Entirely Coincidental Attacks Begin

“The New York Police Department has confirmed to TPM that a cab driver in Manhattan was allegedly stabbed by a passenger who asked if the cabbie was Muslim, and says the incident is being treated as a hate crime. The suspect has been charged with attempted murder and other crimes.” [TPM]


Talibunny tweets defending suspect’s First Amendment rights to assault Mooslems in 3…2…1…

Ugh. However, I’m a little bothered that the guy was charged with criminal possession of a weapon due to a Leatherman tool. Does that mean I’m liable for criminal possession of a weapon as well? Or does the criminal part come in from using a tool as a weapon?

@IanJ: I’m going to guess it’s like the standard application of “hate crime”: Hate is not a crime, but a crime committed with hate is an extra charge.

@IanJ: I think it’s part of the whole “charge them with everything you got” strategy.

cause and effect illustrated perfectly

@Mistress Cynica: I’m sure it is, but it still doesn’t make me comfortable. I guess it’s just a much more blatant example of what’s true every day: you can’t really live life without doing something illegal, and it’s only due to calculated negligence that the cops don’t arrest everyone they see. It’s a tenuous way to live, though, and leaves a bit too much power in the hands of petty authority.

@IanJ: No, yes, and what Nojo and Cynica said.

@IanJ: you can’t really live life without doing something illegal

I admit, I’m a jaywalking fool.

@flippin eck: In Seattle, jaywalking is a capital offense.

@flippin eck: The most difficult Lenten discipline I ever undertook (back when I did such things)? Obeying the speed limit. This at a time when I commuted 65 miles each way to work on an almost empty interstate in the Plains. It was torture.

@nojo: speaking of walking, who will be the starting running back for the seahawks this year? forsett or washington? surely not julius jones. it’s fantasy draft time and i need some local lowdown.

Now it’s getting weird

The man accused of stabbing a Muslim NYC cab driver hardly has the background one might expect from someone charged with a hate crime committed in a drunken rage.

Michael Enright is a film student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and has been working with the Intersection International, a multifaith and multicultural effort which seeks to promote justice and peace. The project’s website is strongly supportive of the Codoba House project in lower Manhattan and videos of its leader, Imam Faisel Rauf, are posted on their website.

Enright is 21. High school friend shocked by his (alleged) action.

This story ain’t over…

@jwmcsame: You’ll have to ask Area Man NojoBro or any of the Seattle Stinquers who pay attention. I haven’t followed Sport since Carter was in office.


I dunno nuthin’ bout The Sports, but you shouldn’t think about any of Seattle’s teams unless you’re a total masochist, so I’ve been told.

Meanwhile, at Politico

The alleged anti-Muslim cabbie stabber made “nonsensical statements” to police after his arrest, a law enforcement source told me just now, adding to the puzzle over what drove Michael Enright to the apparent hate crime.

But the source said investigators see no evident connection to the Park51 project.

Meanwhile, folks at the pro-not-mosque joint say Enright “is not an employee and has never been an employee,” although someone “who fits the description” has been a volunteer, but (agreeing with the high school friend) never showed signs of this kind of thing.

The “very drunk” part appears to be confirmed, however.

Oh, give Enright a break. Sharif is obviously hypersensitive to multi-tools to the face. How could anyone have seen that coming?

@nojo: you mean back when hammerin hank aaron hammered roid free? how would the teabaggers have treated hank aaron had they been teabaggin back then? prolly the same way they treat obama. here in tennessee, we had the original teabagger before teabaggin was cool, i mean uncool. here is his story. politics, guns, low taxes and all.

@jwmcsame: That sounds about right. Say, what are Vida Blue and Rollie Fingers up to?

@nojo: the early 70s oakland As were the shit. Friend of mine met vida blue in a bar. don’t know about rollie. hope he still has the ‘stash. check this documentary about the A’s and raiders in the 70s
remember dennis eckersley? he used to get so fucked up, the only way his daughter and xwife could get him to go to rehab was to invite him over for jesuses birthday party. on christmas eve, they secretly taped him being a drunken fool with them at home. the next morning, they wrapped the tape up, told him it was his highlights film. they asked him to open it up and they all would watch it. eck was very surprised at what he saw and ended up in rehab on christmas day.

@jwmcsame: My brother always called him Denise Eckersley, on account of the long, flowing mane.

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