Today’s Weather is Pickled

The Management regrets to announce that this morning’s previously scheduled post, If the iPad is Just a “Consumption Device” Then So Are Books, You Fucking Geek Posers, has been canceled so that we might bring you this very special English lesson from Korea.

Parts of the audio are, how you say, Not Safe For Work. Other parts are likely Not Safe For A Certain Stinque Patron’s Parents, although we lack the linguistic competence to judge for certain, and know better than to trust subtitles.

As you watch, and, perhaps disregarding our warning, listen, remember to bear this in mind: These people produce our cartoons.

[via Kottke]

It’s really too bad they don’t write’em. Some shows… cough Simpsons cough could probably use the help.

@ManchuCandidate: Funny that. The biscuits were bugging me last night to hulu up a few Simpson episodes, and I found the one about Sideshow Bob moving in next door after a skin graft from his cellmate pretty well done. The next one, however, was a total snoozer.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey, Manchu, I just had an idea, but I totally lack the commitment, attention span, or energy to follow through, so I throw it to you, should you wish to run with it; a song parody about Jersey Shore, to the tune of Riders on the Storm, with the refrain “Guidos at the shore?” Remember to mention as many STDs as possible.

The situation’s peeing fire
his gonorreah dose is dire
Take a valtrex every day
keep your herpes at bay
when the ‘roid rage starts to fly
taste and dignity will die
Guidos at the shore

gotta be something about crabs, too, crabs are comedy gold.

Let me think about it over lunch.

Ah the joys of having no food in the house and working at home.

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