You, Over There, With the Wig — Care to Butt In?

“Donald Trump has sent an offer to purchase the site of the proposed mosque near New York City’s Ground Zero for the price paid plus 25%, according to a statement received by e-mail.” [Crain’s, via PourMeCoffee]


A 25 % markup on prime lower Manhattan real estate? That short fingered vulgarian ™ clearly hasn’t done much business with Arabs, Persians or Turks.

Are they sure this is really Donald Trump? Because this seems a little too wise and caring for him…

That’s a wig? I don’t think so. It’s much stranger. More a weavey-stapley-thingy, no? Whatever it is it’s way past time to take it off.

Speaking of wigs my namesake’s do is looking awesome to go with his newly renovated face. Cheri handed him off to her hair and make-up crew and they’ve done sterling work: the gravitas balances the hotness without completely canceling it out. Rowr!

Wait. What were we talking about?

@Tony Blair Witch Project: Allegedly he can’t change his hairstyle because he and his brand are so closely identified with it.

thats not the reason. it covers up the mark of the devil.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:
supposedly part of the “deal” is that it cant be a relocation within 5 blocks of GZ.

which is so stupid it is embarrassing.

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