Claire Buffie

She is so not Carrie Prejean … for once, I am proud of my state’s combatant in the Miss America contest:

Hell, I might actually watch!


This screams for a Fashion Moment. First, WTF with the little crown? We get it, you won, but that just looks silly. Second, that’s possibly the least flattering “nice” dress I’ve ever seen on a woman who should clearly be mindblowingly attractive. I think it’s an even contest between the cut and the weird ruffle pockets all down the front for what ruins it.

@IanJ: Wasn’t going to say anything, but… that dress makes her look awfully pear-shaped for a twenty-something beauty queen. Child-bearing hips are fabulous, but you’ve got to dress them right.

@mellbell: My first clue was that her boobs looked like they were draggin’ pretty hard in the long shots — not a problem one should have in the early 20-somethings as a beauty queen made up for a TV appearance. The whole thing is better close-up, but it’s gotta be pretty agonizingly unattractive if it even caught my distinctly hetero notice. Or maybe Benedick’s right, and I’m missing my true calling.

@IanJ: @mellbell: There’s ruching, and then there’s wearing venetian blinds. But I like the color and the boatneck collar (better than the inescapable strapless dress menace!). And although the crown looks silly, I wouldn’t be surprised if her contract obligates her to wear it for all public appearances throughout her “reign,” or something along those lines–we should just count ourselves fortunate to be spared the beglittered sash.

ADD:@IanJ: I’m not seeing out of place bewbies at all. But I’m going to shuddup now, because I fear between the premiere of Project Rungay last week and Chelsea’s wedding this weekend, the fashionista correspondants are going to drive the rest of you batty.

@flippin eck: It was an optical illusion, I’m sure. But a dress that allows for that kind of optical illusion seems like a poor choice.

Is that front detail called ruching? Granted, it’s interesting, but I’d be more inclined to use it to hide something than to emphasize or display something.

@flippin eck: You know we’re going to have another wave of fashionista discussion if/when a better full-length picture of Hillary’s red velvet dress comes out. I’ll do a post on it. The others just need to be prepared for it to happen and not click through….

@SanFranLefty: Based on what I could see of that thing, it was the worst kind of Disney Princess Dress I’ve ever seen that wasn’t on an actor at a Disney theme park. Granted, nice color. But really, puffy sleeves? Why not just hire a crane operator to drop a constant light shower of glitter around you at all times?

@blogenfreude: I would rag as equally on anyone whose wardrobe choices distracted me from the message they were intending to deliver. Doesn’t detract from what they’re saying, but it does distract from it.

Don’t you have to have fake boobs for a contest like this?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Notice how our newest gay is getting into fashion? He’ll be manscaping before you know it.

@IanJ: We’re all so proud of you.


Tch. Yes. Eyebrows, hopefully.

ADD: Sorry, Ian darling, didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that the eyebrows are usually the place where we all start. You have to work up to the other parts of the body- chest hair, for example, is not terribly forgiving. Eyebrows grow back quick, though.

Keep working on it and one day soon we can all go out to celebrate your progress by getting Brazilians!

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: The three piece set is always a good place to start. It can really break the ice with a new boyfriend.

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