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Play of the Day: Demrat Congresscritter Bob Etheridge of North Carolina gets up close and personal with a Breitbart-affiliated Flip-wielder. We’re supposed to condemn Etheridge for manhandling the asshole who won’t identify himself (and cravenly blurs his own face on the video), but instead we’ll condemn Etheridge for later apologizing.

Hey, we don’t like snarky ambush interviews when Michael Moore does them, either.

Democratic Congressman Caught On Camera Roughing Up College Student [TPM]

As much as I hate these right-wing douchebag stalker-with-a-video-cam types, this really isn’t the best way to handle their douchebaggery.

@Serolf Divad: True. There seems to be so much we don’t know – like who these James Keefe wannabes are, why Etheridge went off on them, and whether he’s related to Melissa – that it’s tough to do anything but call everyone an asshole and move on to the next fauxrage du jour.

I dunno. Random shithead comes up and starts waving a camera in your face and asking questions that can be edited later into you agreeing that you enjoy fucking the dead after they rot, you might want to just punch them in the face.

It’s hilarious watching the psychocons freak out about Etheridge playing tag with this maggot when they sent a generation of teenagers to die and be maimed wars of entertainment and imperial ambition. America needs more dead teens and quadriplegics, yeah, that’s the kind of violence nice people want to see visited on our young people.

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