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We apologize for the Talibunny Twofer today, but really, the lady’s on a roll.


I’m sorry, was someone censored today? I had the impression someone was dumped from a comparatively low-wage public radio gig into a highly-paid Fox gig. Did I get that wrong?


You’ve forgotten that hate is the fourth sacrament of the Church of the Almighty Teabag, therefore firing somebody for spewing hate on TV is oppressing them for their religion or something. :)

I’m hoping she’s paying royalties for that photo.

@Benedick: Hahahahahahahahaha!! *gasp* Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!
Oh, thank you, honey. I needed that.

This woman is a genuine idiot – 1st amendment protects you against action by the government abridging your right to free speech – it does not prevent your employer firing you for saying stupid shit.

Why is the constitution necessarily a woman? why not the gender-neutral “its”? There’s some Freudian stuff going on there…

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Good point, esp. b/c when it was written, it only gave the franchise to landed white males…

Somehow, I think Talibunny’s version of the First Amendment doesn’t extend to protecting workers who are fired for trying to organize a union…

Can’t remember now where I read it, but it’s my understanding that Talibunny doesn’t write her own Twitter crap. It’s some other rightwing female ghosting. I wonder if she gets paid. I also wonder how long before T and the ghost come to a parting of ways. If anybody here knows the name of the ghost, please tell it to me. It’ll go to the top of my shun list.

@lynnlightfoot: Darling, of course Palin doesn’t ‘write’ her own twitter/facebook crap. That’s done by one Rebecca Mansour who started a blog called conservatives4palin that so impressed Palin’s handlers that they hired her to pretend to be Palin on Facebook. And she did such a good job she started to write in whole sentences thereby instantly cluing in the rest of the world that Palin had nothing to do with it.

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