We’re Nearing the Anchor Singularity

Rhode Island Democrat Peter Palumbo shows why satire is dead: “We’ve all heard of anchor babies. We have something unique to Rhode Island, and they’re called anchor embryos.” [ThinkProgress]


I think the teabaggers ought to demand that the census people do audits of inconclusively documented residents of the United States who may be, as yet, identified interlopers requiring removal. If someone claiming to be from the states can’t produce his own as well as his parents’ and grandparents’ long-form birth certificates and affidavits from witnesses to their birth in the United States to appropriately patriotic American parents, do they have any reason to doubt they could be terror babies?

And what of the Neandertals among us? Hidden in the gene pool for 40,000 years, just biding their time . . .

I say we kick everyone out but the Native Americans and start over.

All right, hands up those who have seen their own FBI file?

Oh, and also, I have an anchor asshole.

I don’t think standing around holding “Keep the Guvmint Outta My Medicare” signs counts as “hiding”… :)

Re: the linked article – used to be, pro-lifers only cared about the kid until it dropped out. Now they apparently only care if it’s also a kid of an ethnic persuasion they endorse…

There goes my plan to move back to Rhode Island. Oh well, it’s probably not as much fun without Buddy Cianci.

@FlyingChainSaw: Ha! I would vote for this just because it means deportation for a couple of first class Assholes I know.

@FlyingChainSaw: the teabbaggers fear the census dept. they believe the census bureau data is the first step in a series of events that will lead to the feds tattooing the mark of beast (social security number) on the arms of the babies that somehow survive the abortion clinics running rampant in america these days. I had this view of the future explained to me once. seriously. keep in mind though, i live in rocky top, east redneckistan, 37931.

maybe the teabaggers could take a page from the nazi playbook. (hopefully the third reich lifespan will exceed that of the teabaggers)
make everyone prove that they are a full sixteen/sixteenths full blooded real by god american before any: government benefits are granted; one is admitted into a baptist church; or a hand gun carry permit is issued. but the teabaggers wont do this because the nazis were led by hitler and of course, obama is hitler which throws a monkey wrench into this whole way of thinking. on the other hand, obama must be one bad motherfucker to gain admittance into the nazi party and then take control of the whole deal being half black and all. that took quite a bit of doing.

@Benedick: thanx. it was supposed to be mark of THE beast. not mark of beast. proof reading sucks on monday. at least i didn’t type mark of the beats.

@jwmcsame: at least i didn’t type mark of the beats.

Are we over soul patches yet?

@jwmcsame: You’re from Knoxville? I was there for four or five days for a conference about ten years ago and really liked it. Then again, I’ve always been a fan of Minnesota Tennessee nice.

@jwmcsame: For complex reasons, I almost ended up moving there. It is spectacularly beautiful, even the edge of the Smokies where the highways are dotted with trailer churches. Yes, I saw the Census madness when it was being taken and Bachmann was trying to get psychocon zombies to murder Census takers so she could have the news stories to masturbate to.

@mellbell: Yes. We’re not all the rightest of the right wing lunes here, but often I feel I fight a losing battle. Check out the local paper and the story about Obama is not a muslim. Read the comments. Most posters think the headline is a lie.


See what I’m up against.

@FlyingChainSaw: Lame Kiffin almost ended up moving here as well. Her reasons where somewhat less complex. She was nominated as one of the worlds 16 sexiest women in America by Esquire recently, but couldn’t get a date on the Rocky Top campus.


Did you know USC stands for Under Sanctions Continuously? I have always wanted to visit California being a Dodgers fan all my life and such. Plus, the greatest rock and roll band of all time, The Beat Farmers are from San Diego. I here the L.A. and San Diego music scenes can’t be beat.

i hear, not here. proof reading sucks on tuesday too.

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