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Leonard Skinner, a Jacksonville, Florida P.E. teacher and basketball coach, and the inspiration for the name of rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, died yesterday at 77 from Alzheimer’s Disease.  In the late ’60s, Coach Skinner upset future members of the band by sending them to the principal’s office for having long hair that reached past their collar, and the band later named themselves after him in a satirical tribute. Skinner was a good sport about it, as he once introduced them at a Jacksonville concert and let them use a photo of his real estate company’s sign in an album.

[Florida Times-Union: Tongue-in-Cheek Inspiration to Lynyrd Skynyrd Dies at 77]

Does one die of Alzheimer’s or does one die with Alzheimers?

When my father in law went down his rocky road at the end, we were dealing with a lot more than the disintegration of his mind. He was basically worn out at the age of 98 and his systems just gradually failed until he passed away at home after we brought him back from the hospital.

His last words to me in the hospital, probably on the last day he spoke, were “Hello, hunter.” He didn’t know my name anymore, but he remembered something about me.

I was skirting a big meadow going through the aspens one morning up in the mountains the year of his illness. “Can you see this, Tom?” I asked the man asleep in his chair in town. “Can you feel the cold air?” He used to spend two weeks on a hunt, whereas I’m lucky to pull off a couple of days. When hunting elk I carry his Savage 99 lever action rifle chambered in .308, to which I’ve added a nice Nikon scope. My mother in law wants me to quit calling it “Tom’s rifle”, however, since they gave it to me once Christmas along with the last box of cartridges he ever made. Later, when his illness began to overcome him, he gave me a bunch of handloading gear, which I took up since he died.

@redmanlaw: Technically, I believe the phrase is “complications from Alzheimer’s Disease,” which is what I saw in his obits and was used with my grandmother; I shortened it here because I was trying to economize on number of words in this post per editorial policy on Stinque’s short mid-day blips.

Oh hay, did ya’ll see that the Depression is officially ooooovah, and has been since June ’09? Must be why the nation’s 44 million perma-poors and 15 million jobless were dancing in the streets yesterday.

Also, SPOILER ALERT DADT repeal is dead dead dead. It was greedy, hate-crazed Maine hick Olympia Snowe-job, in the Senate, using Harry Reid’s nads like a tetherball.

My brother-in-law died from what we call Alzheimer’s because his body literally fell to pieces. But he lived with it for 15 years or more. One of the last aspects of his brain to go was his voice: he could still sing along with records though he couldn’t remember the lyrics any longer. He had been a singer as a young man, I never cared for his voice (I more particularly didn’t care for him) but others liked it and he made records, etc. He started literally to fall to bits and was pissing out bits of his bladder before he died. His wife looked after him at home till the final two weeks.

Now these Lynnette Skinniez, these are somehow well known?


@¡Andrew!: using Harry Reid’s nads like a tetherball.

@¡Andrew!: I was thinking of a “Don’t Act Surprised” post on that, but then I thought it was too obvious for even that.

Ana Marie Cox tweet, two hours ago: “Why I am not covering the #dadt vote? Too depressing.”

Fucking Dems are never prepared for how dirty Evil Republicans will fight. Thing is, as my esteemed colleague Mr. Cub and I said the other day, the crazy people who talk like us who would hold a guy out the window by his ankles to get his vote are shunned in conventional Dem circles. Maybe it’s time for party leadership to sign up for a Charlas Atlas course from the back of the comic books, or take night courses from the Flying Chainsaw Institute of Management.

@redmanlaw: They all need to be sent to the FCS Boot Camp.

@redmanlaw: Someone on Joe.My.God. suggested sending literal balls to the White House and the Dems in Congress.

Also, the trolls have come out in force on JMG, and one comment was, naturally, “faggots must die.” Well, using the power of IP addresses, Joe and the gang have traced said idiot to the Atlanta office of U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Fucktardistan).

If this doesn’t prove to the Log Cabiners and GOProudite quislings that the Republicans are not their friends, I don’t know what does. You know, that and a gogolplex of other incidents.

@rptrcub: I think sending “literal balls” is an excellent idea.

Has someone checked Harry Reid’s pulse? Like in the last three years?

I can’t get too worked up by this in all honesty. The bill wouldn’t have actually repealed DADT, it would’ve given the psychopaths, compulsive liars and kleptomaniacs at the Pentagon the option to repeal it given the outcome of that humiliating “survey”–you know they’re now surveying military spouses just to check and see how they feel about their huzbunds bunking with shirtless, lusty, flaming faggots?*

*Actual survey question. Said faggots may or may not be on fire.

No, this whole circus has been one big head-fake from beginning to end.

Don’t pin the blame to reach cloture all on Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. The two spineless Democrats from Arkansas (Lincoln and Pryor) voted with the Repugs as well.

@SanFranLefty: The Retreadicans do have a 41/59 majority after all.

I really wish we could transplant some of Nancy Pelosi’s iron cojones into Harry Reid. Say what you will of my once-avatar, girlfriend isn’t afraid to yell “Bring it on” and engage in some hand-to-hand combat. I would like to think that if she were Senate Majority Leader instead of giving up instantly to this and other measures because of the failure to reach 60 votes, she’d tell the Repugs to put on their Big Boy Depends and bring a toothbrush if they are planning to filibuster.

@SanFranLefty: Exactamente, which is why you and I will never be elected to office, at least by Democrats.

TJ/anyone who wants a phonecam video of what ten rounds of 9 mm hollowpoint ammo does to an old watermelon can drop me an email at redmanlaw at that geemail place and I’ll shoot it over to you.

ADD: actually, you can get better watermelon shooting videos elsewhere via the google.

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