All We Can Even Vaguely Remember at That Age is the JFK Assassination

“Citing cases dating back as far as 1928, a judge has ruled that a young girl accused of running down an elderly woman while racing a bicycle with training wheels on a Manhattan sidewalk two years ago can be sued for negligence.” Juliet Breitman, the alleged perp, was 4. [NYT]


It would have been easier and cheaper for the old to say “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

I saw this earlier. I am told by the “lawyers” that it is really just the way the story is being written and that naming the kids in the suit against their parents is not unusual.

in other news its trick or treat day at work.
all afternoon its been a steady stream of cute as a button tikes dressed up to the 9s. I think it is as much fun for us as them.

I am in full cowboy regalia. hat guns chaps shirt with piping and pearl buttons boots stubble and bandanna. I wear it well.

(all of which I just happened to have laying around)

really, if you are feeble enough to get knocked over by a 4 year old it was probably time anyway.

@Capt Howdy: Have you seen a rampaging 4-year-old lately? Those things have the kinetic energy of a small quarterback.

happily no
well except for this afternoon and they are all on their best behaviour

While we’re on the topic of the majesty of the law, San Francisco Police Department returns seven pounds of weed to grower.

Groovy, man!

I’m going in red and white gingham, white pants, white shoes, and aqua belt. Not sure where I’m going but I’m going.

Just for God’s sake nobody mention ‘*ssless ch*ps”.

@Benedick: Sounds like it’s time Stinque after Darque!

What? No one is dressing up as a Cannibal Anarchist this year?

@FlyingChainSaw: I’m going to roam around Philly as a hairy lady bug.

It’s illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in NYC. It’s a big problem – I’ve been hit twice by deliveryman, nearly run down by a messenger, and hit once by a kid. The nebbish dad got dressed down without mercy. The GF has been hit once by a kid. Not sure I agree w/ naming the kid, but the parents should be publicly flogged. If you want to teach your kid to ride a bike, walk the bike to the park and teach them.

That is my ruling.

Even the Catholic church believes that a child does not develop the moral sense, the ability to even be culpable, blameable, until 6 or 7, thats why confirmation doesn’t happen until then.

@FlyingChainSaw: Heh. I’ve introduced my exmo buds to 27bslash6. I’m waiting to see if the post gets pulled. I did warn them about Tabitha’s one-finger salute, but I’m sure admin is gonna yank it if enough of my haters make a fuss.

@Promnight: I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.

@SanFranLefty: Gov. Brewer is coming your way on Monday. She and the state school superintendent are attending the 9th Cir arguments on the fed suit over SB1070. Please keep them.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Maybe she’ll step in a homeless guy’s pile of shit on Mission Street walking from her limo to the courthouse.

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