Tea Party Racists? Naaahhh …


I think the fact that the Teabaggers don’t get upset about rich people taxcuts and bitch about extending unemployment insurance is also pretty telling.

The sheriff’s a n-DING-er.

Haven’t followed up on this, but wingnut blogs were ablaze today with claims that TP botched its research and used clips of signs intended to prank the teabaggers.

Okay, here’s the post objecting to the clips. Not pranks, but gatecrashers.

Not to say ample evidence isn’t at hand, including the “coloreds” letter posted today. Like I always say, Smear But Verify.

@nojo: Trying to shove the Nazi off the premises seemed staged to me – but I’m eager to see how TP responds to the rest of the criticism.

The last thing a closeted racist wants is a flamboyantly out racist prancing about, blowing his cover.

@blogenfreude: They revised the video to remove a 2006 clip, but they don’t appear to have taken up other criticisms.

If there are judgment calls — whether removing protesters was staged, whether some of the protesters themselves were pranksters — they should be addressed. The wingnut critics are unusually detailed about their contextual complaints.

More broadly, this reminds me of the moment in All the President’s Men when Woodstein get a minor fact wrong, and the Repugs jump all over them. There’s really no question that teabaggers are racist, but be very careful when you take the trouble to document it.

I just have to do a minor off-topic, its about beverages, summer beverages, refreshing alcoholic summer beverages.

I have re-discovered a lowbrow treat. In food, lowbrow comfort food, but well made, is all the rage, mac and cheese, gourmet hamburgers and sliders, all cool.

I have re-discovered something that the adults used to drink when I was a pup, and its wonderful. Mateus Rose. Don’t laugh, its wonderful, fruity, flower-y, but quite dry, and it sparkles, a little, its got just a little bubbleses going on. Its just quite perfect, for a hot day, on ice, or with a splash of soda. I bought a bottle on a whim, because I do really enjoy a good rose on a hot day, and I was wondering if there is something cheap, to be bought in bulk, for quaffing, that has that vibe.

Mateus, Mateus Rose, its wonderful, don’t laugh, until you have tried it, in lieu of a beer, on a hot afternoon.

@Promnight: I remember scrubbing the labels off of Mateus bottles in 5th grade so we could turn them into art – cover them with crepe paper! Glad my Homeroom teacher back then drank a fair bit.

@Promnight: Check this out for low-budget gourmangasmic adventure. Get a big ass glass or small pitcher or, if you want to discover your inner FCS, a discarded transmission fluid can. Wait until you’ve completed a sweaty afternoon of chores and are thoroughly dehydrated. Grab the container of choice and pack the fucker with ice. Then crack open one or two bottles of Leinenkugel Berry Weiss and pour them over the ice. Wait a minute to let the nectar get fucking icy cold and your expectations to build to raging fever. Then suck the thing down in one go.

@FlyingChainSaw: This I pledge, on my eternal honor, I will do.

Recently, at the end of a day spent sweating in 90 degree heat replacing the joker valve in a marine toilet, I threw myself into my luxurious 8′ by 30″ Insta-Set pool, and my loving spouse brought me a tall pilsner of cold Belgian Kriek Lambic. Fucking wow, man.

@Prommie: Kriek! Nice on draft, too. You ever been to De Hems in London? Staple draft. The pool thing is a whole other dimension. Wow, indeed.

good morning stinquers. i’ve been awake since 4 today, she let me sleep a whole extra hour! as we ran for the door, she couldn’t hold it and peed in the bullseye, i.e. perfect position for me to slip and fall on my ass.
how much longer tommie? how long did it take Thor???

scanning/from another thread i can’t find now:
HOWDY, i agree with you one hundred percent. part of the problem, a big part, is the Closet. i’ve been screaming that for years. football players…get out! dentists…get out! pols…get out! my dad…get out!
(or keep amusing us with your shame)
everyone out=homophobes would STFU if they could see who’s in the pride parade marching out of their closets.
(singing) I. AM. WHAT. I. AM……..
and that goes for you too, larry jew king and barbara jew walters. get out of your damn closet too…cowards.

@baked: *cough* Crate *cough* But that’s OK. Don’t listen to your mother.

Speaking of closets, am reading Stonewall and came across a lengthy section about J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolsen and a national blackmailing ring run by the mafia mostly from the Stonewall Inn. Author makes a pretty convincing case that they had pictures of Hoover with boys and in drag. The two don’t really go together in my mind – Catt would know better – but even so, wow. Among the men mentioned as having been blackmailed by the ring is a ‘vice-president’ Nixon? What a movie.


J. Edgar had the ghey…this is news to you?

oh dearest mum, she will not stay in the crate for 10 seconds. pitiful wailing that we can listen to for 15 minutes tops. peta will be here any minute. wailing, mum, wailing! last night i napped in the crate, to give her some acceptance of it. i woke at 2 to find her sprawled on my side of the bed. while i slept in the crate. she’s training me well.

@baked: Do you feed her in it? Put treats in it? Beg? Of course I know how important it is for one’s dogs to get one properly trained but the pee in the house thing – not good.

Yes, of course I’d read that before but the big biography of him is very skeptical and I figured that he and Tolsen were so obvious and that they wouldn’t have done that had anything been going on. Probably it wasn’t by then but you know what I mean. But this whole blackmail ring story is news to me.

i have served 6 course dinners and produced musical theater in the crate.
not happening. the crate is evil. period. the end.
now what.
if you can’t handle the truth, like me, get a puppy.
nothing else will matter.

@baked: Then I guess your best is for you to move in to the crate and let her have the house.

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