Stinque Lyric-Reference Contest!

“Ted Nugent will have to pay a $1,750 fine after pleading no contest in California to baiting a deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag… [G]ame wardens saw Nugent kill an immature buck on a February episode of his Outdoor Channel TV show ‘Spirit of the Wild.’ Investigators found that the deer had been eating bait called ‘C’mere Deer.'” [AP/HuffPo, via Ana Marie Cox]


Then there’s the “too young to hunt” girl he took on tour with him – with the consent of her parents – several years back . . .

Giving a new meaning to “jail bait.”

Apparently Ted “Poopy Pants” Nugent is the answer to the Sex Pistols song “Who Killed Bambi?”

When I was a child in North Idaho my two favorite picture books were “Ferdinand the Bull” and “Parsley”. I can still see the pciture of the hunter tumbling backwards off the cliff. Ted Nugent deserves what happened to that hunter.

Life Imitates Vox Stinque:

Kenny Chesney Cheats with ESPN Reporter

Okay, fine. He’s not married, just shacking up. Spoilsport.

@ManchuCandidate: Eddy “Tenpole Tudor” wrote the song, NotSiskel worked on the screenplay. I have a version of the song on “The Great Rock N Roll Swindle”, which is a must have for any serious sad sack collector.

Oh, and I also have the first Nuge solo album, featuring the awesome song tandem of “Stranglehold” and “Just What the Doctor Ordered”.

MSNBC is making a big show of The Last Combat Troops Leaving Iraq.

Very solemn. Very symbolic. Until you’re reminded of the 50,000 troops still there.

@nojo: State expected to run the Show from 2011 – that’s a laugher right there.

@Dodgerblue: Hey, do you know if mace is legal in California? I think it’s illegal here, but you can buy it anywhere in Texas. I’m looking for something more compact than bear spray.


Defensive Sprays

Defensive Sprays – Mace & Pepper Spray (96Kb, PDF)

Defensive sprays are permitted on campus and in the City of Berkeley to people who are over 18 years of age who are not convicted felons.

Before purchasing your canister of Mace or Pepper Spray (hereafter referred to as tear gas), you should be aware of the laws concerning its use as well as other issues related to the physical effects of tear gas on human beings.
Physical Effects – Mace

Mace has six physiological effects that may be experienced:

* Central Nervous System: headache, dizziness, and extreme general discomfort.
* Chest: tight feeling in upper respiratory system, coughing.
* Eyes: tearing and burning.
* Mouth: accelerated secretion of saliva.
* Nose: discharge, burning, irritation.
* Skin: burning and stinging feeling on surface nerve endings on the face.

Physical Effects – Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray has four physiological effects that may be experienced:

* Eyes: tearing, involuntary closing or complete closing due to dilation of the eye capillaries. Eyes will appear red/bloodshot for 30 to 60 minutes. People wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses will be equally affected.
* Respiratory System: immediate inflammation, including swelling of the throat lining which can restrict the airway size. Respiratory functions return to normal within 10 to 45 minutes.
* The airway will be open enough to allow for sufficient oxygen flow for survival.
* Due to the reduced airway flow, the person will probably not receive enough oxygen to continue fighting or other sustained physical exertion.
* Temporary paralysis of the larynx.
* Uncontrollable coughing, retching, and gasping for air with a gagging sensation in the throat.
* Effect on the skin: inflammation of the exposed skin with a burning sensation.
* Effects on muscle coordination: Pepper Spray exposure may cause a person to lose balance due to the effect of Pepper Spray on vision.

Because Pepper Spray causes a number of physiological effects on a person-even those with elevated pain tolerance due to prior use of alcohol and/or other drugs-it is different than Mace, which relies mainly on pain compliance. Individuals, such as the mentally disturbed or those under the influence of intoxicants, who have a high tolerance to pain, are still subject to the inflammatory effects of Pepper Spray. It is important to understand that teargas does not paralyze. Your attacker may still be able to walk, run, or try to grab you.
What to Do IMMEDIATELY After Using Your Spray

* Get out of the area! Run in the opposite direction of your attacker if possible.
* When you are safe, tell your local law enforcement agency (if on campus call UCPD at 642-6760) about the attack.

This is very important because it may help police apprehend the attacker, and prevent attacks on others.
Legislative Issues
The following persons may not purchase/carry/use tear gas products:

* Persons convicted of a felony or any crime involving an assault under the laws of the United States, of the State of California, or any other state, government, or country. Any person convicted of misuse of tear gas.
* Persons addicted to any narcotic drug.
* Persons under the age of 18 (persons 16 or older may carry tear gas with the written consent of their parent or guardian).

Misuse of Tear Gas

Use of tear gas or a tear gas weapon, EXCEPT in self-defense, can be a felony. (California Penal Code Section 12403.7 (a) (8)) The local District Attorney has the discretion to file misdemeanor or felony charges. Use of tear gas against a peace officer engaged in official duties is a felony.The following are possible sanctions for misuse:

* Up to three years in state prison; or
* Up to one year in county jail; or
* Fine up to $1, 000; or
* Both fine and imprisonment.

