MSNBC Will Yank Your Web Ads With That Kind of Language

Blago on tape, considering taking Obama’s Senate seat himself: “Now is the time to put my fucking children and my wife first for a change… I fucking busted my ass … I gave your fucking baby health care… What do I get for that? Only 13 percent of you think I’m doing a good job, so fuck all of you.” [Chicago Sun-Times, via Political Wire]


If he were from ‘bama then it would be the more poetic “Fuck all y’all”

“Fuck all of you”, I’m Rod Blago and I approve this message.

Patti, sitting in the first row, appears to be working on a piece of hard candy. One African American male juror is wearing a giant grin.

Good thing I wasn’t there, or else the report would’ve included, “One female observer was cackling like a madwoman and had to be escorted out before she was found in contempt.”

@flippin eck: If only it could have been done on Judge Judy! How awesome would that be?

oh my god.

a Betty White calendar loaded with beefcake.
whats not to like?

love this tag line on HotAir about the “mamma grizzlies”

“Lot of women coming together.”

ooo baby we are gonna need more popcorn.
Black Panthers to meet Beck and the Tea Party- what could go wrong?
What could go wrong? Well, plenty, which prompted Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher to ask New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz whether he would instruct his followers to “act within the law.” Shabazz declines to answer, instead repeating that Glenn Beck, who is headlining an event from the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th (which Beck says is not a Tea Party event), is a “sneaky little devil” who shouldn’t be allowed to speak in public. Tommy offers this clip from his upcoming exclusive interview with Shabazz:

@SanFranLefty: I think she’s still hot even though she claims to be dowdy.

I did not know this! “Frank Sinatra was arrested by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff in 1938 and charged with carrying on with a married woman (yes, you could get popped for that back then). The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed.” What a great mugshot!

@karen marie: You have no idea how disappointed I am that the Allen referred to wasn’t good ol’ Macaca George himself.
Great mugshot, though.

Miami wins, I’m informed via Rachel chyron.

I was hoping this would be a safe haven from Lebron talk. I say that, hoping that I could make light of past disagreements and we can laugh.

@karen marie: Whats surprising, given his career, is that he wasn’t arrested more often.

@karen marie: As Ava Gardner said when asked by a British ambassador during the filming of Mogambo why she was wasting her time on the famously skinny Sinatra – “He may only be 120lbs but 110 is cock.”

@Promnight: Who is this LeBron of whom we do not speak? Something to do with the Hadron Collider praps?

@Benedick: You might like this brief ad — tells you all you need to know about LeBron (which is, not much). Short, sweet and to the point.

@Benedick: Oh, did it cool down for you some last night? Prostrate bunnies and puppies make me sad.

@Promnight: Here I am in Not Tibet, and the morning Breaking News yesterday was He Will Decide….in two hours. Thank the lord there were no babies stuck in wells, or SeeEnEn would have had to run the split screen.

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