptrcub: Bigger news on ABC website — Toomey is home in Pa. Senate race.

WAITAMINNIT — Pat Quinn might… MIGHT hang on and win Illinois governorship. Oh please, God.

Kirk takes the Senate seat that Black Eagle held. OUCH.

@rptrcub: I guess I better trudge off to Gravatar….

@chicago bureau: To add to the ass-hattery idiocracy of California’s direct democracy, Prop. 25, which changes the Legislature vote requirement to pass a budget to 50% + 1, except for new taxes, is doing smashingly well.

I think that a bunch of horny monkeys with jackhammers would make more intelligent choices at this rate.

Oh, and Prop. 19 is going down in a big puff of smoke.

@chicago bureau: Check the tape; I called that hours ago.

@chicago bureau: Somewhere, Blago feels golden.

@Mistress Cynica: No Sharia law in OKay? But how will imported rug disputes be settled in Stillwater?

@redmanlaw: Dollars for donuts, sounds like you had the best result of the night.

How long before the first teabagger freshman bites someone or proposes a bill to deport Obama to Kenya?

Okay, kids, time for bed! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourselves after all the alcohol tonight.

Barney Frank is still my representative. At least it’s not a total disaster.

@Nabisco: Yeah, yeah, Pennsyltucky came in late. I saw that. But God, it hung out there a good long while.

Tuesday’s Gone

Train roll on many miles from my home,
See, I’m riding my blues away.
Tuesday, you see, she had to be free
But somehow I’ve got to carry on.

@chicago bureau: Doesn’t it feel a little bit wrong to be rooting this hard for Quinn?

So much for Citizens United. Harry “The Spineless” Reid wins.


The Glossy Beaver’s neighbor gives concession speech.

How is she going to pay her rent?

@homofascist: Well, look at the alternative / abyss.

Oh, look — Harry Reid survives.

@ManchuCandidate: Don’t kid yourself: Citizens United was the true winner here.

I had to block a high school classmate of mine on FB who was cheering over Pelosi’s loss of the speaker’s position. I didn’t even try to debate her.

@chicago bureau: Forgive him. He’s drinking heavily with nojo. Too bad I tied one on for the Giants game last night. Sipping fucking Wild Turkey 101 and talking politics and baseball with the neighbors hit the spot, boy.

Fuck it. I’m having a martini. That’ll balance out hitting the gym.

Josh Marshall nails it:

“Thinking that decision to punt on the tax cut debate was simply brilliant move by the Democrats.”

Yep. Will Rogers is proven right again.

And also: Edmund Brown takes out eMeg.

Yay! Michelle Bachmann wins! More sooper crazeeeeeeeeee!

@redmanlaw: Yeah, I never made it to the gym. I’m multi-tasking between checking returns, watching Brian Wilson (Giants reliever, not Beach Boy) clips on You Tube, and commiserating with friends in Texas.

Lloyd Doggett had a nail-biter of a reelection in Austin. AUSTIN!!! AUSTIN FUCKING TEXAS! @chicago bureau: How’s Tammy Baldwin doing, speaking of liberals from college towns?

UPDATE: Republican Latino semi-moderate/Prop H8 defender closing the gap on Mayor McDreamy for Cali Lite Guv.

@chicago bureau: Right. Likely, this will provide the psychoconservative attack machine with year ’round funding for covert action and 24/7 noise machine barrages against Democrats.

Hey, homofascist: Quinn is +11,000 with 340 precincts left. That’s 32.3 votes per site. That may be too much, but this is going to squeak.

Bill Fucking Richardson on MSNBC talking about how the Latino vote is solidly with the Dems – except in New Mexico for the governor’s race, of course. Thanks for fucking up the state and giving us a republican governor, asshole.


Central Valley and O.C. results coming in. Moonbeam only has a 1 percent lead over eMeg, and Boxer is losing by 2 percent. (McDreamy losing by 2 and SF DA/Willie Brown fuck-buddy losing by 10 for A.G. against the not-that-bad anti-3 strikes/but defend pro-Prop H8 LA DA).

Deep breaths. Breathing. This is real-time results and not the comprehensive statewide exit polling of the LA Times.

Right? Right???? Nojo? Right?!?

Where the fuck is Dodger when we need him for Kahleefornication insight? On a fucking kibbutz?

@SanFranLefty: “Oh, but they already called it for Brown,” Mrs RML says.

@SanFranLefty: Done hours ago, and the margin is now 60/40. Given how the top of the ticket did in Wisconsin, that is rather comfy indeed.

@homofascist: Hugs, generalissimo. I’ve been there.

@redmanlaw: Re: Dine. How fucked up is that? SHE’S NOT REALLY CAUSING TORNADOES, OLD PEOPLE. Gah.

I can’t even look at Arizona returns. Ignorance is – not bliss – more like, melancholy. Tomorrow, this will undoubtedly turn to depression.

@redmanlaw: Tell Mrs. RML that we may have to stay up past our bed times to check this one.

Speaking of staying up late, are Alaska polls closed yet? And anyone want to predict how much “How do you spell Murkowski” litigation the Miller campaign will bring, with the resulting possibility of a Demrat winning and keeping Senate control?

Oh, and House Armed Services Chair Ike Skelton (D-Mizzou) falls to a teabagger. Hope they don’t want any federal monies or military bases in ass-fuck Ozarkia.

@SanFranLefty: Cripes. sMeg nearly destroyed a company with practically unlimited cashflow. In one term, California could end up being sold to investors from the PRC and Disney and its inhabitants packaged into the deal as indentured workers.

Harry Reid beat the West Coast Crazy Lady. It’s a thanksgiving miracle.