Carrying Tear Gas Aboard An Airplane

Tear gas may not be carried on a plane, even for self-defense purposes. In addition to commercial aircraft, this applies to:

* Privately owned and operated aircraft
* To persons who attempt to ship tear gas in luggage
* To the area from the security gate to the air craft gate

Carrying Tear Gas aboard an airplane is a federal offense. The following are possible sanctions for this violation:

* A civil penalty of up to $10,000
* An additional criminal fine of up to $25,000

In addition to the civil penalty and criminal fine, you could also be sent to federal prison for up to five years.
First Aid and Decontamination Procedures

If you are accidentally sprayed, or if someone else is sprayed accidentally, the following are some first aid procedures that may help:

* Avoid panic.
* Do not rub the face. This will aggravate the pain already being experienced.
* The best immediate treatment is to expose the person to fresh air, a breeze if possible. A fan can also be used.
* Flush the affected area with cool water either from the tap or a garden hose.
* Clean the affected area with non-oil or cold cream based soap. Do not use salves or greases on exposed area because it will trap tear gas particles or OC resin onto the skin.
* If eyes are exposed, flush copiously with cool, fresh water for 15 minutes.
* If you wear contact lenses, remove them carefully once hands are thoroughly clean.
* An ophthalmic examination should be performed by a physician if irritation or pain persists after 15 minutes of flushing with water.
* Clothing which is contaminated with tear gas should be removed immediately and, if indoors, placed in a sealed plastic bag or container
* Persons assisting the subject should wear rubber gloves to avoid residual contamination.
* If any irritation or pain persists after decontamination procedures, a physician should examine the exposed area.

@Nabisco: red teds song titles could make for an interesting script. our hero spent too much time stormtroopin’ with the snake skin cowboys and ended up with the cat scratch fever.

Who is this Ted Nugent? Is he a friend of Harry Shearer? Of course I could use the google but then the terrorists have won.

@nojo: no shit. how are they gonna describe the death of the next troop over there? noncombat related? like he fell and hit his head. a friend here at work lost his father in the dmz (korea) in the early eighties. the army classified it as a head injury from a noncombat accident. recently my friend did some research. there is a website that lists the soldiers who have died in korea since the truce with the dates and manner of death. turns out 7 other soldiers fell and hit their heads on the same day. that was a very bad day to fall and hit your head in korea. they all died.

@Benedick: He is a stand-up comedian to whom someone gave an electric guitar.

@Benedick: don’t bother. he’s just another right wing psycho gun nut, like the one in mckinney, texas yesterday. maybe one day red ted will get so paranoid about the government coming to get his guns, that he will take himself out in a blaze of alleged glory. with no innocent victims of course.

@jwmcsame: Guy is a piece of shit. I saw a video of a live Nugent concert somewhere, bootleg but good sound quality and they can’t play. It was really embarrassing to listen to him.

@FlyingChainSaw: My only excuse for a brief flirtation with the Nuge was that inexplicably dull period of the 70s after Peter Gabriel left Genesis and before the Ramones took the stage at CBGBs. I caught him at an outdoor fairgrounds show in about 78, and with just the right amount of Lowell George’s prescription*, he sounded kind of good-ish.

*No whites.

@Nabisco: that inexplicably dull period of the 70s

aka “Disco”.

Our generation has a lot to answer for.

Note: Donna Summer is automatically excluded.

@nojo: My one attempt at fusing my only true passion (convincing people that the music I like is the music they should like) with academia was a paper showing how the history of popular music led perfectly to punk. The anthropology professor knocked a few points off, however, because I neglected disco.

He was right, of course, but that wasn’t the point.

@Nabisco: Professor overruled. Disco led perfectly to puke.

Ms. Summer again excluded. I didn’t experience entrancement until one evening at the Lane County Fair when I walked by a tent blaring “I Feel Love.” I think you can draw a straight line from that to Philip Glass.

@nojo: Er, who? Stephen Glass?

/takes walk of shame

Music snobs are annoying lead very limited lives.

@JNOV: No shame — Philip Glass is an obscure reference for general consumption, though very well known in his field.

He’s best known among the groundlings for the score to “Koyaanisqatsi”. Which gave my Advents a very healthy workout, back in the day.

@nojo: Gorgeous suite of songs from the Liquid Days. Great lyric by Paul Simon. Don’t know why it was never a big hit.

@Benedick: There was a time in my life when I did little but quote that song and Joni Mitchell’s “Cotton Avenue.”

Also on the Liquid Days album: The Roches!

Update: I did quote it! The original Yoda Pez post!

@nojo: I learned about Glass and Cage because I had William Duckworth for a class on jazz, rock and the avant garde in music. Those were credits that required some ‘splaining to the ‘rents.

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