“Refudiating” Tea Party Racism

Pointing out that Obama is half white and half black isn’t racist … noooo ….


Why does Fox even bother trotting out clowns like the Talibunny? They could just get a set of stuffed animals with signs on them like ‘fucking commie fuck homo tree hugger fuck’ and ‘righteous former Republican governor’ or ‘salt of the earth christian televangelist’.

Jeez, now I realize I’ve been a racist when I’ve called some teabaggers racist.

@karen marie: As Harry Shearer says, leave humor to the professionals:

TIME responds: We sincerely regret that any of our readers were upset by this humor column of Joel Stein’s. It was in no way intended to cause offense.

Joel Stein responds: I truly feel stomach-sick that I hurt so many people. I was trying to explain how, as someone who believes that immigration has enriched American life and my hometown in particular, I was shocked that I could feel a tiny bit uncomfortable with my changing town when I went to visit it. If we could understand that reaction, we’d be better equipped to debate people on the other side of the immigration issue.

I lived in Eugene almost forty years. The town evolved under my feet. All towns do. You roll with it, dude. Stasis is death.

@karen marie: I heard about that. Kal Penn put a metaphorical boot up Stein’s ass.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Yeah, it was a good boot.

I guess I shock too easily, but you know the end is near when this shit flies at Time magazine.


Hey, my kid and I were at the Game Stop today, and we were talking video games with some dude that works there. My kid bragged that we “know” someone working on the next Red Faction. I am le tired. I am le lazy. Would you mind reposting the link to the trailer? BESOS!

ADD: We want to email it to the GameStop guy — the link.

@JNOV: Here ya go. The two minute one is better and has a shot that looks like Woody Harrelson jumping at the dragon in Reign of Fire.


/ should be writing memo. Been to lazy to use the fancy linky thing lately.

@karen marie: As if I didn’t already heart Kal Penn….

Well, the one thing I learned about this is that Menlo Park, NJ, was renamed Edison, NJ. I have always thought there were two Menlo Parks (the other being down the Peninsula from me).

@redmanlaw: Make that Matthew McConaughey and not Woody Harrelson in Reign of Fire.

GOP candidate shocked to find mostly Indians at Pueblo Indian religious event in New Mexico.


@Dave H: Didn’t recognize him without his bongos.

Bwaaa hahahaha, the not-MSNBC adbot has come up with an ad for anger management classes to accompany this post.

@redmanlaw: Le sigh.


not reading upthread enough.
thanks rml

@Capt Howdy: Got your back, ese. Stinque never sleeps.


“Tom Mullins of Farmington…”

‘Nuff said.

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