We Begin Bombing in Five— Wait, Hold On a Sec

“Last weekend, a computer glitch took 50 U.S. nuclear missiles offline for more than 45 minutes at a Wyoming Air Force base. The military says it still could have launched the weapons had it needed to, and there’s no evidence of foul play.” [Yahoo]


Are any of these dickheads using Windows?

@blogenfreude: My local demrat party still uses win2k to run their auto-dialer program. I had to use that last week when helping out my candidate. Oy. If I didn’t hate robo calls before, now I really do. Those things are fucking evil.

On an unrelated note, who wants to hear a story about middle aged husband hunting?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Does it involve a lasso and a stun gun?

That’d be my preferred method for rounding up a new hubby.

@¡Andrew!: Alas, no. It involves pretending to be a Wharton graduate and crashing alumni events.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Would you really want to date someone who is a Wharton School alum? Aren’t half of them under SEC investigation?

@SanFranLefty: No idea. I’m talking about a woman who showed up at my alumni event, claiming to be a Wharton grad. She proceeded to plop down next to the husband of a fellow alum and start to flirt with him. He, being the painfully nice guy he is, introduced her to his wife and started trying to talk to her about Philly since he went to Haverford. She’d never heard of it. It quickly became clear to him and the guy across from them whose best friend is from there, that she’s never been to Philadelphia, much less attended Penn. Once it became clear that both guys were happily married and that Haverford hubby is a lawyer, she tried to get him to fix her up with someone he knew. The other guy tried helping out, but his wife pointed out to him that the guy he was thinking of is gay. Don’t know if he meant to do that or not, but it was funny. Anyway, she took off to go to other parties at swanky resorts, three in all that night. This chick is apparently serious about her husband hunting. And none of us could figure out how she found out about out tiny little lecture/dinner party. Who does this sort of thing anyway?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Gawd. Apologies for my use of the second person pronoun, substitute the word “one” for “you”.

@SanFranLefty: No problemo. Have you ever heard of such a thing though? I thought stuff like this only occurred in bad romantic comedies.

We are now on SanFranLefty BASEBALL JOY alert…. everyone REMAIN CALM

@chicago bureau: If I tune in, do you promise this will be the only inning I have to watch?

@nojo: It’s going to the bottom of the 8th. So an inning and a half. Surely you can handle that, right?

@chicago bureau: Fair warning: Last time I watched a Giants game, there was a earthquake.

Breaking News: Charlie Sheen’s getting divorced, Slash isn’t.

Update: Courtney Cox isn’t, either.

@mellbell: WeSmirch, the Memeorandum for gossip sites. Every once in a while, something there turns up worth running.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Actually, given the time I spent on the East Coast, I’ve heard about this happening with freakish frequency in NYC and DC when the Ivy League would have its little alumni mixers of the 8 (or is it 10 – I don’t know) schools and a bunch of ladiez in search of the MRS would show up and pretend that they went to one of the more-off-the-beaten-path Ivies (*cough* Dartmouth *cough*). Urban legend accounted for more than one relationship where the female didn’t come out of the closet about really having a B.A. from URI or Penn State until it became time to have the NYT wedding announcement published.

Yet another fact pattern that made me sad to have a uterus and have to defend the entire gender.

@SanFranLefty: Oh please, look at the company having a penis would put you in. Dubya. Fred Phelps. Michael Savage. It’s a wonder we have enough self-esteem to leave the house in the morning.

Women are better than us.

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