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DEVELOPING HARD: Julian Assange apparently got rung up in Sweden on a rape/molestation charge. Assange denies same, per CNN.

If true — scumbag.

But, true or no, I smell a GOP Talking Point coming on.

TJ (in two parts)/

1. Where’s Lefty? I woke up this morning realizing the last comment I saw from her was a request for info about mace. I haven’t kept up very well, but I haz the worries….

2. Saw Inception last night. Fucking awesome.


1. Check the sandbox

2. See? Suck it, HATERS!




@Nabisco: No. If you were a bad Stinquer, you wouldn’t have noticed let alone asked.

@KM: Haha! Can’t load it on zee fone. Neener! Jobs hates you.

@karen marie: I fight your earworm with zees. Heh.

@JNOV: Yeah. I guess it’s fitting that the morning after Inception I wake up to half dream thoughts of the last comment I saw from Lefty.

@SanFranLefty: You were in my waking thoughts, hope all is well-ish.

Speaking of idiot demagogues, the NYT gives us a delightful dispatch from the land of “It’s a SERIES OF TOOOBES!” and Caribou Barbie:

Leery of Washington, Alaska Feasts on Its Dollars

The cognitive dissonance is remarkable; the first fucktard they interview goes straight from “roll the SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT back” to “hey, look at the nice road the Feds are building with moneyz from blue states!” in no time flat.

Am I the only one that thinks we should take the Alaskans up on their offer? They can “have their state back” for the low, low price of returning (say) the last 15 years of federal excess spending. We’ll take oil production vouchers instead of cash…

@al2o3cr: They have an extractive economy plus tourism. That’s it. Like Hawaii, except swap out oil for ganga.

Cognitive dissonance is a way of life in the west for people who want the feds out of their life so they can rape the land. Those states exist because the federal government acquired the land through treaty, war, and purchase.

@Nabisco: That isn’t a worm, it’s a parasite.

@chicago bureau: Some months back, it was reported that the CIA (I think) was attempting to discredit Assange. We’ll have to see how the story develops, but I’m getting a whiff of Black Ops.

Either that, or the cat farted.


Heh. There’s a fake perfume ad: “Black Ops: the fragrance that makes your enemies smell worse than you”… :)

@al2o3cr: Back in the day, my grad-school roomie needed to earn some spare change. So, after he described his plan, I named his business and created some posters:

“Obsession Housecleaning”.

@karen marie: Oh! I stole this from Drinky Clown yesterday! LOVE this song!

@Nabisco: Clearly you do not understand the defn of an earworm. Some obscure old dude singing some even more obscure old song doesn’t constitute an earworm. Like I’m ever going to remember that song again. THIS is an earworm, Skippy.

@nojo: Me, too, but I try to keep my tendency to see vast right wing conspiracies under check, so I didn’t comment on the original article. Glad to see that I’m not totally off my nut.

@al2o3cr: Want!

@chicago bureau: Greenwald chimes in, reminding us that Scott Ritter was similarly smeared for questioning Iraq WMDs.

There’s still a lot — well, just about everything — we don’t know about this dropped case. But I’m sure we’ll learn more details soon enough.

@nojo: It has now been noted that Scott Ritter was more recently charged with something similar to the earlier charge, but with better evidence.

As a commenter observed, This proves there were WMDs in Iraq.

@nojo: The little girls he was stalking were terror babies.

@chicago bureau:

The phony rape charge is really amateurish–the CIA is showing exactly the same level of competence that helped get us into our failed imperial wars in the first place.

File this one under: America’s Best and Brightest Blow It Again.

@Original Andrew: Seeing as how I just finished a few weeks ago in reading the trilogy of “Dragon Tattoo” books, I was instantly suspicious of the Swedish national police bringing these charges…

@nojo — back in place where Chicago Bureau was being raised as a wee cubicle (Albany In Tha House, Bitchez!) Scott Ritter was a minor celebrity for Iraq overseeing. And the extracurricular stuff. Kind of Palmeiroesque in his denials of proclivities, to be honest.

Glad to see, though, that Assange was not being a rapist, but merely a stuck-up arrogant asshole, as per usual practice. Here’s hoping he doesn’t have a presser to discuss The Girl With The CIA Connections In Sweden. (Unless he pulls off a Swedish Chef impersonation, which would be AWESOME.)

@SFL — mindmeld, in re Girl Who (blank) deal. Knock it off!

@Original Andrew: Strikes me more as the work of a bunch of creeps rather than payroll spooks, i.e. Executive Office hacks or GOP wanquers.

@JNOV: That is powerful anti-earworm medicine, Sprout. Anyway, “Querida” has the most awesome hornbreak in a pop song this side of “Midnight Train to Georgia”.

@Nabisco: Sorry. I couldn’t make it past his opening dance. Not sure I even heard him open his mouth. Who is that guy?

TJ/ Yo. I might have to give myself a stitch in my pinkie all LOST style and shit. I’ll take pictures.


Or Bush-era moles burrowed deep in the spy networks. Whoever it is, they’re supposed to frame him for a murder he didn’t commit. Don’t those pendejos tontos ever go to the movies?

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