Come Mister Tally Man, Tally Me Banana

The girlfriend tells me you can get anything – ANYTHING – from vending machines in Japan.  To wit:


Why is this person filming himself getting a banana out of a vending machine? Is this some sort of metaphor I’m not getting?

Do you prefer the banana this guy is growing for Palin in his pants? (Extra bonus: Bob Denver, apparently not dead, working as handbag handler)

@SanFranLefty: Huhfuckingzah! You guys work really, really hard, and I thank you!

@karen marie:


My eyes!

That’s fucking hilarious.

@karen marie: Oh. My. God. You’ve struck gold again!

@karen marie: I think that’s the bowling convention she did in the past few months (hence the gift bags). Fun fact: Bob Denver’s former wife was part of a group I used to represent in my environmental lawyer days.

@karen marie: I choose to believe that’s a colostomy bag.

@Blog: FWIW, the price of bananas doesn’t appear to have gone up more than 10 or 20 yen in ten years. A buddy of mine claimed to have seen a used panty vending machine, all I ever saw were smokes, beer and sake.

@Manchu: aren’t we all?

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