Monty Python and the Holy Plumber

Above: In a new YouTube ad, Joe the Plumber endorses Missouri’s Chuck Purgason for Senate.

Below: Next time, check your references.

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I’m thinking Joe is “Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film”. :)

Actually, it’d be pretty funny to do a teabagger version of this, with Caribou Barbie taking the central spot normally occupied by Sir Robin…

It was only towards the end that I realized it wasn’t a parody. Horrid.

@blogenfreude: I kept looking for a hint or tell that the producer was winking. but I couldn’t find it.

And if you click through to the actual post, you get this:

A video that I made for Joe “The Plumber”. It’s going to run on all major cable broadcast networks throughout Missouri between now and Aug. 3rd, 2010. Joe is endorsing Chuck Purgason (NOT Roy Blunt) for US Senate (Missouri).

Credits: Video created by: Brandon. Story Written by: Tom. Voice Over by: “Joe the Plumber” and Dave. Project Manager: Kevin Jackson.

They’re probably too proud of the animation to realize what they’re doing.

What is your name?

Sir Talibunny

What is your quest?

I seek the Grail of Utter Worship of the Little People.

What magazines do you read?


Wow. “Moderate” is now a bad word?

WTF are these people drinking?

TJ/ Les Franches declare war, arguably nine years too late. Does that mean we have to re-write history to correct Ronnie’s assignation of “freedom fighter” to the original muj? My head is spinning…

@Nabisco: the typical pigfucker know-nothing stereotype of the French, “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,” is among the least deserved reputations on earth. The French won WW I, not the US or the Brits, but we so over-value what we did. The French are tough, nasty, and ruthless, and when they are out to get you, they do not abide by Roberts Rules of Order. And they know the muslim world and muslim mind, so so much better than we do. They have the experience of Algeria, and also simply a greater ability to simply understand foreign cultures, ways, and politics.

Did I mention, I fly to Paris Saturday afternoon, then by train to Lyon, and then to Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, for 2 days, then back to Paris for 2 days, then to Normandy for 2 days.

Since when is Rove a “Moderate”? For that matter, Newtie is a moderate? When did that happen?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: They believe non-white non-Republicans should be anesthetized before they’re beheaded. Real right wingers just want them lit on fire and thrown into common graves.

@Nabisco: Nice pic.

@Promnight: Cool. I have to travel over the weekend to Middle of Fucking Nowhere, Montana for a hearing on Monday.

@Promnight: Bastard. That is Mr Cyn’s dream vacation.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Dude, we need to establish a commune in France and make goat cheese. You, me, and everyone else who would join us, what could happen? How could it now work?

@Mistress Cynica: I wanna tell you how you can do it, for less than it costs to go to Disneyworld. I want to write a grown-ups guide to grown-up backpacking in europe. France is a place where, if you are going on the cheap, and going native, and living small, in a large way, they respect you even more for it, than if you are a money-spending dumbass tourist. Examine, for example, the oldest, most obvious cliche, of lunch, in france, roughing it. I have gone to market day, bought a chunk of cheese, some amazing, absolutely amazing, saucisson, dry sausages, like salami, but amazingly better, and some bread, and some olives, and then gone to a park, or a field, a roadside pull-off, and sat down on the grass, and opened a bottle of wine, and had that cliched lunch of cheese, sausage, bread, olives. And the French people who happen by, are simply delighted, to see, an amurrican, being a normal human being, and they congratulate you and wish you an enjoyable meal, they say “bon appetite,” every fucking french person who passes, congratulates you and wishes you joy in your enjoyment of your simple meal.

You can travel to France, and live it and see it, on a shoestring budget, better than the ignorant experience it on their big money budget. I have eaten in totally locals-only little places where the meal cost less than a big mac, fries, and a large coke, and I ate a nice green salad, grilled lamb chops, french fries (yes, they are everywhere in france), and a little dab of ice cream for desert, and a caraffe of local quaffing wine, and yes, for less than a big mac, fries, and coke. Sitting in a plastic chair on a sidewalk in a tiny village, one of the best memories of my life. Lamb chops quickly grilled over grape vines, by an old guy with a gaulouise hanging on his lip, over a little barbecue he coaxed to life just to grill those chops. And then the propietor, hearing that we were american, and he had a sister who lived in the US, came and sat with us, and after lunch was over brought out his home-made marc, it was in a perrier bottle, and we drank marc and toasted the US and France, magical, and it cost nothing.

It all involves just getting away from where the tourists go and adapting and when in france living like the french, and they live frugally, but well, they highly value that quality they call “savoir vivre,” knowing how to live well, without waste and stupid spending. Anyone with money can order the caviar and lobster, only someone with savoir vivre finds out when is market day, buys the amazing artisanal cheeses and saucisson, and lays out a blanket in the park, and they so respect that.

France is the only place on earth I have ever felt at home.

