Turqoise Belts for Everyone!

“Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, has joined the advisory council of GOProud, the gay Republican group that recently — and unfortunately — drew attention when it was alternately derided and defended from the stage of CPAC.” [Weigel]


Norquist isn’t stupid. He’s evil, but he’s not stupid. He sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t want his crusade to punish the poor too closely associated with anti-gay bigotry.

That makes two members now. Recruitment sucksess!

Am I bad if I want one of the belts? I think I could make it work.

@homofascist: Yes. Johnny Weir couldn’t make that work.

@homofascist: Honey, no. You don’t want us to start saying “bless HF’s heart,” do you?

@Benedick: @flippin eck: I wouldn’t be wearing it with white jeans, that is for damn sure. But it would be cute on the way to the beach.

@homofascist: Or be all indie rocker when worn with all black clothes and Converse All-Stars.

ADD: Laurie David and Al Gore? WTF?

I have a belt which is kelly green woven, with a blue ribbon with spouting whales embroidered on the ribbon. Is this teh ghey?


Als curbed enthusiasm for Tipper.

I get it.

@Prommie: I’m friends with a white couple now living in Wyoming who adopted a little African American kid. His mom makes him wear shit like that. I recall him showing up at my place wearing a fucking lobster belt and duck shoes.

As for myself, my latest belt is a length of 1 in black nylon webbing with a Fastex buckle that I picked up at REI for about $1.98.

@Prommie: Um, no. I think that is East Coast WASP.

@RML: Wait, what??? Al was perstorking Laurie David??

(I’ve been in meetings with stat bureaucrats all day and unable to follow political gossip)

@Capt Howdy: Seems the Star broke the story, and the response from the Gore camp appears to be “Horseshit.”

But hey, there’s the storyline for the next season of Curb.

@Capt Howdy: Thanks. That is the most frightening site I’ve ever seen (though it looks totes fab on Safari 5 and loads like a dream).


That belt would look good refashioned into a leash for a poodle. Don’t do it, homofascist! Resist the urge.

@Nojo: If the National Enquirer had broken the story I would believe it, given their Johnnny Millll scoops.

@nojo: God, he’s the most unfunny man. Like an unfunny Woody Allen – except without Woody’s charm or glamor or hunka-hunka burnin love vibe that has proved so irresistable to a long succession of international beauties. As one gay man to another, don’t you sometimes wonder about the Str8s and their weird sex goings-on?

And do I take it personally that no one here has so much as mentioned the Tonys? No. I did not watch it because I am above such vulgar displays of emptiness even though the OH won it one year. Still. I thought some reference might have been made to what Kristin Chenowith was wearing. That some of our house gays and hags might do their duty. It was starring Sean Hayes, for chrissakes. But no. OK. I can understand the silence on noje’s part: ALW was not involved. Fair enough. But don’t let us see yet one more nail being driven into the coffin of our theatre by this lack of interest.

I have come to think that all that keeps the US theatre afloat is the thickening stream of drama majors pumped out of theatre depts all across this land like a ruptured oil line in the Gulf ending as a cloud of self-producing plays polluting the NY Fringe.

Did I mention that the Olivier award was recently won by an American play? No? Beating all kinds of competition including Alan Bennet’s ravishing if cheating The Habit of Art and some play about England’s collapse (I know. Again? Like WTF?) the title of which I choose to forget but which was heavily tipped as the big winner. See, this is the problem. Haven’t seen it mentioned here. Yet American work goes out in the world teaching others that we’re not all Glenn Beck.

And no. Homey don’t do Sport. Homey don’t do awards. And such as.

@Benedick: No Tonys, no MTV Movie Awards.

And no Sharron Angle today, either. Zombies and Cigars were more interesting.

@Benedick: The kind of theater I do never, ever wins awards. There’s no reason for me to sit through a spectacle as boring as the Tonys, although some of my fellow thespians seem to get excited by it every once in a while.

