Only If We Can Drug-Test Bankers

“People seeking unemployment benefits or welfare would have to first pass a drug test under a proposal Sen. Orrin Hatch will try to add to legislation extending the social safety net during this time of economic turmoil.” [Salt Lake Tribune]


Ah, clever. This way meth addicts will get less bottom-line assistance, thus increasing the probability that they will to steal and kill to support their lifestyles to 100%.

Ideology over pragmatism! Your tax dollars at work. By the way, Valium and scotch never have been drugs and never will be, by God.

Anti-choice/anti-birth control/anti-woman GOPers in Congress demanding mandatory birth control for all women receiving unemployment benefits, food stamps, or welfare in 3…2…

Apparently Sen. Hatch realized he was slipping off most people’s “Top 10 Fuckers I Wouldn’t Piss On Even If They Were ON FIRE” list, and felt he needed to get some new points in the “classist douchebaggery” column.

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