Rick Barber Sees Dead People

Ladies and gentlemen, your candidate for the Alabama GOP second-district runoff. Spoiler alert: He’s dead too.


He’s trying to lose on purpose, right?

Hey, fucktard, a small-p “progressive” tax is a good thing no matter what side of the political coin you are on. Lord God, these people are stupid.

this story is not from Alabama.

Man forced to marry cow

Unemployed Ngurah Alit, 18, was seen in a Bali paddy field standing naked behind the animal.

He claimed he believed the cow was a young and beautiful woman, and it had seduced him with flattering compliments.

He was then forced to marry the cow to cleanse the coastal village of Yeh Embang of the bestiality

Alit quickly then became a widower when his new bride was drowned in the sea as part of the Pecaruan ritual. Alit was only symbolically drowned and bathed on the beach.

Chief Ida Bagus Legawa declared that the village had then been ‘cleansed’ from the ‘defilement from the incident.’

And the boyfriend appears in 3..2..1.. Good Lord, look at that man’s eyebrows. We need to stage an intervention. These home-schooled gays are doing it wrong.

@Capt Howdy: It’s South Carolina. The rice paddy gave it away.

Slogan of the American Revolution: No taxation without representation.

Slogan of the Teabaggers: No taxation.

There is a difference –a huge one– no matter how much the Teabaggers would like us to pretend that there isn’t.

Some GOP fuckwad here in New Mexico wanted to plant landmines on the Mexican border. Now he doesn’t.


He won’t get my vote until he runs an ad with him running bayonet drills with Ben and George and Sam shredding effigies of Obama and Pelosi. Who can stand these half-assed teabaggers?

@FlyingChainSaw: Did you know bayonets were 18 inches long so they could reach the vitals of horses as well as men?

@redmanlaw: That’s why they’re so much fun and why Rick Barber is a fucking pussy and has jack shit for conservative credentials. Asshole, anyone can go run around advocating shooting at the government. A committed teabagger patriot would want to disembowel the government, right? And wrap himself in its entrails and thank JESUS for FREEDOM! Right?

These baggers, they are mentally ill, it comes out in so many ways, always with the dress-up and tricorne hats, these people are boiling over with adolescent revenge fantasies, role-playing fantasies. They have this cartoonish conception of history, of the revolutionary war patriots, and they are deeply involved in a fantasy world they have created, which has no connection to history and reality, in which they fantasize themselves noble, bold, heroic patriots like the founders, and its completely divorced from any realistic understanding of both history and current society, government, and politics. Its paranoid fantasy, its literally insane.

@Promnight: It’s great. The fucking ‘health’ insurance companies double this guys health insurance premiums every year on his corporate plans with zero consultation, year in and year out and complain they’re not making money, and he wants to start shooting at the government.

Still, sounds like the guy pays day rates to people he picks up on curbs, forgoes benefits and sees himself as a feudal lord in a medieval realm.

In that case, he might as well advocate a return to traditional values of 12th century Europe, so he can enjoy lazy afternoon shooting at his serfs from the castle tower.

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