Don’t Judge a Nazi Until You Walk a Mile in His Jackboots

Nazi sympathizer drag queen reenactor Rich Iott defends his naughty cosplay Monday night to Anderson Cooper. “I don’t think we can sit here and judge that today,” says Iott, digging himself a hole faster than the camera can follow him. “We weren’t there the time they made those decisions.”

Rich Iott Defends Nazis He Dresses Up As: ‘They Were Doing What They Thought Was Right’ [TPM]

Why can’t this guy just say “No, I don’t think they were valiant”, unless, of course, he’s attached to a group that would condemn him for saying that.

And also, is it just me, or is the silver fox starting to look like a real journalist?

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I think he’s very good. Very good with the interviews and not so much of the shouty-shouty. And very good with the bullying and suicides.

@Benedick: He started getting engaging around the time of Katrina for me. He somehow managed to convey the desperate situation without whoring his own outrage out for the cameras.

The Arizona governor’s race heats up. Anonymous internet rumor about Jan Brewer’s health is countered by her campaign firm’s response that Terry Goddard is gay. Ups the ante with transcript of former friend making the allegation to cops 20+ years ago.

Cooper should have asked him if he gets hard during reenactments of nazis stuffing people into ovens, given him a sieg heil and signed off.

Why ask him that? Doesn’t the (R) next to his name pretty much make it clear? ;)

T/J: I was sposta be on CNN this afternoon about the DOI lifting the Gulf drilling moratorium, but I got bumped by the Chilean miners’ story. I sure hope they get those poor fuckers out today.

The following is not offered as a defense in any way, shape, or form of the fool Iotts little dressup games. There were some very unfortunate places to be in europe at the outbreak of WWII. From Finland south all the way to southeastern europe, enemies could seem like friends who eventually turned out to be worst than your initial enemies. The Finns and Russ had fought for years over their border. The Russians invaded Finland when everyone else was enjoying the sitzgrieg only to be repulsed. They retreated into Russia, regrouped and came back kicking ass after attrition took it’s toll on the small, underequiped Finn army. In June 1941, the Finns saw Germany as their savior and allied with hitler only to suffer humiliating peace terms at the hands of the Russians when hitler did the only thing he didn’t fuck up in his whole life and committed suicide. The Ukranians initially saw the Germans (who thought much, much differently) as liberators from Stalin only to suffer equal terror when the Russ returned. The rest of the world still hasn’t figured out who was who in what became of yugoslavia. Most folks there used the war to settle and intesify centuries old grudges. In Poland, perhaps the worst place to be then, there was no where to run, nowhere to hide, no friends to be found. My point is in those areas, economic and political loyalties meant nothing. Individual survival was all that mattered. Ask the Jewish Capos who survived the concentration camps. Spanish Fascists must have thought twice about supporting Germany when stalingrad went down. Italian troops fought more valiantly on the Russian front for germany than anywhere else in the war for the sole and simple reason that personal survival was at stake, which is the main reason most soldiers fight when folks start shooting back. Words like democracy, capitalism, fascism, communism, religion, or colors on a flag mean little when your comrades start getting blown to bits and you’re next. However, the fool Iott is way to dumb to articulate such and like the neo-nazis, skinheads, and anyone else professing admiration for the nazis knows just little enough history to be very dangerous. Sure, Iott realizes the viking ss divisions and other foriegn ss soldiers were drawn from other countries and nationalities when the strict aryan membership requirements were waived after Sir Attrition (historys only undefeated warrior) decimated the schutzstaffels ranks. But for him to speculate that we best not judge the motives of the foriegn ss soldiers is complete bullshit. His hidden message broadcast to his backward, racist, redneck followers is it doesn’t matter if you are not pure aryan germanic stock, you can be a nazi too just like the guys i make believe i am. He, like many republican’ts, understands that because absolutely no one outside their dwindling base will ever vote for him, he best broadcast his lunacy to the only folks still wanting to hear it. The more criticism he endures, the stronger he feels and the taller he stands in the eyes of his supporters. So he should be banished to faux noise and not mentioned elsewhere.

@Dodgerblue: First rescuer down, first miner about to come up.

@nojo: There was a bar back in the ancestral homeland that said “no minors” in its radio ads in the 70s. I though they meant guys who worked at the mine in the next little town north of us. I had a vision in my head of guys in hardhats and head lamps causing trouble.

First miner going up — 15-minute trip…

@redmanlaw: No working mines near Eugene (old, abandoned mines in the area), but the word still took some getting used to. I’m not sure it even exists in polite conversation.

One up, 32 to go. It’s gonna be a couple days.

@nojo: Wow, that first guy was stoic when he came up. And consider the chutzpah of the rescuer who went down the chute to help the guys trapped down in the mine.

@Dodgerblue: Two rescuers down now. So far, that means 35 dudes who have to be hauled back up.

MSNBC sez the worldwide audience is a billion people.

@Nojo: It’s like the World Cup only bigger!

@Nojo: But they have vuvuzelas blowing to greet the guys as they come up.

I’m totally fucking mesmerized by watching this and burst into tears getting verklempt every time they replay the clip of the 7 year old boy greeting his dad.

Too bad the US doesn’t mandate these rescue caves like the Chileans have for their miners.

Number 3 is up and out.

@SanFranLefty: Rescue, US American style:

“British aid worker Linda Norgrove may have been accidentally killed by US forces during a rescue mission in Afghanistan . . . ”

Apparently the troops used anti-personnel fragmentation grenades to clear the room the hostage was in, rather than the less-lethal flash-bang grenades.

mil tech tj/ “Europe’s HARDBUT Missile Is Your Ultimate Penetrator”

Okay the MSNBC fixation on the religious symbolism of the number 33 is making me gag and my black coal agnostic cynical heart reassert itself so I’m switching to South Park.

@SanFranLefty: I missed that one, but I was noticing similar patter. Yes, it’s a miracle when engineering works as designed.

@Nojo: Fucking engineering, how does it work?

Since all the miners are wearing sunglasses, I assume that’s because their eyes are weakened and will be bursting at all the light, but it gives them a total Bono look.

@SanFranLefty: True & True. Especially Miner #2, who emerged totally Rock Star.

@SanFranLefty: And let’s not forget the miracle of a billion people worldwide watching a live satellite feed from remote Chile, including a cam two thousand feet down a cave. It’s a wonder network correspondents don’t praise God every time they pick up a microphone.

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