Who Could Have Predicted …

that the Iranian government would jam the broadcast of a film (that HBO graciously put online from the git-go) about Neda:


U2 went all “support the Iranian people” during “Sunday Bloody Sunday” on the now-postponed 360 tour which we saw in Vegas last November. We were supposed to see them next week in Denver.

Also, check out the line of people on stage wearing Aung San Suu Kyi masks during “Walk On.” Her image was put up on the giant overhead screen during the song.

Son of RML was quite moved by Archbishop Tutu’s speech before “One.” Overall, a pretty uplifting show.

Bah! Anybody up? My sleep schedule is ruined thanks to Jr waking me up at 3 AM. Ugh. Now I have that song stuck in my head. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaQW7e8DfKY

Oh, man. That’s old cell phone meets Heaven’s Gate type shit.

@JNOV: Heard the new STP? Saw them on VH1 today. It’s no “Sex Type Thing”, or even VR’s “Slither” or “Big Machine.” There’s something missing in the new stuff w/Scott, but the DeLeos brang the sleaze and glam and Matt can play the fuck out of those drums.

VR doing “Wish You Were Here.” Nice

I also found one of Linda Perry doing “Whole Lot of Love” w/VR.

@redmanlaw: I heard it was their best album since Core.

@JNOV: Whaaa? I’m all maritined out doing A/B comparisons of The Unforgettable Fire because I don’t like how U2 hits certain Eno-sytle accents live on the 360 tour when I see this and like I’m like – fuck – JNOV knows her STP, and I had just crapped on them. But because I respect you, I may lay some munnie onbest buy to see for miceelf. After all, I have both Velvet Revolver CDs.

Ilove this fucking tune: Gone by U2


@redmanlaw: I read a review in Rolling Stone — I haven’t heard anything from their new album yet. I never got into Velvet Revolver or any of those other permutations of Sound Garden and Rage. Meh. I hear the new Alice in Chains is awesome, but I can’t get over seeing Layne like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1aUu5FDfDY I love how they have a milliondy billiondy git-tars.

I pooped out on U2 after Bono’s ego sucked the air out of our atmosphere.

Speaking of a milliondy billiondy guitars, this is the best version of Hotel California ever — I think there are four guitars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4hY3lA-Ffo

ADD: It’s amazing how long it takes the audience to recognize the song. Fucking retards.

And here are a milliondy billiondy electric guitars (Winwood, Clapton, Trucks, Bramhall) playing Can’t Find My Way Home. This song gives me goosebumps.


@redmanlaw: Okay — I’ve listened to three tracks, and I only liked one. Not boding well for STP although SPIN and RS are creaming their pants over this one. Maybe because the last two albums have been utter trash.

ADD: Shepard Fairey did the album art.

@JNOV: I thought the review in RS was mediocre at best; they were just creaming their pants over Scotty “I’m so tortured” Weiland. Never a big STP fan myself, so I read the review with caution and no intention of going out of my way to listen to this new platter. SPIN? I haven’t read that in at least five years; does Robert Gordon still write for them? He moved in to my house in Austin when I was moving on.

@JNOV: Gorgeous in the original, and one of those you’re glad to have back with the principals plus some new guns.

pooped out on U2 after Bono’s ego sucked the air out of our atmosphere. As did I. Sorry, learning the American back catalogue and becoming a Spokesman For a Generation just doesn’t do it for me, as much as I enjoyed their earliest work.

I had the Joe Strummer documentary cued up before I got a call about an opening at the rubdown palace. This rather tiny Asian masseuse climbed up on my legs and back with her shins and I thought she was going to push me through the floor, it was freaking awesome. Nabisco is floating on endorphins rights about now.

@Nabisco: I read an online review, and the RS critic gave it 4.5/6 stars and was like, “Ohhhhhh! This is The Best Shit Since Core! I lurve it! I lurve it! Blargh. Funny thing is, Core was a critical failure when it was released. Critics are stupid. I should have kept that in mind when I got all excited about this new album. >:-/ I wouldn’t buy it.

Yeah, that version of Can’t Find My Way Home is my go to video when I want to see the Old Heads and the Young Turks collaborating. I agree that the original is something special. It’s haunting.

I tried you on Skype — calls failed. Boo!

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