Tennessee strikes again:


The website is … interesting.


Nice nod to the hard-core tax protesters there with the “fringed flag” nonsense. Then the rest seems to devolve into “crazy dude on the bus talking to himself” territory.

Highlights from the site:

– wants to ban waist measurements from health insurance. No, *really* wants to do so, as it’s even listed above his “traffic stops are slavery” part.

– apparently wants better education. Could sure as fuck use a remedial English class.

– should win an award for “most peculiar legal theory” in reference to the bit about car insurance being (I shit you not) GAMBLING. WTF?

The topper (from the bizarrely-positioned link on the right side, next to the photos):

A citizen can not even protect the U.S. Flag from being flown wrong for 43 years without being beat up, stunned 12 times and remanded to a mental hospital for five days. What if I told you that exactly what happen to me a force Recon Marine on May 5, 2004 at a three flag poles at a park in Chattanooga. No one like the official U.S.50 star flag!

My only question is, who decided to LET HIM OUT?

@al2o3cr: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let him get the nomination.

This guy is the heart and soul of the GOP. He should combine platform positions with Talibunny and scoop the Republican primaries.

If I weren’t such a classy broad, I’d make some sort of vile joke comparing Basil to a grown-up Trig Palin.

But I won’t do that. Nope. Not me.

I think he is Zach Wamp’s brain trust.

I dunno – on reflection, I honestly wonder if this guy isn’t actually in need of professional help. Sure, some of the wilder corners of the Right occasionally seem somewhat detached from reality, but Basil seems to have some serious obsession issues with the flag thing. Typically, you see the “that’s a military flag” deal trotted out by tax protesters and “sovereign citizens” after they get pinched by the feds. However, none of that crowd would rise to the level of a physical altercation with authorities (on the flag issue, anyways) whereas Basil clearly *has*…

@Walking Still: He does reference Zach on his site. I wonder whether all of this is really just an immersive viral campaign by Jack Daniels.

@al2o3cr: I almost used the waist line as today’s tweet. I heart Found Absurdism.

Just occurred to me – he has a serious problem. It’s that last name – he’s French.

@blogenfreude: Probably French-Canadien. (JK, Manchu.)

On a completely unrelated note, your beloved Az political correspondent (that’s me) has noticed that local Republican activist types are a lot nicer and more open to new people than Democratic activists. And strangely enough, I’ve met more minorities at GOP functions in the past 5 years than at Dem functions. Weird, huh?

@al2o3cr: His recurrent themes are quite reminiscent of some of the wackos I get to deal with every now and then: folks who believe the Federal government can’t tell them what to do because they’ve disclaimed their zip code, folks that believe in county supremacy, etc.

This subgenre of alternate reality folks are not far off from the “true believers” that clog our tax courts with claims that the income tax isn’t constitutional.

I see them all as tributaries to the great river of sludge that is Glen Beck.

The most worrying thing for me about the rants on his website is the hangup concerning traffic stops. Some police officer could set off a ticking time bomb here.

“Hi, stinque.

Basil (BasilMarceaux) is now following your tweets on Twitter.”

@nojo: I wonder what he thinks of naked adolescent boys showering together?

@nojo: “Hi, Basil! Follow us and suck our asses!”


god, girlfriend. you make me me proud to be from philly!

what are the chances the two of us could go out and not end up in a bar brawl? or beat somebody up in a movie who won’t STFU?
simply rhetorical, sister badass. but we will find out soon when i follow GSoB to your hood. xoxox

and why don’t i know the date, but know all about dodgers woodies and the size of the nojo family feet?
a secret i discovered 11 years ago. the rat bastards size 8 foot is as big as his wang. another myth dies. how you hangin there size 13 bloggie?

we have no shame. none.

