AMC Gremlin

Unbelievable – skip to 1:30 and watch this thing (sort of) go around corners.  It’s amazing that more of us aren’t dead.



What a heap of shit. And I was driving a VW squareback in 1971, so I know whereof I speak.

@Dodgerblue: At least the SB would stop in a straight line … drove a friend’s once, and it wasn’t half bad for a deathtrap.

@blogenfreude: Plus you could sleep in the back and/or haul some freshly-harvested cargo.

Is the soundtrack music available for download?

The quality construction just leaps right out at you.

SportJack: Dennis the Duck acquits himself well and the Stillers take home a win, woo hoo!

@Dodgerblue: If you were (apologies in advance to those I insult?) a Mexican midget?

@karen marie: I can assure you that Dodger is the farthest you could be from either of those two things.

@karen marie: I’m a 6-4 Jewish Viking, but if I put the back seats down in the VW Squareback and shoved the passenger seat forward, I could sleep in the back. Trust me on this one.

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