My particular tip is, rent a canal boat. Back when I did it, I rented a solo boat, a 34 foot canal boat, with every convenience, kitchen, heat, hot and cold water, no roughing it, cost us $2,000 for a week, sounds steep, but remember, I cooked all our meals on the boat, I went to market each night in the little villages we stopped in, and bought some duck magrets or some bistek, and salad makings, and we lived cheaper, foodwise, than we do at home. And if you share a boat, then the cost is cut in half, our boat was made for two couples. there are larger canal boats, perfectly comfy for 3 couples, so the per-couple cost gets down to $1,000, and thats for your own floating home to explore the backwoods of deepest, darkest France, the best parts. In the Midi, where I spent my honeymoon, the sold the local wine from pumps, like gasoline pumps, by the gallon, you took your big plastic 3-gallon jug, and they filled it up with a hose, and charged by the liter. Is that not wonderful?

You can tie your boat up anywhere, the entire length of the canal is a park, and you can stop, tie up to a tree, and spend the night wherever you stop. In the towns and villages, they have municipal docks, where you can get water and plug into their power , use their facilities, always, free.

I would love, love, to lead a group that wanted to do this, show people this amazing way to take a waterborne, cheap vacation through parts of france rarely visited, where the people are so freindly.

@Promnight: I bow to your wisdom, your boat handling prowess, and your King Dick of Food Pron status, dude, but we disagree on this one point: And they know the muslim world and muslim mind, so so much better than we do.

Understand, perhaps. Fear it, definitely.

They have the experience of Algeria, and also simply a greater ability to simply understand foreign cultures, ways, and politics.

Also, sadly, no longer true I think. The French remain continental European snobs when it comes to international affairs, I contend. Bernard Kouchner is their Foreign Minister, ferchrissakes (or at least was, the last time I checked), and his foreign view is basically “show me a disaster so I can rend (!) my clothing in front of a camera. If it requires three takes, well, the kid is already starving, what’s another few hours?”

But I’d love to travel on the relatively cheap and easy through not-Paris France, and would gladly sign up for EuroPromAdventures.

@karen marie:

FFS, the teabaggers are starting to get as bad as Black Metal fans; apparently, a candidate can’t be a Trooo Conservative unless they froth at the mouth when “librals” are within a hundred yards…

@Promnight: Great sadness of mine is that – barring some miracle – I’ll never get to be there with the OH again. He won’t fly and ships are now hopeless for the most part. We used to rent a house and go and stay there and shop for food and eat at tiny restaurants in tiny villages and have a wonderful time. More often than not the cheese van would come two or three times a week and you’d buy from that. SB In Scotland, meat, fish, and dairy vans would tour the houses at regular times in the week and you’d buy from them. We’d go to unfashionable regions, the Dordogne, the Languedoc, the coast west of Narbonne, where the country is still quiet and relatively cheap. It’s my idea of heaven. We’d drive from London, taking the ferry across. And then drive down through the country. I remember a dinner in Grenobles of a local terrine so deliciously rich and dark it tasted like chocolate (hare? blood) followed by the inevitable truite meuniere boned by madame with two spoons, the flesh arranged on a plate and set on the table with the butter still frothing and bubbling it was all done so deftly and with such quiet skill. American friends would arrive clutching the Michelin not understanding that even to be listed is quite a big deal. They insisted on eating only in two or three starred establishments where the food is far too rich. Like you I most loved the routiers, the small restaurants, the local wine, all the fruit and vegetables that one couldn’t buy in England, perfectly ripe. One year we rented a beautiful old house in Cros de Cagne near the Riviera and that was remarkably reasonable, although the Mediterranean there has more oil in it than the gulf from all the Bain de Soleil. But who cares? It’s France. Have a grand time.

I, on the other hand, am going to Florida. Because nothing compares to Florida in August. Where balmy breezes blow, to and fro.

@Benedick: I, on the other hand, am going to Florida. Because nothing compares to Florida in August.

I’m on day 3 of Nabisco Daddy Day Camp, and so far it’s working: the biscuits are out cold, after a day of rock skipping and rope swinging at a local watering hole. The longest trip planned is to Prom Central, and potentially that little set of water falls up NY state/Canada border way.

just to cut back on some of the jealousy over prommie’s trip, i am going now to post a pic in the club of me at chuck de gaulle airport. not pretty.
can’t wait to go back…the minute they perfect beaming me there.

can you take a detour to provo?? how about you, mum??
i’m desperate and pathetic for a stinque-up.

pic posted…funnee!

@baked: Wait, what? Provo, like in Mormo land?

January in Bakelandia would be awesome…rent a boat, take a cruise. Compare scars.

providenciales, T&C AKA PROVO
may i take your reservation for january, sir?


I’m all for it. It’s Mr. ‘Catt you’d have to convince.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Shit, I’ll go. I’ll inform Mrs RML of the opportunity. She’d go just to see ‘Catt again.

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