From Now On, It’s the Fifth of Miracle Whip

Looks like the Feds are back from holiday:

The Justice Department weighed in on one of the most explosive issues in American politics Tuesday, filing a lawsuit to overturn a tough new Arizona immigration law that has sharply divided people along partisan, ideological and ethnic lines.

Partisan? Ideological? Ethnic? Hey, we’re just getting started!

Last week, 25 members of Arizona’s “largest American Legion Post” in Apache Junction voted “to ban celebrations of Cinco de Mayo” at their organization. Since the Post celebrated the day regularly over the years, the ban “horrified” 86-year-old former Army corporal Harry Robert Warren, who cast the only dissenting vote against the resolution. The official reason for the vote was “that because Mexico does not celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a national holiday, there is no reason for the Post to conduct festivities for it.”

And besides, “cinco” is Spanish for one of those suspiciously Arabic numbers, and we can’t have that.

Feds sue to overturn Arizona immigration law [CNN]

Arizona veterans group bans celebration of Cinco de Mayo [ThinkProgress]


Arizona – the guys who put the ‘A Z’ in nazi.

Since Cinco de Mayo is a bigger holiday in the US thanks to beer companies (much too hard for gringos to say “Diez y seis de Septiembre”), this ban by the American Legion will have the biggest impact on Arizona beer magnate Cindy Lou-Hoo McCain…

despite that its absolutely the right thing to do, morally and legally, a slam dunk on both counts, in the realpolitick of US society today, its bold, and the bravest thing Obama has ever done. This will re-ignite the now just starting to wane tea-party idiot movement.

The democratic party has evolved a politically suicidal pattern of championing politically unpopular social causes, yes, they are right, but unpopular, but at the same time, selling out to the corporate-finance-military-industrial interests just as bad as the republicans. They sacrifice electability championing interest-group politics as their window-dressing gesture towards being liberal, progressive, you know, “Democrats,” while on major issues of economic justice and foreign affairs, they are pretty much indistinguishable from the republicans.

Obama, and the Democrats as a group, might want to try being Democrats across the board, they might find that it would pay off to push back at the conservative tide, instead of just staking out a few liberal issues while selling out the working people of the country.

@Promnight: Time for Black Eagle to play for the real money in his poker game. Stir up the hornet’s nest, as it were. More metaphors? Open up a can of Dos Asses on their equis.

Really, what can be better than to get the tea party crazees on full display, nutso on parade, shine the light as brightly as possibly on them.

ADD: the only reason Messicans started adding lime to Tecate was because it is such a foul brew. Then the craze took off with Corona Piss, because it was the only way to add any taste whatsoever. Gimme Negra Modelo, o la muerte.

@Nabisco: Sorry, no, he’s an ideologue to what he sees as centrist pragmatism, and he ain’t budging. And as long as Republicans keep playing jokers, all he has to do is sit back and keep tossing in chips.


Which of these politically liberal social issues are you referring to? The gays have been told to fuck off, the Messicans are getting exactly nada in immigration reform, and don’t even get me started on that health insurance “reform” fraud. The majority of the Demonrats aren’t championing anything other than the status quo, with the dial currently stuck on “horrendous.” A big reason is that they never earned their congressional majorities through better policies: people were just too sickened, horrified and disgusted by the Retreadican scandals at the time and voted the bahstahds out.

@Original Andrew: Forgive my quibble, for I agree with much of your comment, but I think it bears noting that the Democrats, for the past 30 years or so at least, have been a coalition party. Think how idealogically different a Tip O’Neal or Ted Kennedy was from, say, a Harold Ford or a either Clinton. Liberals and Progressives (and there is a real difference, at least in my mind) may share a willingness to use government as an instrument of the greater good, but very often the unity of thought ends there. Contrast that with the way Regan’s image was manipulated during his administration and after his death to create a unified groupthink called “movement conservtatism”. Sure Buckley and his ilk squaked about it for decades prior to the acendence of the Gipper, but it was with Regan that it really began to take root. Against the monolithic selfishness and pure ideolgical thrust of that movement , I’m surprised that the party of Landreau and Kucenich can come together to get anything at all done.

I’m commenting from my iPhone, so forgive the misspellings.


You’re totally right, and I should have been more specific in that they didn’t earn their recent congressional majorities in 2006 through better policies, but as a visceral voter revulsion to the seemingly endless Retreadican scandals of that comedic Golden Era. I regret my previous gross generality. They did preside over the single largest regressive wealth transfer/theft in human history from the poor to the super-wealthy, after all.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I’m commenting from my iPhone, so forgive the misspellings.. You do a thousand times better than I do, Tomm. Shoot, I still haven’t figured out how to do the @ reference thingy on the iPhone.

/Beesko returns to his jealously guarded wi-fi spot under a bank of telephones, somewhere in an airport in one of the emirates./

@Original Andrew: I said “window-dressing gestures,” I believe. but thats also part of the reason playing to special interests is a losing game, they are never satisfied.

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