@IanJ: My dear. I’ve spent my life doing your kind of theatre. I despise such displays of empty ignorance as the Tonys. I read about your adventures and remember my own time doing a similar thing and I’m happy for you. Be young: wear leather: daddy always knows best: and my salutations.


The Tonys, the Oscars, the Emmys… it’s all the same people now.

@Benedick: I don’t wear that one, its from college, when I wore nothing but Beans khakis, topsiders, and buttondowns, white, blue, blue-striped, and pink-striped. Lacoste polo shirts. Madras shorts in the summer. Actually, we dress alike, Benedick.

Mind you, I come from below-blue collar, if it weren’t that we are from the northeast, it would have been a trailer I called home. My dad, he was not a sartorial role model. He wore work clothes, and when he got home, he favored just boxer shorts and white T-shirts, Stanley Kowalski. His favorite accessory was a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, which was a fine beer, I might add.

Going extreme preppy was rebellion, for me.

I try to pull the stick from out my ass, all the time, I so want to be a hippie, but I just don’t feel comfortable if my shirt does not have a collar, and if its not tucked in.

@nojo: No, an Angle story was all over today, her radio interview in which she first referenced the fucktard meme that the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to ensure the people’s right to overthrow the government by force of arms, and then went on to say, and I quote, “the first thing we need to do, is take out Harry Reid.”

@nojo: The worst story arc in the Gore breakup, is that apparently Tippers people are talking to the one tabloid that broke the Laurie David affair story, while Al’s people seem to have gotten the Enquirer to bite on the story that Al left because of Tippers constant, UNFOUNDED suspicions and jealousies.

Now god knows, I am derided here sometimes for sticking to the 60s sexual morality ethos that surrounded me when I grew up, you know that, with the exception of porking your stepdaughter, I am one who will forgive on the basis “the heart wants what the heart wants.” And I am not ever going to get morally indignant over a denial of an affair, no matter how obvious a lie the denial is, sometimes, its the duty of a gentleman to lie.

But for the philanderer to go beyond just denial, and blame the breakup on false, unwarranted jealousy and suspicion, when in fact, that jealousy and suspicion was completely warranted, this crosses every line I have, and is douchebaggery of a high level.

Now follow me here into the fine gradations of morality I make. The Enquirer apparently got these stories from friends of Al. And its highly likely, that Al was concealing the affair from the friends, as well as his wife. And if this “Tipper is insanely and unwarrantedly jealous” line was intended only for his friends, and not public broadcast, just to throw off the scent, thats one thing, its bad, but its not as bad as if he intended they carry this message to the tabloids, and thus publicly humiliate Tipper and falsely blame her for the breakup, thats just unforgiveable.

Damn it, there is a gentelmanly way to have an affair, and there is a caddish way, and you would think AlGore would know how to at least be honorable in being dishonorable.

@Promnight: You wear whatever you want, it’s all good.

I don’t believe anything anyone writes about Al n Tip. Neither did I believe anything about Dub n ? Who was she? The wife? Librarian?

Even though, let’s face it, Dub was total hot. He brought the six-pack to the UN like teh Situation brought teh abs to teh Jersey Shore.

@Promnight: Yes, Sharron was getting a lot of attention today; I just didn’t find it that interesting, compared to zombies and such. We already know she’s a nutjob. We also know when the sun will rise tomorrow.

@nojo: Its nice to know its still news when a republican senate candidate advocates assasination and rebellion.


Confidential to HF – my first thought when I saw The Belt was “that color would be perfect for my living room!”

I’m planning (scheming) on redoing my house in aqua, fuchsia and tangerine, even if it is over Mr. OA’s dead body.

All that 80s stuff is coming back BIGTIME, and it’s gonna rock us harder than a holy war. Srry haters.

@Promnight: Speaking of old news, Moonbeam’s running some ads with last summer’s revelation that eMeg managed to spend most of her adult life not voting. And comparing that to the $70 million she blew on the primary.

Effective? Well, I like them. But I don’t count.

