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We once ran 31 candidates for University of Oregon student-body president. We still have the ballot. But it doesn’t hold a candle to this.

He’s Really On There [TPM]

Voted straight Dem line (except skipped a few judges, just because) – didn’t even see Jimmy.


@blogenfreude: Also voted ALL DEM and also for all bond issues on the NM state ballot, just to put people to work pouring concrete. Also voted for the library tech bond and against giving local pols a third term in office.

Thing about voting All Dem is that I voted for a judge I don’t care for, but she’s unopposed anyway.

We should have solid results for New Mexico about 11 pm Eastern. I may have to run up to the ancestral homeland this evening to get my truck ( four hour min. roadie), which my parents’ mechanic finally fixed. Goddam engine sensor shorted out and blew out the whole fucking computer. Grrr.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I thought you was gone complain about “straight” ticket voting again.

I didn’t realize it was officially 2 instead of too. I didn’t think I could be more impressed after the debate footage, but I am now.

@redmanlaw: I voted for an unopposed Tracy Flick-like candidate for neighborhood commissioner, because it didn’t feel right leaving it blank (and couldn’t think of anything clever to write in).

@flippin eck: Looks like they caved in the face of a 20-character limit.

Breaking: First exit polls “like mass murder” for Dems. Nate Silver says early exit polls can be misleading, however.

ADD: Source for “mass murder” quote is a known Dark Side hack.

Developing . . .

@redmanlaw: BHO’s approve/disapprove numbers there are consistent with broader polling on that question, so I’m not too worried about turnout. Yet.

K. Gonna cook before the neighbor complains to the landlord that I cook too late before the results come in.

@mellbell: Exit poll analysis is “like shaking the presents under the Christmas tree. You’ll know in a few hours,” says one political wire contributor.

@mellbell: I wrote in “Glenda the Good Witch” rather than vote for our despicable, hate-crazed, state Supreme Court Chief (In)Justice, Barbara Madsen, who’s running unopposed, unfortunately.

Another one of our loathsome state Supreme Court (In)Justices made some rather galling, racist comments a few days ago that caused even the right-wing Seattle TSlimes to take the unprecedented step of withdrawing its endorsement. Fun times.

@redmanlaw: It’s gonna be socks, socks, and more socks.

Stinque, Political Wire, Facebook plus the google all open now.

@mellbell: I could use some more charcoal gray ragg wool sox.

@redmanlaw: I’m going to go to the gym to do some running on the treadmill to make space for the vodka I’ll undoubtedly be consuming by 7 pm PDT.

@SanFranLefty: Just got done with what I could on the elliptical. My left foot hurts.

@SanFranLefty: It is a beautiful, sunny(!!!) November day in Orygun, so I’m going for a nice walk after work, heading down to the local bakery to pick up a lovely freshly-baked boule, before returning home to click “refresh” constantly and drink heavily.

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