Reasons to Wear a Horse Head in Public

  • The pig head is being dry-cleaned.
  • Mutant Centaur.
  • Lost directions to Equus LARP party.

  • Nobody notices if you shit in the middle of the street.
  • Failed attempt to cover up sugar-cube addiction.
  • Really bad hair day.
  • Easier to saddle.
  • Shame for improperly subclassing NSURLConnection.
  • That’s actually a horse wearing a human body.
  • What horse head?
Mystery surrounds ‘horse-boy’ on Google Street View [BBC]

Insert joke about “my other head” and being “hung like a horse.”

I’m most intrigued by the side linque to an article on “Why We All Want to Be Canadian Now”. So much so that I prefer not to clique it.

@Nabisco: I’ve got an ad for Sizzling Sixteen. Must mean Sizzling Sixty

@JNOV: Heh – I meant a linque on the Beeb. The Brits want to be Canadian – go figger.

Oooh. Alt text quote from the Dream! Klassy.

I once was a big green fairy, literally, in that in Regent’s Park. 1st union job in UK.


a big green fairy
an overweight Priss driving sister?

dont know about the horse guy but maybe he is related to this guy from the Sandy Eggo Fair

“Horse boy isn’t a person, it’s a cheap mask.”

YOU DON’T SAY, Gareth Remblance!

I think I still prefer the Norwegian frogmen, though. That took planning.

Its Algore, hiding from his assault allegations. Regarding which, interesting story in Salon on why the local paper didn’t publish:

The editor who investigated the story hints, but doesn’t outright say, that it goes beyond lack of corroboration, that it involved finding out some things that refuted the “victim’s” story. Interesting, the “victim” never gave a statement to police until January of 2009. The initial police report was the result of her lawyer contacting police, and contained none of the “Gore-y” details. As early as 2007, the victim told police she was not interested in criminal prosecution, only in a civil suit.

@Prommie: Get thee to a massage parlor, Prom, and start questioning the talent. I think you are on a mission from gawd to preserve the integrity of algore.

@Capt Howdy: I was one of Titania’s band and haunted the woods wearing not much more than a couple of leaves. Happy days.

@Benedick: I bet you caused your share of floods and earthquakes!

@Nabisco: We should all go to this place I know for massages when we get together this summer. I know they do couples, so what not a gang of us? I’ll look into it. Will need headcount.

@JNOV: @JNOV: Check your broadband dongle, sis – I’m getting split signals. Top ten reasons to end up in Nepal, next? $20 massages, and nine other things I can’t think of right now.

@Nabisco: Yeah. These aren’t $20 massages, sadly. I don’t even think that covers the tip. I might go for a scrub.

Oh, and my choice for the most likely reason this picture exists is #9.

@Benedick: I had a line about him being late for a Dream rehearsal, but I took it out in fear you’d complain that Bottom’s an Ass.

@Benedick: @nojo: It’s biblical too? I think it is…

ADD: Maybe not — could have been I was being beaten with the bible and the bard at the same time.

Is no. 4 a reference to this (mildly NSFW)? If not, how delightfully serendipitous.

Is that the new bass player for Slipknot?

ADD: Hey – lookit the heading of the email I got from the Albuquerque Isotopes (Sport, baseball, AAA Dodger farm club): “Gear Up With These Dodger Blue Specials.”

@mellbell: Ummm, no. And looking where that link goes, I’m not about to click it.

@JNOV: Not that I know. But he did mine the Geneva Bible. I just found out the “Some are born great” speech is a parody something biblical. No one tells me anything. Oh and plus, Titania’s “Nine men’s morris” is cribbed directly from Ovid.

@Benedick: I don’t know if you read the original Beeb article, but it probably won’t surprise you to learn that this horse-boy pic was taken in Aberdeen. From my six months of living there, I would venture to say that punking Google streetview is probably one of the best sources of entertainment.

@flippin eck: I was totally with it till the Moabites turned up. Then I’m like, dude, WTF? Is the moral that one should only speak what God puts in your mouth?

@mellbell: That’s a streetdude/homeless guy. As a pedestrian, you follow the Prom rule: keep.on.walking. I feel kind of bad for the guy, probably the only pair of trunks/trousers he owns.

@mellbell: Jiminy Crismas. The only thing worse is homeless sex.

@Nabisco: Yeah. I keep the shelter hotline number in my phone for winter months, but beyond that there’s not a lot to do.

@redmanlaw: I loves me some Isotopes. Have you been to the sports shop on Menaul across from the mall that has the autographed Simpsons script about the team?

@mellbell: @Nabisco: My “homeless dude shitting in the street in broad daylight” spottings here are about once a month. At least the dude in DC had the courtesy to be off to the side – all too often the guys here are either doing it right outside the entrance to a house or a business, or are holding on to a parking meter while hanging their ass out over the curb into the gutter.

@Prommie: Oh, I don’t know. I’d rather stumble across homeless folks pestorking or giving/receiving blow jobs or ass-fucking in public than vomiting or explosive diarrhea, but maybe that’s just me…

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Whoa! Have not seen that. I have a Las Vegas 51s hat, though.

Note to self: Get new Isotopes hat. Lost the old one and the black Lobos hat is looking pretty disreputable now.

@redmanlaw: My ‘Topes hat and my Dukes hat are still in pristine condition. I refuse to allow the sweat of my brow anywhere near them.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Dukes is ooooold school. Valenzuela pitched for them.

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