@SanFranLefty: Yes. Polls are closed in the newbie states. Newsweek already calling it for Inouye. [Wait. What?! He’s still alive? Huh. OK.]

@FlyingChainSaw: Yep, yep, and yep. I’m scurrying off to check on Kiwi requirements for immigration. But once you live under the California liquor laws, they’re so hard to give up.

This shit is going into the 9th. I’m not doing a poultry inventory until emergence and/or woman of size performs.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: How’s Gifford doing in Tucson? Friend of mine here is a good friend of hers, I threw some bucks Gifford’s way. Hope it wasn’t flushing them down the toilet.

@ManchuCandidate: Sac Bee has Carly winning right now. Alameda County votes aren’t reported AT ALL to them yet (WTF is taking them too long?), and that will be a ginormous influx of Demrat votes from Oakland and Bezerkley. Unless the Greens surge ahead in A.C.

After soothing myself with wine, apple tart, Maru, and Zooborns, I’m going to bed. OR gov race way too close to call, probably headed for recount. ‘Night all. See you in the re-education camps.

OT ALERT: Bill Brady sends everybody home. Pat Quinn is 8,000 to the good, but there may be as many as 30,000 votes out there (most in Chicago, though). Cue the dancing lawyers!

And I’m done for the night. Peace out.

Here at least until I finish my drink.

I’m posting something that CassandraSaid suggested on a fresh post for those of us who need some geetar rock music as a cleanser.

@SanFranLefty: Last I checked, they really needed chartered accountants.

Wow, people must’ve really fucking hated Sharon Angle.


Generalissimo, take heart. You’re hotter, cuter, funnier, sweeter, smarter, and much more fun to spend time with than those other boys.

@SanFranLefty: What, you didn’t see my Tuesday’s Gone linque?

And Washington (State) just approved a 2/3 legislative majority requirement for any and all tax and fee increases, thus allowing our despised minority Repukes to hold the state gummit hostage, just like in Cali. Ugh.

@redmanlaw: Yes, I saw that, but I’m letting Nojo post it for the 7 am EDT/10 am PDT wake up call. I’m sure he put it in the queue and he and Manchu are on the second case of Dos Equis at this point.

I’ve been ordered to bed…I have a WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS parade to go to tomorrow morning. And then I’ll find out for sure on Kahleefornication and Murkowski.

I may need some bacon or country biscuits with gravy in the AM to absorb the alcohol, vitriol, and tears.

@SanFranLefty: Let’s hope we wake up to Democrats still in control of the Senate.

/finishes drink, auf 2 bed

Write-in leads large in Alaska.

Say it ain’t so, Joe.


Wow, people must’ve really fucking hated Sharon Angle Joe Miller.

@SanFranLefty: The nation’s long national hangover will be waiting for you when you get up, Lefty.

@chicago bureau: But tell me Reid gets booted to the curb as Leader, please. I think SeeEnEn posited Schumer as the new Leader; short of Russ Feingold (sniff), I’ll take Schumer.

ADD: Aren’t there special parliamentary tricks Nancy can play between now and whenever these new congresscritters take their oaths? She’s got sack and claws, show us some of that Bal’more political muscle, m’kay?


I hate being this predictable. You missed it by 3 hours.

Bummed about Prop 19. And about Carly. I was firmly in the A.B.B. camp.

Pretty happy about everything else.

Looks like I’ll need to get behind Barry to avert one party Republican rule in 2012 (assuming there is anything left after the Mayan End of Time)

Just thought I’d drop in to see if could borrow some kool-aid.

@SanFranLefty: I have a hilarious mental image of Stinque World Headquarters of Nojo barking out orders to Manchu to check Politico and the LA Times’ websites while streaming two cable stations simultaneously

More like twelve beers and god knows how many packets of nuked popcorn.

I have no idea what happened in the election tonight. Six hours of fascinating conversation distracted me.

@nojo: Here, let the Economist tell you what happened: God Speed the Plow.

Mark my word, Pat Toomey (R: P’tucky) is going to be point man for this new Rethuglican juggernaut. He’s youngish, deep in with the moneyed elites, and able to appear starkers enough to placate the now disposable Teabaggers.

And that really is the lesson, which Rove knew all along; use the “movement”, see that their main candidates lose, then back on track to the Permanent Majority. The Good Ole Boy club probably had a hail of a time into the wee hours of the morning cackling about how distracting it would have been to have Angle and O’Donnell wearing Senatorial garb.

I just want to let you all know that yesterday in Paris, a baby fell out of a 6th story window, bounced of an awning, and landed in the arms of a passing doctor. She didn’t have a scratch on her.

I’ve been fixated on this story ever since waking this morning to find that Boehner is the new Speaker. Because I need to believe that sometimes, something goes right.

Non-voting Dems can go fuck themselves. I’ve never been so mad at my party. Not even after 2004 was I this mad. Fuck ’em all.

Also, I’ve got couch space down here in the Sud for anyone that needs a breather.

A couple of bright spots on my radar, in addition to the Harry Reid upset: Ben Chandler appears to have held on in KY-6 (Lexington and surrounding areas) by 600 votes of about 120,000 cast, and this in a state with lots of Republicans and DINOs mobilized for the Senate race, and Gerry Connolly (who replaced retiring, DC-voting-rights-supporting moderate Republican Tom Davis in 2008) seemingly eked out a win in VA-11 by an equally thin margin, with the Old Dominion otherwise being a bad scene for freshman Dems. Oh, and hottie Martin O’Malley wiped the floor with Bob Ehrlich in a rematch of the 2006 MD governor’s race.

How long until Schumer and Durbin stage a coup on Reid and we get someone with chutzpah in charge of the Senate Dems?

@mellbell: Ugh, the DC plantation has a new master – a Moroni from Utah, no less. Sorry.

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