Democrats Fail to Credit Congress for Historic Reforms They Won’t See for Four Years

“A new poll from Pew and National Journal contains a really striking finding: Only one third of Democrats think this Congress has achieved more than other recent Congresses. Meanwhile, 60 percent of Dems think it has accomplished the same or less.” [Plum Line]


Here’s the saddest part of all: If congress had passed a Healthcare Reform bill with a public option, Democrats would be scrambling to the polls this November to prevent the GOP from repealing it.

I honestly do think this administration accomplished a lot, but they never once threw their base a bone, never once acknowledged and showed appreciation for the hard work that got them elected. Instead they spent the last 2 years trying to court the other side, taking the base for granted.

In the end its not the anger of the teabaggers that’s going to cost them most. The teabaggers are convinced that Obama is the re-embodiment of Karl Marx and would have felt the same way no matter what Obama did. It’s the apathy of Democratic voters that will doom the Democrats.

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