One Suit Replaces Another

And things will improve, of course!Tony Hayward, the embattled chief executive of BP, has agreed to step down and be replaced by Robert Dudley, the company’s most senior American executive who is now in charge of BP’s operations in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a person close to the company’s board.” [NYT]


Wonder what kind of golden parachute Tony got. You know he didn’t walk away empty handed.

Dudley Do Right to the rescue.

I’d prefer Horse (or Nell).

@Walking Still: I was thinking The Exact Same Thing!

ADD: Or Natasha and Boris. They’d get this shit done.

Mr. Peabody could use the Wayback Machine and off the bastards before the grand fuckup.

@Walking Still: Sherman! <– wait, that was the kid, right? Damn, I love you, Walking Still!

@JNOV: Love you too.

Sherman was the kid. I think Mr. Peabody would spare him the wet work.

Poor Tony is only getting $18 million. Whatever will he do?

LONDON (Reuters) – BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward will collect a pay and pension package worth at least 11.8 million pounds ($18.03 million) when he steps down from his role at the company, the Times newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Times said Hayward will be giving up 546,000 share options and a maximum of 2 million shares in the company under a long-term incentive plan, now worth an estimated 8 million pounds

@Mistress Cynica: aw, he’ll have to cry himself to sleep at night on those pillows stuffed with cash.

This man has suffered, people! Of course, being Americans you couldn’t possibly understand. I only hope he can get his life back.

The $20 billion escrow fund has not received its initial $5 billion yet.

Let me guess — the Obama administration never got it in writing.

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