@Benedick: Yes, Benedick, whom I truly admire and respect, the one good thing about growing older and gaining some knowledge of who I am, whether I am happy with who I am or not, is that I don’t really give a shit what impression I give, anymore, I suspect its a negative, but its where I am right now. I spent so much of my life obsessed, terrified, insecure, about how others perceived me. I could say that therapy has freed me from that nuerosis, but you know, I don’t think so, I think, I realized, that I could worry all I want, and people would see me how they would, I cannot alter it, and therefore, I no longer give a shit. I dress that way because I like it, now, not for any other purpose.

I know my fundamental human flaw, now, I am old enough to see it and accept it, too old to do anything about it. I seek love from everyone, desperately desire love, from almost everyone, but I cannot give love to anyone. I simply don’t know how. I truly, honestly, don’t know how, its never been given to me, I don’t know how to go about it.

@Original Andrew: I dare you to rock Mustard and Avocado.


They’ll be HUGE in 2020–you heard it here first!

Now where can I lay my hands on some blue and pink neon tubing for the day-core?

@redmanlaw: Qué?

@redmanlaw: Tactical belts, love them. The best are rated for lift, so you can be hauled out by the buckle via chopper. I picked one up at the most awesomest Army-Navy in NoVA shortly after my scout camp on steroids last fall.

Plus, the TSA will let you slide through security without taking it off if they recognize the design. Win/win.

@Promnight: I thought the post about your son’s soccer team showed a lot of love.

You show love in your cooking for others.

You show love in wanting our country to be better.

You show love, but just don’t know it.

@Nabisco: Al (Gore) and Laurie (David), sitting in a tree/ K-i-s-s i-n-g. (Allegedly).

@Nabisco: “Tactical” = it’s black and costs $50 more. I got my scalloped edge LED flashlights in a ski shop for way cheap btw, about $16. I’ve seen the same “tactical” flashlights for $65-$85 in certain magazines and catalogs I happen to run across.

Hat trick = get my ass to work drafting that personnel manual, or have a martini, or at least navigate away from stinque for a bit.

@Promnight: Going extreme preppy was rebellion, for me.

I did the opposite. From a life of relative comfort, I went Full Slacker after my freshman year. Dad’s old Air Force chinos, flannel, hand-rolled smokes lit by Zippo and an Izod polo that I found in a laundromat dryer (there’s a sell-by date on left behind clothes) that I wore forever and a day even as the lizard alligator began to come off and the collar frayed. It was a statement, and I was predicting the future decade of irony.

I had a white 2″ thick belt sometime in the 70s, and I’ve threatened people who have tried to make it public.

@redmanlaw: $4 at the Army-Navy. I hate paying retail when there is perfectly good surplus out there, although these days it isn’t even really surplus any more. I used to love browsing the returns/defects table at the REI in Austin, still have a perfectly good camp stove someone returned because of a bent leg that I picked up for cheap. My first pair of cargo shorts were from the mid-90s, military grade Army-Navy surplus, still have ’em.

@Nabisco: The 2-inch white belt, did it have the double-buckle? Did you wear it with your hip-hugger bell-botttoms? I wish I could find bell-bottoms. Since the Navy dropped them, they have never come back.

When I was 12, my parents bought me a plaid polyester leisure suit to wear to my grandfather’s funeral.

@Nabisco: The closest thing to a leisure suit you can get these days is a jeans jacked worn with jeans, a jeans jacket is the only kind of tunic you can get anymore.

@redmanlaw: Prom is drenched in love. If he keeps this up I will drive down to Guido Beach and smack him upside the head. I’d do that anyway if he’d cook for me.

@Prommie: Don’t remember the buckle, and I refuse to allow the picture to appear before my eyes. Yes, hiphuggers – the ones with the front pockets exclusively, we had to buy them at the headbasket shop in what was left of downtown Rustbeltsburgh.

Fortunately never had to even attempt the leisure suit. Those nylon shirts with the zipper halfway down the chest? Jr. high school, maaan.

Hey! You people are dangerously on-topic here. Let’s see some threadjacks about oil, Obama, Sport, bunnies, cars, gadgets or guns pronto!

