Comic Sanskrit

We really don’t care where LeBron James went, or what means he used to announce his decision.

On the other hand, the means — and font — used by his former employer to bitch about him merits notice.

Open Letter to Fans from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert [NBA]

Comic Sans – the font of choice of clueless management droids everywhere.

I think it’s a great invention – anything written in it can automatically be discounted as the ramblings of a useless idiot. Saves time… ;)

@al2o3cr: Last night I saw some tweets on the subject, clicked to see what they were talking about, couldn’t figure it out.

Turns out the iPad doesn’t have Comic Sans. One of life’s little blessings.

What a pissy little message it is. Like a tween whose boyfriend dumped her for a cheerleader.

I did stop by Brand G last night for the first time in months (Deadspin) – they had an amazing round up of all of the hateful columns about what a egomaniac LBJ is and how stupid ESPN is. Good reads all.

The unnecessary use of quotation marks is really annoying. Why wasn’t he a man about it and use a frowny face emoticon?

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