Redactio Ad Absurdum

Title: “Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan — and The Path to Victory”

Author: Anthony Shaffer

Rank: 65

Blurb:Important Message for Customers: On Friday, August 13, 2010, just as St. Martin’s Press was readying its initial shipment of Operation Dark Heart, the Department of Defense expressed concern that its publication could cause damage to U.S. national security. The publication of the initial edition was canceled. However, after consulting with the author, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, St. Martin’s Press agreed to incorporate some of the government’s changes, which includes redacting classified text, into a revised edition, which is releasing on September 24.”

Review: “I don’t own this book — but obviously neither do most, if any, of the other reviewers.”

Customers Also Bought: “Zero History”, by William Gibson.

Footnote: Is it #65 because the Feds bought out the first printing?

Operation Dark Heart [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


In this case, rather than “Buy or Die”, the kickback link should read “Buy and Die”. Extraordinary rendition anyone?


a national holiday for the delicious and demented:

it’s SAW’S BIRTHDAY !!!!!

baked: That’s 9/12 Thinking I Can Believe In.

My eggs this morning were really tasty, and served piping hot. I wonder what inspired the missus.

@baked: Yes, it is and my profile picture is really a current photographic portrait. Thanks, everyone!

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