Christine O’Donnell Makes Everything Sound Dirty


I’ve been asleep for 20 years. Did I miss anything?

@Tony Blair Witch Project: Nothing much. Just everyone in blogdom enjoying wet dreams today.

Why doesn’t she just buy California and all the voters in it?

OK. If we don’t go to the Faroes then it’s Iceland, aka Most Advanced Country in World for 2007. Personally, I’m about to enter my Viking phase. I would have made an awesome Viking what with the leather pants and the fact that I look good in helmets. The raping and pillaging aspect I suspect was negotiable. I could be part of the over-sharing, light spanking Viking subculture. I like to think they were the first people to settle Fire Island. If only they’d held on to their campsites they could have done very well with the real estate. Ditto Martha’s Vineyard. I can totally see Vikings at a tea dance at the Monster at the Pines. I call my sword Nigel.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: I believe they’re bankrupt, so we could probably get a pretty sweet deal.
In the ancient cairn Maes Howe in the Orkney Islands, you can still see graffiti left by marauding Vikings, which includes a panting dog beside an inscription roughly translated “Inge is SOOOOOO hot!!!11!1!”

@Mistress Cynica: I’m reading one of the sagas about Gudrun (850ish CE?) and I’m going to stay in a hotel just down the road from where she’s buried in Iceland. I’m beyond any measure excited. My contact there tells me that the Faroes are almost entirely unspoiled and sometimes get as much as three months of daylight a year.

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