How the Oil Might Move

And let us not forget that the environment is not the only thing that will be fucked up for a long time – we will be too!



So much for any fishing or tourism off the Atlantic Coast unless you like oil.

tony wants to “make it right” i heard him, he promised.
i propose he starts by spending all of his time licking the oil off dead pelicans.
a light sentence, but a good start.

This could get serious if it reaches the Hamptons.

@Benedick: This could get taken seriously if it reaches the Hamptons.

Fixed. Sniff.

ADD: Would a world-class hurricane season help or hurt things? Dodger? Prommie?

@Nabisco: Some talking head on MSNBC just said “bad”, but I have a feeling nobody really can predict. Like Taleb says, black swans can be good or bad.

@Nabisco: Y’know the expression “when the shit hits the fan”? It’s gonna be like that. Plus the mobile drilling rigs that are drilling the 2 relief wells will need to unhook and get to a safe place, and the current jury-rigged oil collection device on top of the well will need to be abandoned until the storm passes. Or storms.

@JNOV: An appropriate thank-you to BP, perhaps. Speaking of England, check out this map of England with the spill superimposed on it. More of these types of maps should be made to convey to the public the immense scale of the problem.

ADD: And you can make mash-up maps here.

@SanFranLefty: I wonder what odds the London bookies are giving on BP’s CEO Tony Hayward getting the boot.

@SanFranLefty: See how the branding got to me? I forgot that it’s British Petroleum. D’oh. Wonder if PBS is still taking their ad money…

@SanFranLefty: I checked out the story on the Guardian’s site and was interested by the comments which were mostly of the ‘fat worthless Yanks had it coming’ variety with a great deal of outrage that the bonus will be delayed till late July. This, it seems, will cause hardship for honest, hard-working Brits whose pension funds are invested in BP.

@Mistress Cynica: You can practically walk from one end of the Home Counties to the other in an afternoon.

There’s a saying in the enviro field, “dilution is treatment.” The graphic is misleading. Yes, this is the path that the oil will take, but every mile along this path, the oil is more and more and more diluted. There will be no oil on the beaches north of Hatteras, none.

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