Tale of the Turquoise

“Obviously, it was what I thought was a sporty outfit,” Mr. Schock said of his picnic attire. “It was probably a little too bright, in retrospect.” Still unexplained: Aaron’s iPod. [NYT/The Stranger, via Sully]


Coupla things. That list? Fake. In reality it goes Streisand, Streisand, Streisand, Dolly, Liza, Celine, Britney, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ricky.

Secondly: Home-schooled gayz. Ur doin it wrong.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Like I said: home-schooled. Prolly never even heard of The Harvey Girls.


Drag queens should teach every young queer teh gay. It ought to be a law.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Otherwise they’re just out there with their ‘sporty outfits’ uploading pics to guyswithiphones.com hoping to find a date to go see the 4th national tour of Cats when it hits Sheboygan for the 9th time. It is just wrong.

No one should have “Bad To The Bone” on his/her playlist.


Or calling a “cast album” a “soundtrack”. Just plain wrong.

Cats indeed.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: The ultimate Mittle-America compliment? “Better than Cats

@Dodgerblue: That isn’t a playlist for a ghey or a not ghey. That is a playlist for someone from Cleveland who secretly wishes the Flock of Seagulls would re-form.

early AM free association: I once caught John Lee Hooker in a tiny bar in southern NY state, so intimate that I was at a table merely inches from the Man himself. This was 20 30* years ago, and when I slapped him on the back during “Boom, Boom” (is that what it’s called?) I thought he would crumble. Talk about bad to the bone, dude was a killer performer.

*Dayum, I’m old.

Buuh buuuh buuuh buuh buuuh bay-ed opened for someone I saw once…The Stones? The Who? One of their fake-ass Farewell Tours.

@JNOV: The Destroyers were a decent bar band who never should have gone past that.

@Nabisco: I was once at the table nearest the stage in a bar where my idol, guitarist Joe Pass was playing. We passed in the hall going to the mens’ room — the closest I’ve come to genius.

@Dodgerblue: I bought Bruce a beer once, because I was sitting on the barstool next to him, but I did not speak to him, just set him up. Back then, it was 1982, there was a strict rule in the Pony when he showed up, usually late on a Sunday night, that YOU DID NOT BOTHER HIM. Everyone knew he was there, sitting on a bar stool, or standing in the open floor watching the band, but noone bothered him, if you tried, people would quietly grab you, pull you back, and whisper, “don’t bother him.” Asbury Park in the 80s was a scary town, you had to be brave to go to the Pony, and the regulars were very aware that it was an unusual and special thing, that Bruce Springsteen would wander in, alone, and hang, sit at the bar, just hang. It was always Sunday night, and if he was left alone, and didn’t get hassled, you could count on it, that he would get on stage with whatever band was playing, for the last set, about 2 AM. I am sure he came in late on Sunday, because thats when there would be no tourists, no yahoos, no “situations” or “Snookys.” The regulars in the Pony made sure that noone bothered him, and that he could enjoy something rare for someone as famous as he is, to be able to just hang out in a dive bar, because, seriously, the Stone Pony was the scariest dive rock and roll bar I have ever been in. I saw him there 3 times, late sunday nights, and that one night, he was at the back bar, and yes, amazingly, the stool next to him was empty, and I just walked up and sat next to him for a half hour. And I bought a beer, and told the bartender to set him up, and he turned and said “thanks,” and I said “thank you, man, can I just shake your hand,” and he shook my hand, and that was it.

And an hour later, he got up with the house band, Cats on a Smooth Surface, and did “Quarter to Three” with them.

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