War of the Virtual Worlds

“A federal judge is allowing a negligence lawsuit to proceed against the publisher of the online virtual-world game Lineage II, amid allegations that a Hawaii man became so addicted he is ‘unable to function independently in usual daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends.'” [Wired]


Having raised two boys of the computer age, I could see how it could happened. That said, suing the game maker is just pathetic. The ridicule the plaintiff will receive has to far outweigh any available remedy.

I hate seeing this shit in the courts.

This is the sort of litigious crap that gives fuel to those who would like to see even legitimate product liability suits barred. I’m ashamed of the judge and the attorneys that filed this piece of crap. Way to make the profession look bad.

That’s not the maker’s fucking fault. “Release the hounds on plaintiff’s counsel!”

@Walking Still: Son of RML is the only kid he knows who dies not play video games. We don’t even have a box of any kind. He is appalled that so many of his classmates are enamored of killing as shown in the games and is frustrated at the limited scope of their interests. He’ll try to talk to them about something (i/e., politics, the economy, underground music) and get nowhere, so he’ll ask “how was your game of Halo last night” and sit back as they gush over it.

Don’t worry Nojo, you’ve got a terrific legal defense team at your disposal.

@SanFranLefty: I’m addicted to fucking Stinque.

/billable hours vanish into the ether, putting my family closer to the jaws of the wolf at the door . . .

@redmanlaw: Video games just don’t take with some people. I’ve tried to like video games, and although I can do it for short periods of time, I get bored pretty quickly. The longest I’ve ever lasted with any game (other than Counterstrike, which was a special case) was two weeks, so I finally gave up trying. They’re not very compelling. I’d rather be out doing something real.

The deal with Counterstrike is that I had a bunch of friends (who I knew before playing it) who were into it, and I’d hang out with them on Friday and Saturday nights playing. If it hadn’t been an actively social activity, I would have tired of it quickly (and I did, as soon as they stopped meeting up so often).

This strikes me as being not unlike getting drunk on martinis, falling down, and suing the makers of Smirnoff. Which is obviously absurd. Why would one make a martini with Shmirnoff?

@redmanlaw: I’m addicted to fucking Stinque.

Manchu? Robert Palmer would like a word with you.

Le sigh.

When I was a teen I LOVED video games–adventure (the Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest series were my favorites), arcade, strategy, war and flight sims etc. I loved the challenge, the pretty colors (all 8 of them) and the fun of it all. I still played a lot in university when Civilization came out I probably spent more time and intellectual focus on that then studying for finals.

My mom used to give me shit about the time I allegedly wasted playing vids.

I’ll still play games from time to time, but not regularly especially with other activities and demands (like work for example.) Also, I don’t have time to read the entire flight manual of an F-16 in order to play a flight simulator game.

Nowadays, they don’t make games for me. Mostly FPS (first person shooters.) I played for a bit, but they really pissed me off.

Also, I look at the saga of my housemate as a deterrent from playing games. He spends about 4 hours a day playing FPS. He doesn’t want to go out. He doesn’t chase women. Doesn’t exercise. Not surprising he’s almost 280. And then he whines about not getting any or having enough time to do stuff or getting fat which gets me mad because he won’t make the time except to play games. I refrain from morphing into my mom and giving him shit about it. He insists that the games are not a problem… I just shake my head.

Of course, he used to tell me that FPS translated into real world skills. When we played paintball, he found out the hard painful way that FPS skills really do not translate to the real world.

I’ll have to think about that one.

@ManchuCandidate: The only conceivable “real world skill” taught by FPS games is that if you keep moving, you’re harder to hit. Of course, if you keep moving in real life, it’s work, so it’s not so easy as that.

good lord. loser with a capital L

I bet he weighs 450 pounds too.


I think you may like our still unannounced title. (fat boy had been in the hospital and now all the brass is on vacation but I should be able to talk about it soon)

hint its not an FPS
hint 2 Lovecraft

You’re logged on and you’re at home
Your comment is on its own
Your heart sweats, your body shakes
Hit refresh is all that it takes

You can’t sleep, you can’t eat
There’s no doubt, you’re in deep
Your comment’s there, there’s no replies
Just one reply is all you need

Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to Stinque

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:


if you google you can find more but is will mostly at this point be reprints of the same information.

@Capt Howdy:
word is he plans to be very hands on.

which I cant think to much about or I will slide off my chair.

Where’s my lawyer? Stinque.com made me apocalyptically vulgar.

@FlyingChainSaw: You can’t throw a comment around here without hitting a lawyer. Let’s get Baked back in the game.

@nojo: I see Baked, JNOV, Flippin, and MellBell, in sync. Cyn will play that plastic piano/guitar hybrid. Benedick can choreograph, Dodger as Robert Palmer.

@Walking Still: I think I have enough little black dresses for everyone.

@redmanlaw: Oh! Power Station! If we’re going pseudo Duran Duran, I give you Arcadia “Election Day”.

ADD: I’m SHOCKED that one of the dudes in this video is capable of running a comb through his hair. Combable hair was illegal in the 80s.

@redmanlaw: I have the T. Rex CD, and I’m not afraid to ruin the rest of my afternoon with it.

@nojo, JNOV: Shall we preemptively ban “Rock Me Amadeus”?

An 80’s song that holds up: U2, The Unforgettable Fire at the Rose Bowl last year.


