Sarah Palin for Delirium Tremens

“Look out, Washington, because there’s a whole stampede of Pink Elephants crossing the line.”


I’m just going to ignore what this post is supposed to be about because it may make me stabby. Instead I’ll think about drinking a tall, frosty Delirium Tremens right now…or better yet, Delirium Nocturnum…mmmm….

Comments have been disabled at youtube. Can’t think why.

Probably some Fat Tires in there, too.

may I just say,

I hate having to know who Lebron James is.

please, just get a job and shut the fuck up about it.

Conservative Christian Feminists: boldly fighting for their right to GB2Kitchen and STFU.

mama grizzlies?
does that mean they are fat and have a lot of body hair?

@Capt Howdy: Someone suggested it would be a better show if Kanye interrupted his decision.

She sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me, all I hear is a high-pitched, grating, screetching sound, I can’t make out words at all.


Heh – if you click through to YouTube, you can enable the VUVUZELA button (the little soccer ball near the bottom right). *Huge* improvement over the original audio… :)

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