Sarah Palin to Iran-Imprisoned Americans: Drop Dead

P.J. Crowley is Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer have been held on trumped-up espionage charges by Iran since July 2009, when they were captured near the Kurdistan border while hiking. Fattal is “an environmentalist who worked for three years at the Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon, which teaches sustainable living skills.” (Cottage Grove is near Eugene.) Bauer is a freelance journalist and photographer. Both are 28.

Sarah Palin is a quitter from Alaska who has no interest in the lives of Americans falsely imprisoned in Iran.

Palin Falsely Accuses Obama Administration Of Coddling Ahmadinejad With Birthday Wishes [TPM]

Free the Hikers


Sarah, we see your cry for attention and you can go fuck yourself.

Nah, she just needs them to stay there till 2012 so she can trade a couple planeloads of gunz for them like Raygun did…

@al2o3cr: They might already have them. The US “lost track” of about 190,000 AK-47s, pistols, body armor and helmets in Eye-Rak that we bought in Pottsylvania or somewheres.

Significant detail omitted from post: Cottage Grove is where they filmed the parade scene in Animal House.

@al2o3cr: @nojo: “Can I have 10,000 marbles, please?”

Okay, I just saw a Cafe Press ad at Raw Story — which featured the America’s Losers bumper sticker.

I think it’s because I visited that item the other day, and somehow Google tracking noticed. (The ad also featured a 27b/6 poster I looked at this morning.)

Still, I almost spit out my coffee.

Oh, c’mon y’all cut a break to that box of rocks, you know she didn’t post that tweet herself. Ahmadinejad was spelled correctly.


Indeed – rocks are useful and reliable. If I used Caribou Barbie to prop open a door, she’d probably quit. :)

@JNOV: Yup. He tweeted the link this morning, but it’s not my favorite Missy poster.

@JNOV: And damn, he’s good:

Just emailed an annoying client “I have your children.” Sent a second five minutes later stating “Sorry, that email wasn’t meant for you.”

The man’s a national treasure. Unfortunately for us, that nation is Australia.

@nojo: Yeah, not my fave either. I might buy a Tabitha Gnillort shirt.

@nojo: YES! I just saw that! He’s here, though. Until we deport the poor guy. I also like the Simon pie chart exchange.

@nojo: So, which one is your favorite? The red hat one?

@JNOV: This is from memory, but I liked the one (ones?) with the black background.

@nojo: Of course, I liked the LOST one, until I remembered I wasted, what, six years of my life on that show? Meh.

@JNOV: Ah.

The one above the Lost poster. With the large cat. That one made me jealous.

@nojo: That one is for sale. I wish I had the guts/wit to send my landlord these emails:

Also, I read somewhere once that cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack so I have been collecting the dead ones and intend to glue several thousand to the walls thereby ensuring my survival should Cyberdyne Systems become self aware between now and when the lease runs out.

Seb and the flashdrive

Dear Maggie,
I understand the need for conformity. Without a concise set of rules to follow we would probably all have to resort to common sense. Discipline is the key to conformity and it is important that we learn not to question authority at an early age.
Just this week I found a Sue Townsend novel in Seb’s bag that I do not believe is on the school approved reading list. Do not concern yourself about it making its way to the school yard though as we attended a community book burning last night. Although one lady tried to ruin the atmosphere with comments regarding Mayan codices and the Alexandrian Libraries, I mentioned to the High Magus that I had overheard her discussing spells to turn the village cow’s milk sour and the mob took care of the rest.
Regards, David.

Meanwhile, Talibunny just endorsed Tancredo.

That’s commonsense bigotry for ya!

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