@baked: Haha! I’m afraid I have no skillz when it comes down to brass tacks. I’ve been bounced. I’ve started a fight where my friends had to hustle me out of the bar (underage, natch), because all hell broke loose, police, football players teaming up with cheerleaders to kick frat boy ass…stuff like that. So I was in the pizza parlor across the street waiting to see who was going to jail (no one!). But my friends were like, “It’s cool when we trip each other, but please don’t go tripping strangers.” Pfft. I thought everyone knew The Trip Game.

as henry higgins would say, philly people are so “delightfully vulgar”
i get homesick. i have to try very hard to keep a respectable veneer everywhere else. in philly you can let her rip. tell me, have you EVER gone to the movies in town (even the ritz, especially the ritz) where there isn’t some kind of *incident*?? and we’re somehow involved?
it’s ideal for the bi polar. the dirty little secret of our disease is it has it’s good points. the hypo mania feels like a natural cocaine drip in the brain and if you’re smart and organized enough, you CAN leap tall buildings in a single bound. the depressed part is the killer. but depression is anger turned inward, and i do that at times, but more often, take it out on some total asshole. amirite? so philly is an ideal place to live, no shortage of faces needing punching.
i’ve read all the books. dr. kay huchinson (“an unquiet mind”) who boohooed her way through med school. meh. why i love carrie fisher. at her most depressed she can crack wise…she is my beacon for dealing with my unquiet mind. did you read that damn book yet??????
i recommend it highly for anyone. informative, heartbreaking and laugh out loud entertainment. “The Best Awful”
take a ride in our mind…beats anything at dizzyland.

heehee!!!! i adore you, have i told you lately?

i was going to FB message you about this but WTF
the agency is already operating. it’s called The Friars Club.
dear old dad has fancy places to go and always has a beard wife to introduce. his real sexytime is at the club. joy behar has said, the friars club is a gay bar without the good looking guys. “playing gin” and “attending commitee meeting” are code.
i grew up in the place, bakettes bridal shower was held there.
and it’s the main reason i’m a wiseass. oooh–the stories i could tell….
ok here’s one. one of my “stepmothers” fixed me up with richard lewis…thought it was a match made in heaven. yeah..that richard lewis. the insane drug addict. funny though, i’ll give him that.
wait…it WAS a good match. oy.

@baked: You poor baby. There is nothing more agonizing than having to spend time around comics, who are almost invariably completely devoid of a sense of humor.

I don’t know the Friars’ Club myself though I have good friends who belong. Fanciest closet I ever saw is the board of the Goodspeed Opera House, otherwise known as the North American Centre for Homosexual Musical Theatre. I never saw so many queens with wives. And queens in the old-fashioned, pre-Stonewall sense. The kind that don’t really exist any more in the rest of the world. Seems they all moved to Connecticut.

not true! it’s a laugh a minute over there, they can’t help themselves.
or was that sarcastic…you know i confuse easily.

just got off the phone with daddy. he’s so happy. why? he left the monster in south hampton and he’s in the city for 2 whole weeks !!
and he said he found a perfect dress for me. have i mentioned he has taken me clothes shopping my entire life? he has impeccable taste. i only recently discovered that this is weird.

and now…to the pharmacy!!! and then, i’m popping in My Fair Lady….

@baked: It’s like a Purity Ball. Only instead of dancing with daddy he buys you dresses.

and this is how you became my mum.
i never had a mother. i had a gay dad…and i highly recommend it!!
he calls me every single morning because “it frightens him when someone tells him it’s me calling” he is heelarious too.
my pills are waiting.

hey, what about the stampede??? see, what did i say about crowds?

@baked: Philly, where the traditional greeting is “what are you fucking looking at?”

I’m living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine, except no vitamin C. I am starting to tire of my shrink’s chemical regimen.

hee! and it’s “what are you FOOKIN lookin at?”
i just picked up 5 medications and a polo mallet to make my brain shut off. starting to calm down. may even eat today.

just posted a pic for you in the clubhouse…me and dad at the friars.

All a friend can say is ain’t it a shame.

Never one to let a GD reference pass by. Good luck with the meds.

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