Me and Bluto Down by the Schoolyard

Denver Post [via PourMeCoffee]

Is this the group that is associated with the guy who rented a male hooker to carry his “bags” around Europe?

@Dodgerblue: Related in spirit only. Focus is Dobson’s outfit.

@JNOV: So teaching anti-bullying is bad but hiring rent boys is OK. Well, they haven’t left themselves a lot of room to move here.

Ah, I stand corrected by Nojo. That’s not news.

Unless little psychopaths are free to stomp everyone on the playground who gets in their way, freedom has no meaning.

They’re just fulfilling the 11th Commanderment “Screw as I say, not as I screw.”

Or maybe that was Colbert.

@Dodgerblue: More precisely, Dobson and Rekers cofounded the Family Research Council. Yeah, they all look alike.

Yes, Fuckus on Family… please think of the bullies.

I hate bullies. I really do. Nothing makes me want to take a swing at someone than said person acting like a bully. I ended up fighting most of my bullies… lost most of the time, but I learned to hurt them without violence (and sometimes with.)

I know my experience isn’t the same as others as everyone is different (and less of a pugnacious asshole as I can be) which is why I can’t be against anti-bullying.


They will NOT stand for your intolerance and religious bigotry–no sir, not one bit.

And on the lighter side, here’s a cute video of noted divorced, cat’s-ass faced, anti-gay hacktivist Maggie Gallagher explaining to St. Peter why she deserves to march through those Pearly Gates.

SPOILER ALERT: Sadly, the video doesn’t end with lighting bolts erupting outta St. Pete’s fingers.

@¡Andrew!: She was married?! I don’t believe it.

@mellbell: She is sorta married. She is Mrs Raman Shrinavastav. He would seem to be a professional bridge player. And a Hindu. Which means that, as a Catholic, she is not married in the sight of the church.

She works for the LDS church which pays her handsome salary.

ADD/ did everyone but me know Glen Speck was a Mormon? And a converted one at that…

@Nabisco: ADD/ did everyone but me know Glen Speck was a Mormon? Yes.

Restoring honor; things are really going to hell when they try to tell you you can’t pick on faggots anymore. Picking on faggots is the American Way, its what the founding fathers intended.

@Nabisco: All of Beck’s glassy-eyed supplicants are fully aware that he embraces moronism–in fact, they’re all moron-converts themselves!

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