@Nabisco: Instead of a single line of notches, there would be two, all wide white belts were made this way. I think thats all Sonny Bono ever wore, on the show.

@IanJ: What the FUCK happened to Spain? They should have played in the first half the way they played in the second half. And I am such a happy girl to discover I can watch streaming fubol on Univision. ESPN3 was giving my computer fits, and the Euro and Canuck websites were cock-blocking me watching from the US ‘Merikah.

@nojo: The house we moved into when I was in 6th grade was converted at the height of mustard/avocado craziness. We had two bathrooms – one of each.

@Original Andrew: Go with your bad self. Nice to see someone who isn’t afraid of a little color.

The belt will be mine.

@homofascist: Call me an enabler.

We could always shift the fashion talk north and discuss this year’s collection of cracked-out Ascot hats. Girls and gays, please note that there’s a dapper hottie halfway down the page.

The awesomest site ever. In honor of eck’s tribute to Ascot.

BTW. HF take note: this man’s obsession started with a simple turquoise belt.

@flippin eck: I love those cracked-out hats. They are all sorts of awesomeness.

@flippin eck: J’adore les chapeaux! Let’s think of poor, poor Tony Hayward, missing Ascot . . . can’t a BP pres get his life back? Won’t someone think of the hats?

@Benedick: When will people learn? Spandex is not period correct. Fail!


Oh, and incidentally, before perusing that site in detail, I had no idea that there was an AB/”infantalist” community out there, and that they had websites that help them out with accouterments. It is only slightly more icky than furry sites.

Thank you for sharing.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: It was just a matter of time. The only mystery was whether it would be you or Benedick.

@IanJ: I think it’s safe to say that his anachronistic material choices are the least of his problems.

@flippin eck: That goes without saying. Shiny-fabric period costumes are an irrational pet peeve of mine, and I couldn’t restrain myself.

I’m hoping we all took the time to click through to the page with many fab pictures of ‘Peter’ with his wife. Who is a biological female. Cuteness Overload! I’m doing my best not to imagine their sex life.

@IanJ: I think it admirable that you have standards regarding spandex. If only more men did. The trouble with cotton tights is that they stretch like crazy. Not that I wear them around the house or anything.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Calling Jeffrey Dahmer.

Guess I’ll stick this here…

Sometime in the mid-80s, the hip bartender at the pizza joint started playing Sinatra on the stereo. This was a shocking moment for me, as I had always associated “Sinatra” with “Dad”, meaning very uncool.

This afternoon, the hip barista at the Stinque Remote Office is playing a special CD. Of Herb Alpert.

Which leads to this special announcement: Finally, after all these years, it’s safe for me to admit I learned trumpet because of Herb.

The Carpenters remain beyond the pale. So far.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg:

Ha! Babies are one thing – howsabout BABY FURRIES? Yes, they exist. No, for the love of FSM, do not google them.

Bring extra-strength brain bleach if you run across the babyfur-incest community.

@nojo: It’s funny how that works. I was putting on the Sirius Sinatra channel or something like that for dinner music at the house the other night when I remembered that I used to hate that stuff when I was a tween. I guess my ears have opened up. As a musician, you get to that stuff through jazz; and, as a reader or consumer of pop culture you get it in context of history, society, and in Sinatra’s case, the dark side of the Kennedys and American politics.

My dad had pretty cool taste in music when we were kids – the freeform AM radio of the day with Petula Clark singing “Downtown”, “All My Lovin'” by the Beatles, and and the classic country of Charlie Pride, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Roger Miller. We went to powwows when we came back to New Mexico from California and we had our tribal music as well.

I also grew up listening to peyote music because one of the main Native American Church dudes in the southwest lived across the road from us and held meetings in a tipi at his place. Many’s the night I fell asleep to the rapid beat of the peyote drummers going far into the night . . .


Haha, we had live drummers at Gay clubs and called them “e-bangers”. Kinda the same thing, if you think about it. Just different tribes.

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