A friend who has not been to a concert since Fleetwood Mac in 1980 could not believe the sound and production on this performance.


That’s one thing I love about the iPad – there’s no real market for the megabudgeted FPSes on the device, so instead you’ve got lots of weird smaller games instead. I’m still working my way through the iPad-only version of Osmos, which is 10x better on a touch screen than it was with a mouse…

i’m still laughing about your criminal defence lawyer usually in the car with you. mine’s on speed tap.

@Walking Still:
besides being an acknowledged menace, my privileges are down to contracts. i’m officially contemptuous.

where’s beesko..i can’t even keep track of threads…
i like what Ma said about poking monsters in the eye, and i read it after i wrote that about the mosque. i LIKE poking monsters in the eye. that’s the best place to poke ’em!

and again my problem with absolute free speech. i think the viciously violent games should be illegal. bring back the pac!!!

@redmanlaw: I like Buk. Buk don’t like Bono. Therefore…

@redmanlaw: That brings back memories.

In the early 90’s I had a series of trials in San Diego that required me to, in effect, live out of hotels in Horton Plaza. The only way I could unwind at night was watching MTV videos. I learned about all sorts of interesting critters from Madonna, through Michael Jackson, to Robert Palmer.

Like a Virgin, Money for Nothing and Bang a Gong seemed to play constantly.

I also learned to love Beavis and Butthead.

@Walking Still: ZOMG! I LOVE Horton Plaza. That’s where I saw my first Nordstrom. And that’s also where I went on a date with a very shy guy. We saw Silence of the Lambs. Not a good choice for a first date.

ADD: Oh, I totally got sidetracked by Horton Plaza. Beavis and Butthead. They were funny when they were the Mystery Science Theater of videos, and King of the Hill was a decent spin off, but Ren and Stimpy? Oh, Happy Happy Joy Joy!

@nojo: ARGH! I didn’t even let it load and I’ve got the fucking earworm! Curiosity, cats, death, nine lives, and all that. Damn you, Nojo!

@JNOV: There are an interesting array of perspectives on Horton Plaza. Ms. Still was raised in San Diego, and back then Horton Plaza was a cross between skid row and the sailors’ weekend den of iniquity.

When I was there, the upscale Plaza was still pretty new, and the homeless were fighting a rear guard action against being moved out. A few tattoo parlors was all that remained of the sailors’ haunts. The walk from the hotel to the courthouse was a daily adventure in social mixing.

When I visited a couple of years ago – after the new stadium, it looked like downtown gentrification bestrode the landscape like a colossus.

@Walking Still: What? Horton Plaza used to be interesting?

I do my best to avoid the Gaslamp. Not quite Fisherman’s Wharf, but the fact I would even think of the Wharf is telling enough.

And besides, the Horton parking garage is the Devil’s work.

@nojo: :-)

@Walking Still: I was there in ’88? I lived out Telegraph Canyon Road when there were still ranches there and shit. What stadium? The last time I was down there, there was this horrific place out in Mission Valley? Cox? Comcast? Some cable place. They put a stadium downtown? I guess the park park is gone.

@nojo: Mixed feelings about [the] Gaslamp. For some inexplicable reason, I find those three Croces bars very annoying, but I did find some underground dance clubs a few blocks away. Okay, “dance clubs” is being generous–they were like house parties in someone’s basement with one dim light bulb hanging from an ancient extension cord waiting to start the conflagration, where they sold beers out of a cooler, and where you were likely to be struck by The Stealth Ass Grabber on the concrete dance floor.

Carbrillo was a bastard, but I like going to that park. When I could get on base, i spent evening at the sea wall at Point Loma. ::sigh::

I reallly miss that place (San Diego).

ADD: I know this is north, but I’ve also never seen the swallows at Capistrano. I’ve seen Capistrano. I’ve seen about all the missions or what’s left of them. It’s a weird obsession for me.

@nojo: I’m with you on the parking garage. The one time I tried to negotiate it, it was like a cross between bumper cars and demolition derby.

As to the interesting piece, when I started the case, there were three places to get tattoos within a frisbee throw of Horton Plaza. By the end of the case, it was down to one and it looked very out of place.

@JNOV: The Padres have a baseball stadium south of Horton Plaza these days. It, in combination with the Gaslight District have made the area yuppie central these days.

My case involved the Point Loma treatment plant, so I spent a fair amount of time out there. There is a beautiful military cemetery out there.

@nojo: Refuse.To.Click.
Oh and T Rex on CD? Duuuuude – too many comedy albums in your youth.
@Walking Still: @JNOV: @nojo: On account of excessive Left Coast references, I have to namecheck this as the only Horton I have been to.

@Nabisco: For out-of-towners:

The Horton Plaza parking garage is “interleaved”. This means that one floor is inaccessible from the floor above or below. Significantly, the staircases follow the same system.

In other words: You can’t get there from here. Ever. And wherever here is, your car is inevitably there.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Vladmir is great for shrimp tempura! Cheap vodka in bloody Marys is the only way to go. Why waste the Ketel One on Clamato?

Dammit. Earlier comment eaten by iPhone…

@Walking Still: Blahblah.<– that's whatever I originally wrote. Send me an email about the Point Loma work? Jr and I saw his dad off for a West Pac at North Island, then we drove to Pt Loma to wait to see his carrier come into view and pass by…

We never saw any whales at Cabrillo, but the tide pools were awesome.

@Nabisco: You really need to get out and see the world…

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