Who wouldn’t want one? “Villagers in the Dorset hamlet of Shitterton have got so fed-up with their sign being stolen they have put up a stone version. They hope the £680 sign, which is set in concrete, will deter thieves. Villager Ian Ventham said: ‘Every two or three years somebody comes along and nicks our sign because, clearly, Shitterton is amusing.'” []


I am surprised people steal it. No one was amused when I spray painted ‘Shitty Town’ (the American version, of course) on Danville, Illinois’ water tower.

@ManchuCandidate: You just know that some wiseass with a front-end loader will steal it now that it’s been publicized … it’s like holding a red cape in front of a bull.

T/J: Softball-playing alleged lesbian Elena Kagan was sworn in this AM by closeted gay Justice Roberts. At this moment, Justice Thomas is looking for the sex tape on the internet.

@Dodgerblue: That would have been so fucking awesome if after the oath was administered she had stepped up to the podium and introduced her wife. The sound of a million RW heads asploding would have been great.

What’s Greater Shitterton gonna do to keep up? Or Lesser Pimple on the Ass which is a mere stone’s throw down the Ooze and is famous for its early-vertical church? Perhaps a convocation at the county seat of Pissant is in order.

@Dodgerblue: I too would like to see such a tape. Indeed any sex tape of J Roberts in assless chaps would be welcome.

@Tony Blair: I don’t know why, but “Fenny Drayton” always makes me laugh, especially when Jeremy Clarkson says it.

@Tony Blair: It would not shock me if such exists and Justice Scalia has a copy, just to make sure that John Boy doesn’t get out of line.

@SanFranLefty: Oh happy day.

@Tony Blair: Warning, TommCatt is going to come around here soon demanding you put up a new avatar.

@SanFranLefty: Dirk Bogarde. Did y’all see Providence? Good flick, great cast.

@Tony Blair: No, just added it to my NetFlix queue.

Just got back from NOM’s little magical hatebus tour stop in Atlanta, via shopping at Kroger. It was highly entertaining to see maybe 20 dipshits v. 100+ of the good side across the street from one another.

@Dodgerblue: Made before the Wolfenden report which suggested decriminalizing homosexuality in UK. DB was very closeted publicly and very open to colleagues and friends. Still a very startling film. Particularly in its treatment of the wife.

@Tony Blair: Mr SFL keeps wondering how all these random classic movies end up on our Netflix queue…

@SanFranLefty: Tell him it’s all part of the enigma wrapped in a mystery that is SFL.

@homofascist: HA!

@Tony Blair: Shitterton is a far way from Mianus.

They need to change the name of the town to Pestorkopolis and auction the town sign off on eBay every week.

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