Could Have Been Worse. He Could Have Burst Into Flames.

“BE IT REMEMBERED, this date, the Court having ordered all present in the courtroom to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegience, and having found that Danny Lampley, Attorney at Law, failed and refused to do so, finds said Danny Lampley to be in criminal contempt of court.” [NMissCommentor, via Sully]


My vast legal experience (obtained via years of dedicated viewing of “Law and Order” ;) ) points out that maybe pissing off a judge in court isn’t the best idea – no matter *how* much of a douchebag said judge is…

I guess the 1940s Supreme Court case of West Virginia v. Barnette hasn’t made it down to Mississippi yet.

I just got back from the deep South and I can tell ya, as a big-assed Yankee Jewboy I drove the speed limit and not one mph over.

@Dodgerblue: Yes. Don’t die for the cause, Dodger.

RIP, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner.

This has right-wing rage-gasm written all over it. Has Ping-pong commented on it yet?

@Dodgerblue: I was once met at the Jackson MS airport by two of my client’s security guys. I felt like I should have had my briefcase chained to my wrist.

Did you fly that shitty little flying pencil from Houston to Jackson? One time I was on it and there was this huge fucking redneck stuffed into a seat that fit maybe half his ass. You had to feel sorry. He was clearly uncomfortable. Still, it was loads better than the crop dusters that fly into Williston ND, which is one of those places at the edge of civil aviation in US America.

Mostly unrelated: anybody out west have some thoughts on what the FUCK is wrong with people in Colorado?

The linked set of ballot amendments reads like a teabagger’s wet dream: slash taxes, ban the state government from borrowing (and slash taxes MOAR), ban abortion, ban HCR, ban MOAR taxes+fees, etc. Is there something in the water out there?

@Dodgerblue: Georgia unfortunately lists the county that the car is registered in on its license plates, which means when small town sheriffs see Fulton or DeKalb counties, where evil liberal Atlantans live, it’s deliverance time.

@rptrcub: Illinois used to as well. Not sure if they still do.

JNOV, collector of useless facts.

@al2o3cr: They’re fucked up.

Fun fact: my friend’s grandfather was a US Senator from Colorado. Randy old dude took his son’s fiance on a cruise to Europe and then married her. Ouch.

@al2o3cr: I dated a guy from Littleton (yes, that Littleton). His family were Alabama transplants. Um. Yeah.

Boy, we’re kicking the South around today. I’m uncomfortable with the sweeping generalizations, but I’ll continue to generalize until I hit a level of discomfort that hasn’t arrived just yet.

I dunno. Hunter S. tried to create a doper gun-owner utopian dream out there (he ran for mayor of Aspen?), but it didn’t stick.

@al2o3cr: You have Denver and Boulder as little blue islands in a sea of red, and Colorado Springs is ground zero for the evangelicals (who have infected the Air Force Academy to boot).

@redmanlaw: Took a flying pencil from Charlotte to Mobile and back, had to gate-check my wheelie carryon bag. Then an Airbus back to L.A. — there was only one guy bigger than I on the plane, and of course he sat right next to me. This is one of many reasons why Southwest’s boarding process is best.


We have six initiatives on the ballot here in Washington, and each one has the power to totally detonate the state gummit. Some of them even conflict with each other, and no one knows what would happen if they do (or don’t) go into effect.

The problem is that people are desperate, but they’re not attacking the problem (a lack of living-wage paying jobs), they’re attacking the symptoms (tax increases and massive budget cuts due to the collapse of the state’s revenue system/economy). Gahd, people are so insufferably stupid.

We’re like Wile E Coyote–we’ve run off the cliff, but we haven’t looked down yet.

T/J: Go Tree! Crush those Toe Jams on Saturday!!


I dunno – I looked up the Washington initiatives, but (nasty as they are) they still can’t hold a candle to the Colorado Amendment 61 which would FORBID the state from issuing debt for any reason. In other words, no highway bonds, no school construction bonds, etc etc…

@al2o3cr: Wow, now that is some wacky shit. Even a very conservatively-run business will borrow money for capital improvements.


Is there something in the water out there?

I don’t know but a river runs through it, as they say, and that would explain a lot of crazy downstream in UT, AZ, NV, and southern CA.

@JNOV — no county-specific tags in Illinois. Which is not useful, because I really would love to know who is rolling in from the collar counties. Especially those fuckers from Dupageistan. I have an unhealthy level of HATE for them, to be honest — but, it’s my rage and not yours.

@chicago bureau: I was there back in ’88, so yeah. But I remember seeing “Cook” and “Lake” a lot. I lived in Waukegan at Great Mistakes for a hot minute.

awww, JNOV, you invoked the names of 2 of my heroes…no one knows who they are……..

justice delayed is justice denied they say.. fucking A.
it took 41 years to put the responsible motherfucker in prison. interesting remarks from the legal community of 1964 mississippi.
must read what the presiding JUDGE said in the original trial.

Speaking of flames, my blogcrush Ezra Klein neatly illustrates the connection between the Tennessee house fire and Republican cries to repeal health care reform.

@mellbell: Here’s what I see as the flaw in his argument:
if you leave health coverage to the market, some people won’t buy it, and others won’t be able to afford it, and then, when they get sick and need it, insurers won’t sell it to them. But we’re not comfortable letting them die in the streets.
Au contraire, Ezra, you adorable, naive little puppy. Those who oppose HCR are more than happy–indeed, glad–to see the poors and other undesirables dropping dead from lack of health insurance. If you think they lose a wink of sleep over it, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

@al2o3cr: My great-uncle was the City Attorney for Denver for years.

At this point, I say let them do it. Let everything run to shit. We can just stand back and point when it does.

Fucking teatards.

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